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  1. I have been behind the scenes this entire timre, working Max. I am his puppet master.
  2. JoeC36 was kicked out of the hotel last night for indecent exposure. I don't know where he is.
  3. Definitely more than welcome. We will be over 100 people strong, as we are for every game. Can't miss us. Just look for the flag in my avatar right underneath the L7 pole. Heck, maybe Woody Johnson will join us. He does 2x a year.
  4. LIke i suggested, I think Stadium View is a great meeting spot on Saturday evening.
  5. I will be there as well. I parked in the famous Hammers Lot, which opens at about 7:30 for 1pm games. I'll be there agaiin this year.
  6. Stadium View Bar & Grille probably would be our best option. There are a couple of other places around there (Andruzzi's, The Bar Holmgren, Favre's Steakhouse) that we could explore if it's too crowded.
  7. Hell, what time is everyone arriving (to those who are arriving on Saturday)?
  8. Okay, well what time will you be arriving? I think I've narrowed it down to 2 or 3 options.
  9. Who else is getting antsy? 11 days, or 12 days, for everyone who's attending until we're there.
  10. Wherever we're going to be, Todd. Kidding, but we'll figure something out. Joe & I will be in town on Friday and we'll figure out a location for Saturday night when more people are going to be in the area. Perhaps we could do an early evening meet up at Titletown Brewery and then go from there, since they close at 10, or we could just meet up at one of the bars near the stadium like Stadium View or The Bar. They're both near Lambeau.
  11. Lol, I always get a front row spot in one of the four rows that are open by the Timex gate, but I'm almost always the third or fourth car there. There are people crazier than I am.
  12. 100%, and I've remained in Geno's corner since we drafted him, but some fans need to take it down a notch. He is still going to struggle and times have rough outings and hopefully those same fans who are newly behind him will stick behind him. After an easy Week 1 win against Oakland there will be tough times ahead.
  13. Geno does look a lot better - but I will remain cautiously optimistic until he's playing well in real games against top tier defenses. When/if that happens, that's when we'll know if we have a franchise QB on our hands or another JAG.
  14. I'm wearing my Jets Favre jersey. It's the only choice.
  15. Heads will start to roll if Geno produces as much, or fewer points, than Vick's lone drive with the starters ... like what happened during the G&W scrimmage.
  16. JoeC36 & I are in Sec. 135, Row 26 with another friend of ours. Imagine that, an organization that actually still produces hard tickets. Nice to have instead of a stupid card.
  17. Just seven weeks until JoeC36, Tabor and I arrive in Green Bay.
  18. Lol, anyone who reads Walter Football needs their head checked ... and that was long before this article. Their yearly draft rankings/mocks are pathetic as well.
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