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  1. Real fans don't have to be rich (hell I'm far from it but the Jets mean that much to me), but if you're telling me you can't afford the ridiculously cheap UL prices, that's just poppycock. Anyone can unless they're unemployed. Hell, college students could afford the $50 seats.
  2. No one hates Miami more than I do, but they'll be right around 8-8 again.
  3. Dmitri Patterson. Despite his 4 INT's in limited action last season with Miami, he's a journeyman CB with a history of injuries. He could lose his job if Dexter McDougle has a strong camp/Preseason, and after that there's very little use for him because Wilson is our NB and Walls/Lankster are more than capable of being the 4th and 5th corners. Ras I-Dowling could push him out as well. Last but not least, he could be waived via an injury settlement - and that wouldn't surprise me in the least.
  4. New England, Denver and Indianapolis. After that I can't name a team I would be worried about going up against. Maybe Pittsburgh. Maybe.
  5. I am as well, baring a tiebreaker. I think this is a 10 win team.
  6. I've spoken, in person, with Rich several times while up in Cortland and he's an intelligent, funny guy. I like his stuff. It pushes buttons, but it's factual. Manish Mehta on the other hand .... If anyone wants to get a beat writer thrown out, it should be MM.
  7. Pace is a decently good player, but when he was asked (and he was) to do what the pure pass rushers could do, he couldn't, and that is what he was paid to do. Glad he's here, but now he's finally making what he should. A lot of fans only look at the numbers. What happened last offseason, and this one, helps him. Everyone knows he isn't a 10.5 sack guy, but he was in the right place at the right time. He played well. He's a good player to have on the team.
  8. We have a tough schedule and still a decent amount of ? marks, at least to the national media. However, I think 6.5 is a bit absurd. I think we'll win 10 or 11 games, tough schedule and all. 5-5 start, 5-1 finish. The last six games are a laughing stock.
  9. The DL is good enough to mask the defencies of the secondary in 75% of games. That will hold true this season as well. The offense will be better, I'll say 2 wins better, leaving us at 10-6. Roster rankings be damned.
  10. The weaponz. We have weaponzzzzzzzzzzzz.
  11. I don't think Daryl Richardson or Alex Green is beating out Powell for anything, and with Ivory's injury history you need a third capable back in this stable. Unless some team losses their back, and their back-up, and are desperate and offer more than his worth ... Powell stays.
  12. Tom, this was the perfect read to start my Saturday morning. Had me rolling over here.
  13. Thanks for the love and admiration, Frank and Rich, lol. Yeah, we are usually the 4th or 5th car at 6:45 for a 1pm game. I know the others get there around 6. Maybe I would if it weren't a 70 minute drive.
  14. Hard to find a good, solid priced tickets when you need 3. There was one set I wish I had jumped on back in May, but oh well. These are just as good. I'm very happy with them. No battels with the sun and the new renovated endzone will be behind us so we will be looking at the classic Lambeau endzone. If we had needed 2 we would be sitting within the first 5 rows as well, but Row 26, from everything I've read/seen in pictures, is a great location.
  15. Just like people always have in the modern era: upload the tickets from your My Jets Account onto the NFL's Ticket Exchange and/or StubHub. When someone purchases your seats they will be deleted off your card and they will receive paper, print at home tickets, as they normally would. Within 5-10 years every team will be doing it this way or a similar way. The Cleveland Indians have you use the credit card you paid for the tickets for as your ticket. You swipe your card at the gates and it prints out a small piece of paper with your name, section, row and seat number(s).
  16. http://www.nj.com/jets/index.ssf/2014/06/how_eric_decker_is_already_influencing_the_jets_receivers.html
  17. Sadly I checked this morning and they're all gone. Seats are goinig fast.
  18. That seems to be the general price for the lower bowl. We didn't receive the greatest slate with it being their home opener and what not, but yeah, I agree. Likely a once in a lifetime trip. We need 3, another odd #, so we'll be buying soon as well. There's 11 open tickets in the row behind you that I'm looking at - and you can buy 3.
  19. Hey Al Curious as to what you paid for those seats in 104. Thanks.
  20. LOL. Independently wealthy we are not. My checking account shall read $0.00 at the end of this once in a lifetime journey.
  21. You guys can definitely come along. The tailgate is going to be in the back end of Lot 1. I'll have more info as it nears closer. It isn't our tailgate, but I asked the person who is hosting us and they said the more the merrier.
  22. I have the #'s of a few cab services. I'm sure they'll be operating on game day. We are not buying a parking pass, because I don't think one will ever come available, but we do have a tailgate spot to hit up in Lot 1. Tickets are the last thing on our agenda. I heard you're in 104.
  23. More of a name than a fit. I'd rather head into Training Camp with what we have. McDougle will compete for reps on the outside with Patterson and Walls.
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