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  1. My older brother went there and went on the 6 and a half year plan. Thats okay because I'm on the 6 year plan.
  2. He was our first and only game changer for a long, long time.
  3. McCoy to Cleveland in the 3rd. He will have a better career then Clausen, Bradford, and Jesus.
  4. Gotta love the dreads. The Jets needed a player with dreads.
  5. They had a fluke run in 2008 after Peyton Manning got off to a slow start after having to miss all of the Preseason/Training Camp. As long as Peyton doesn't go under the knife in June or July again, the Colts are a shoe-in for the AFC South, so the Titans will be competing with Houston and Jacksonville for 2nd. Most Jets fans consider us a shoe-in for the AFC East crown, so the only time to worry about Vince Young throwing more INTs than TD's and his Titans would be in the playoffs, where Vince Young hasn't won a game yet.
  6. LOL. K. Whatever you'd like to believe.
  7. Wow. One example of concussion problems from a UDFA. Cool. And he's still set for life.
  8. He's too undersized to be a DE in a 34 front so my thinking is that he'll only be playing in 43 or 52 situations.
  9. Did this guy ever hear about Wayne Chrebet and the hundreds of other successful, or at least long term reserve NFL players who were UDFA's?
  10. You mean the OLine with the big question mark at LG now?
  11. Much easier to come back from a clean break of the bone then it is a torn ACL.
  12. Did Leon Washington have any ligament damage? Nope.
  13. Patriots picked up two guys I really was hoping the Jets would get (McCourty, Mesko) but also picked a complete DBag in Gronkowski who would miss a game with a cold. They had a solid draft, IMO, compared to the crap they've drafted in the past few years.
  14. Saw this one coming from a mile away. Campbell vs. Russell vs. Gradkowski Nice 3 horse race for Training Camp.
  15. Best of luck to Leon in Seattle. Will miss him. But now, LETS GO JOE! (McKnight)
  16. 124

    Your Grades

    B/C, I went with a C because Ducasse is a raw project from a 1-AA school. Love Wilson. Like Connor. Like McKnight (now that we dealt Leon) and just not a fan of Ducasse until we see what he does. He will make or break this draft more then anyone, especially since we basically said Faneca is out and Ducasse is his successor, since most are projecting him as a LG.
  17. Same here. But to assume that he is just going to come in and dominate is foolish and some people on the interwebz are doing just that. Slausen and Ducasse are HUGE question marks. All we can do is hope and pray that the move turns out to be a good one and not the next Pete Kendall-Adrien Clarke situation.
  18. 230? Did you forget who I am, Jimmy?
  19. Wayne Hunter is our backup T. If you move him to G you have no depth at T. Zlitch. The job will be long to Slausen, Ducasse, or Turner.
  20. Don't forget to mention the Jets 6 turnovers in that 98 Championship Game compared to Denver's 0. But I'm sure in your little mind that had nothing to do with the game at all. Nope. We can take one bad game out of every players career and make them seem over-rated. Nice try hater.
  21. Zoltan Mesko (Michigan) is the best punter in the draft by far. If we are able to land him in the 6th or 7th round, that would be huge.
  22. Stupid, stupid decision. You cut a player who the Jets currently have no proven player on the roster to replace him with in an uncapped year. Faneca was not horrible. He wasn't great either, but he's still a good player and this is a questionable move. Don't like it. This move was all about the $.
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