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    Bro why the **** have you ignored me for over 2 months and why do you want to throw our friendship away? I thought we were great friends man.

  2. 124

    Okay, just DELETE the L7Tailgate twitter page already since you obviously do not want to be friends anymore for whatever stupid reason that is. I thought you were my best friend and I was one of yours but I guess not dude. Thats' really ****ed up. Just delete the page and we'll call it whatever. Tim and Lori are buying the seat in 2011 now anyways. IDK why you are doing this. Bye.

  3. 124

    Bro why won't you answer your phone?

  4. This doesn't mean that he's going to start, however, the future of Damien Woody is definitely in doubt. Indianapolis might have been the last time we'll have seen Woody in the green and white.
  5. Teams haven't even begun to add/release players, or anything yet, and yet we're hearing 2011 playoff predictions? All I know is this: If the Detroit f'ing Lions are going to even sniff 8-8, let alone the post-season, they've got a lot of work today. They need to build their offensive line before they ever come close to getting into the playoffs, even in the NFC.
  6. 124

    Did you forget how to answer your phone?

  7. This guy is nothing without Randy Moss.
  8. Can anyone on this team keep their mouths closed? Cromartie Ellis Scott SHUT THE **** UP. 45-3, jackasses. Beat them and then talk, please.
  9. Right, KleckoIsGod73 and other minions who told me New England's offense would be sh*t without Moss and that they wouldn't be able to switch back to the 2001-2006 formula? Hmmm. I mean, yes, the tight ends in this years offense is something New England never had from '01-'06, but the patters are basically the same and therefore so is the offense. SO how about the "great" Randy Moss...
  10. This has been going on for days, not just today. Pathetic, classless move by Miami organization.
  11. The Dolphins just became a lot easier to beat. Say what you want about Sparano, but he coached extremely well against the Jets in his three years in South Beach. This is such a classless move by the Miami organization and I hope that somehow Harbaugh backs out and decides on San Francisco or Michigan instead just to spite Miami and leave them crawling back with their tails between their legs. To drag Sparano through the mud like this is completely classless and pathetic. Have fun with Harbaugh he'll fit right in with Saban, Pettrino, Spurrier, etc.
  12. - Cromartie must contain Garcon - LB's/S's must contain Tamme, White, Addai, Brown - Establish a ground game with Greene EARLY - TRY to get some kind of pressure on Manning, but that's probably unlikely - Get a lead on them early and force Manning and the offense to become one-dimensional - Protect Sanchez early and often. If Colts rattle him early we are most likely screwed as he'll go into his panic mode, worried shell and make stupid decision after stupid decision.
  13. Harris as Team MVP? Just not seeing it. Santonio Holmes.
  14. Entirely different team that #1 seed is at this point in the season. They're playing better than the '07 team. Pittsburgh is a paper tiger, they'll be ousted by Baltimore.
  15. 124

    The only thing I can't get to now is Private Messaging.

  16. 124

    woody at the

    You're more than welcome to bring whoever you'd like. Fans of all 31 NFL teams are allowed, but no fans of that minor league franchise in Miami are.
  17. 124

    woody at the

    LOL JoeC36 and I are the co-creators of the tailgate. My tickets, our idea to invite all the Twitter people, Higgins, Woody, Joe & Evan, Geiger, etc. and we've done a great job. Joe on the grill, me mingling with the people, it works well, haha. Hope you can fly up and come by next year, JiF. We've taken this tailgate from a 2 man operation to 40+ people each week.
  18. 124

    woody at the

    Just would like to throw it out there that I am @Fear_The_Panda, I am the creator (as well as JoeC36, @L7tailgate) of the tailgate and any of you are welcome to come next season.
  19. 124

    Hey Phil, I'm kind of restricted here. Can't PM, can't set avatar or anything in my profile. Is there a way to change this? Thanks again.

  20. Williams should shut his mouth and retire like he said he would after the 2010 season.
  21. The great Woodhead will return just fine for January 16th.
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