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  1. Not much Rich. Just looking forward to being at Lambeau 13 weeks from now.
  2. I am no flag carrier for Rex but the fact that he's listed below Jim Caldwell is pathetic. I'd have him somewhere in the 14-16 range.
  3. Richardon is gearing up for his own contract demands after the 2015 season. Idzik won't re-sign Mo until after this season. There's no need to give him a new deal with two years remaining on his current one.
  4. For us common folk it's an easy, quick, cheap trip. Shane you used to be one of us. What has happened?
  5. Awesome man! Can't wait. This will be an awesome time. Just don't try to sneak in beers to another bar like someone did in 06 lol.
  6. Well said. Just say no to pickle pants. I wish we went white-on-white more often, like 7 of 8 road games (Miami we wear green) and the first 2 or 3 home games, not just the first one.
  7. Just like the Eagles set up Nick Foles to fail? Or like every single team "back in the day" used to set up young quarterbacks to fail? Give me a ******* break. Hack journalism.
  8. Oh yeah, let's let Nike ruin us and make us look like an Arena League team like they've done with Jacksonville & Tampa Bay. Or the now Miami Flying Penis'. Can't wait to see what Denver looks like in 2015 since they're Nike's newest big project. The love these uniforms get astounds me. The taste these days is awful. It's bad enough we're now the Army Green Jets (nothing against our armed services). Let's just stay where we are - or take a step back to the old days. Nike couldn't screw those up. Maybe.
  9. Different scheduling system nowadays my friend. They could be back as early as next year, and will be back in 2020.
  10. Jacksonville - Manziel Tampa Bay - Bortles Houston - Bridgewater Minnesota - Mettenberger Arizona - Carr Oakland - Savage Cleveland - McCarron Dallas - Garoppolo Kansas City - Murray NY Jets - Boyd Green Bay - Fales St. Louis - Thomas
  11. In a dream world? 18: WR Odell Beckharm Jr, CB Darqueze Dennard or Kyle Fuller (can't choose one) 49. TE Austin Seferian-Jenkins or OLB Kyle Van Noy 80: WR Jared Abbrederis -- or if Beckham is selected and TE not addressed yet -- TE C.J. Fiedorowicz 104: DE/OLB Cassius Marsh 115: OL Wesley Johnson
  12. GB. It's only once every eight years. KC is once every six, sometimes more. Could be back in KC as early as next year. Just saying.
  13. KC is also a great destination. If that's where they choose, that's where they choose. We will have a blast in GB.
  14. Awesome. Will have to check it out while in Chicago the Thurs before or Mon after GB.
  15. This would be my dream scenario, but I don't have that coin. Doing Buffalo as my second and final roadtrip of the season. That trip costs less than $200 since I'm able to spend the nights at a friends house.
  16. We should try and get four tickets together for that one. Thanks for the idea, Todd.
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