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  1. Yeah, Tundra Lodge, where I'm staying, has two bars and a restaurant, but I doubt we frequent it much. Want it hit up as many local bars and restaruants as possible. Places I'm looking forward to the most: Titletown Brewing Co., Holmgren Way, Sideline Sports Bar & a couple hole in the walls about a 1.5 mile from Lambeau - Booze Hounds being one of them.
  2. Haha, thanks guys. Duane, Max, BP, JoeC, etc all know where to find me! L7. TailgateJoe does a great thing for you guys - something I couldn't even organize and good for him - I have my own thing going on over at L7. Stop by any time. Hope all is well.
  3. Check out the hotels that are south of the stadium as well as the ones that are east, across the river. My friend just booked one a room that is next to the airport there. About 5 miles from LF. Still not a big deal to fetch a cab ride or have someone come pick you up. There should be rooms left in those locations. They range from 2-5 miles outside of the stadium.
  4. Joe and I are staying at the Tundra Lodge, 3/4 of a mile from Lambeau Field, but that was sold out by 8:30pm Wednesday. I know Tabor got a great deal from a place 2-3 miles from the stadium.. He is definitely paying less than we are. I believe he said he's staying at the Days Inn. We will all definitely have to meet up at the bars.
  5. Green Bay will be awesome. JoeC36, Tabor and I hope to see you there. For those doing KC, have a great time. That was my back-up plan if GB fell on a weekend JoeC36 and I could not do. Hope everyone here is doing well.
  6. Sorry man. Just seeing this now. You can find it at CrosstownNY.com
  7. If that doesn't work out for you we have a pretty good set up of 50-60, sometims more, at L7, right underneath the pole. More than welcome.
  8. Could be the outside WR on the team until Holmes returns. Hill still is inconsistent, Braylon is finished, and Kerley is a slot receiver. I'll believe Gates is something when he contribues consistently in an NFL Regular Season.
  9. Nah. But hey, at least the Sensitive 6 fans will get their wish and get to see their guy fail yet again this season. Should be a thrill and a half.
  10. Haha. Just messing with you. M&T Bank is a stadium, unlike MetLife Cell Tower Field, that doesn't require binoculars.
  11. Phil, will we receive binoculars with the seats?
  12. Haha, something like that, slats. Hope all is well to all of you.
  13. Another internet tough guy. Genius.
  14. It's called working out. You should try it sometime.
  15. Has nothing to do with being a PSL holder, it just has to do with being awesome.
  16. Former Jet and Patriot, actually. CB Randy Beverly, he of two interceptions in Super Bowl 3.
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