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  1. Here are some pictures to enjoy. Sorry that my ugly mug is ruining them, but I recently lost 60lbs and I was proud to finally be in a picture.
  2. Great to see you haven't changed, internet hero. Yes, let me tell you how good Sammie Stroughter and Michael Spurlock are compared to Braylon Edwards and Jerricho Cotchery. EXACTLY on the same talent level. I miss schooling you, maybe I should stay.
  3. Freeman is by FAR the better Quarterback. The Buccaneers won games because of Freeman. The Jets won games in spite of Sanchez. Freeman has about half the talent surrounding him that Mark has, and that's being generous to Mark. Freeman is more accurate, can make plays with his feet, and has done wonderful with much less. Yes, Mark Sanchez was able to ride the coat-tails of the Jets defense for three of his four post-season wins, and against New England he was able to beat up one of the worst secondaries in the league, who started a rookie and an underachiever, against two stud veteran receivers. Mark Sanchez is the bottom of Josh Freeman's cleat at this point. We can only hope he becomes more like Freeman and stops throwing the ball to the other team. Not only did he lead the league in dropped interceptions (which I guess the Sanchez homers can spin as a good thing) but his accuracy did not improve at all. Sanchez is mediocre at this point. Another Eli Manning. Sucky, average, and once in a while he can give you a great start. Freeman looks destined for greatness.
  4. 124

    Hope everything is good with you brother. Just tweeted you.

  5. If there isn't a season we're taking L7 on the road to Rutgers, Penn State and Maryland. Details will come in August if that is the case. Now if I could only get JoeC36 to tell me why he abandoned us, that would be cool.
  6. New England > Jets. Lets win the division or win a Super Bowl and then call ourselves better. Please people.
  7. Miss you, too, Brick Tamlin. Hope all is well. Stop by L7 next year.
  8. Hey JoeC36, I see you reading, maybe you should give your old pal a text message or something. Would be nice.
  9. Go to our website, www.L7tailgate.com, and check out the Photo Gallery. Thanks.
  10. It was great having you come by L7, Max. You should come by more next season. I'll have a Panda Pattie or a Crepe waiting for you since you wouldn't take the Rex Ryan Dog, which won't be around in 2011 sadly. But this year we'll have a new sign (STOP sign this year) as well as double the Beer Pong tables and Manish Mehta and Otis Livingston are already booked to come by, as well as once again John Geiger, Matt Higgins and Woody Johnson.
  11. LOL actually I have lost 65 lbs since the new year. New Years Resolution, working out, vegetables, supplements. Down from 315 to 260. Much more healither for my 6'3 frame. Working on getting down to 220. Thanks though.
  12. Oh hey, its the dude from Detroit who randomly starts to hate on people. How ya doing leprichan?
  13. Twitter.com/L7Panda or hanging at JetsInsider with my boy SAR and us PSL'ers. You know how it is.
  14. Please don't. Teach both sides a lesson. Bring it back in 2012. Screw them.
  15. ...butttttt there's no chance in ******* hell that we would be able to pay him and Revis long term, so why bother?
  16. 124


    JN misses me.
  17. www.L7tailgate.com Run by yours truly.
  18. www.L7tailgate.com

  19. How's everyone doing? Been a long time. Hey, check out www.L7tailgate.com for all your tailgating needs. We aren't as "cool" as Tailgate Joe, but we're still pretty cool. Hope everyone here is having a good time.
  20. 124

    Bro are you ready to talk to me now?

  21. 124

    Dude, I don't know why you haven't talked to me in 2+ months but I miss you and I miss our friendship. You were a great friend to me and I miss you man. Please call me or text me or something. 201-400-1492.

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