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  1. Sounds good dude. We just like the normal Hamburgers, Sausages & Hot Dogs thing.. we arn't Giant fans LOL. Cya then. I actually am gonna be in NYC on Saturday.. Museuem of Art trip with the College. woohoo.

  2. Lol, nice. I'm guessing you'll be w. Joebaby's tailgate again and stopping by around to get your ticket? I'll be heading in at 12:30 if you want to join me.

  3. You are still sitting with me for this game, right? Or should I sell the the ticket?

  4. cheers dude.. wish i was still drinking right now.. buddies pussied out and had to leave the bar at 11.

  5. Eh, it does not sound gay. Tons of fans are matching. Braylon is my favorite Jet since CMart already, fav Wolverine is a Jet. Can't be better!

  6. Nice man. You got the green Braylon, right? I ordered one from NYJ.com and its supposed to get here tomorrow, so hopefully we will be matching!

  7. Dude how did you do the free ticket thing w.o the Bills ticket? I just checked and I didn't send it to you LOL... btw, you got a Braylon today? Sick **** dude. Green one I'm guessing?

  8. All good brother, I should have mentioned it earlier. No big deal man.

  9. She's dead, so are my grandparents, but I was just saying. I'll ask my Dad about what street it was.

  10. Yes and my mother was raised there. Ummm.. the street... I'll have to get back to you on that one. But I know it's close to the library there.

  11. Fair Lawn? My grandparents are from Fair Lawn!

  12. So how was the trip to Miami, minus the game?

  13. You mean your 1 ticket, lol

  14. I hope so, Tate didn't perform well in the clutch today.

  15. 124

    Hey dude sucks you couldn't be @ the Pats game... you coming to the Titan game?

  16. Didnt care for The Informant too much..

  17. Hey Bren, give me your fax # and my dad will fax you all the good places.

  18. 124

    did you get the preview? i am good for it

  19. Halloween II was the **** man. ****ing great. Never saw the ending coming and its very creepy, haha.

  20. Hey is our $100 bet on the Pats winning the division still on? I might need it. LOL!!! :rl:

  21. I'd rather watch poop than alien movies for the 9583583th time! Lol.

  22. I'd rather shoot myself than see District 9.. what garbage!!! Anyways, You have to see THE GOODS... saw it today... ****ing hysterical. Everyone in the world should like it if they have a pulse! I saw people from 10 to 70 laughing!

  23. 124

    i deleted bumblina... so it wasn't you who left... wtf.

  24. 124

    okay bumbelina was erased... no probs.

  25. 124

    League 1: August 9th, Noon League 2: August 16th, 8:30pm League 3: August 23rd, 9:30pm

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