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  1. You better meet up with us at the Bills game.

  2. Sounds good dude. Look foward to seeing you Sunday.

  3. yeah, haha, i didnt know who you were at first dude, its my bad. i hope you do come out for the bronco game, you definitely have to come by 5h, no questions asked. and your brother was a cool dude too. btw, man, i was up there in height with you guys, gotta admit that, haha. but i did feel short with your brother there.

  4. when are you coming to another game dude? damn. i feel like **** for not really talkin gto you!

  5. Good sweetheart, you?

  6. You don't love me. You havn't been to 5h this regular season once. not once!

  7. 124

    Wait why are you in New Zealand?

  8. 124

    So raffy, how did it work with the waitlist / season tickets thing? You were 3,000 something and they offered you tickets? I got a notice whenever it was we all got our notices, that I was 9,000 something. Should I expect that I'm 6,000 something now?

  9. 124

    Can you please add a picture of you without a shirt on? Pleaseeeeeeeee!?

  10. 124

    Yeah WTF Jess. Where are you?

  11. 124

    You make me wanna la-la in your mouth.

  12. This is the new feature on JN. Go befriend more people. Oh wait, you have no friends. Jk. Dick.

  13. 124

    It should just be a picture of Nuge, everybodys favorite Superhero.

  14. 124

    We will. The Flight Crew will now have a spot in our endzone the entire game for the entire season. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO LAURA!

  15. 124

    Welp, BP is officialy a "main stay" in the famous Section 124 this season. Attending more than half the season in the glorious section. ;)


  17. 124

    Liter of cola.

  18. 124

    Tyson told me about how it would cost $12,000 over 8 years for your seats, PLUS $105 per seat each year. Thats some crazy numbers bro. We're all out of season tickets in two years if that turns out to be the case.

  19. Touch my body.

  20. 124

    I will be your friend until the end of time, sexy.

  21. Sexy bastard.

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