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  1. League 1 remains full 3 spots remain open in League 2
  2. Forgot about that dude. Good call by yourself. Plax to St. Louis is something I would place $ on.
  3. We've owned Miami for 12 years. The division is soon coming...
  4. Jets receive: CB Cortland Finnegan 2011 1st round draft pick Titans receive: CB Darrelle MEvi$
  5. League 1 is FULL League 2 has 6 spots remaining
  6. There is no room for Plaxico on this roster, unless you want him to start out as the #5 WR. Hey, I'd love to have him, but I think he'll end up somewhere like St. Louis with Steve Spagnulo, for two reasons: 1. The Rams have nothing at WR 2. He knows Spags from his days with the Giants
  7. He also says he's not struggling with money, so what the F is the big deal about getting a deal now when you have all this money, Darrelle? With the money he's made already he should, in escense, be set for life. Why he won't take a Chris Johnson type deal and just play this year is beyond me. Its selfish and stupid.
  8. Mehta has reported, before all this crap went down in the past 3 days, that one of the offers the Jets offered MEvi$ was 10 years, $150 million, $50 million guaranteed, structured the same way D'Brickashaw Ferguson's extension was. But of course, MEvi$ is too good too accept such a deal.
  9. Sid, awesome post man! Screw the Dolphins and their fans. They wear chick colors anyway. Glad to have you here.
  10. Wes Welker owns the Jets. Hopefully Kyle Wilson can help break this curse.
  11. Allison failed in Minnesota and got hurt here last year. Clowney has had numerous chances to do something rather than run straight down the field against 3rd stringers and UPS drivers, and he hasn't shown the ability to do anything but that. Both are garbage, both are at best the last receiver on a team whose carrying 5 or 6 receivers. Laveranues comes here and automatically gives us the second best 1-4 WR set in the entire league. Only the Indianapolis Colts field a better four WR set. Add in Dustin Keller playing in the slot and do we even need a 5th WR? One of these two are going to stay, but neither will get any kind of game time unless there is a blow out.
  12. Update: 2 spots remaining in League 1 7 spots remaining in League 2 Also, if you could, if you don't use your username here as your team name, please do what DLJ did and name who you are here. That way if someone isn't updating their sh*t and holding back the league I can get in contact with them. Thanks.
  13. Well they've "only" won it one year in a row (Miami won it by pure luck in 2008) but New England has dominated this division other than two years (the other being the 2002 Jets) this entire decade. If we win the division this year and advance farther in the playoffs in 2010, then maybe we can start talking about running this division. Only then.
  14. The Dolphins are the bigger rival, hands down, but the bigger threat? It isn't even close. It's New England. Miami hasn't improved enough to take over the Jets, let alone the Patriots who are still the class of the division until we, or Miami, prove otherwise. We are still 2nd class to New England until we take the East this season (hopefully).
  15. 5 spots remaining in League 1 9 spots remaining in League 2 Both are 12 team leagues.
  16. How much is Revis paying you? Or does he have to save up those millions and millions of dollars he's made already to feed his family? Must be a big family.
  17. I was asked by numerous people to create some Fantasy Leagues for this site. I'm hear today discussing drama. How's your self imposed exile from Twitter going? You're back I see.
  18. Looks like we have 4 idiots...
  19. As far as I'm concerned until he proves otherwise he is a 1 year star. He was okay his first two years. Nothing special.
  20. We aren't getting DeMarcus Ware or Haloti Ngata AND a draft pick, and most likely neither Dallas or Baltimore would trade young star for young star, especially with the amount of money that Darrelle covets. We'll have to send him to some dipsh*t organization that will pay him the money he wants and who can give us a high 1st round pick. That will be the likely scenario. A 3rd round pick hopefully can be thrown in there, too.
  21. Remove him & replace him with Bart Scott or Jim Leonhard. Hard nosed players who don't get enough credit. Better than me-first players who get too much.
  22. I'll take a 1st and a 3rd. That's the most likely thing we could get for him. Either way he'll be a Jet for 2010. After he doesn't live up to 2009 expectations, time to trade him. He'll still be a Top 5 Cornerback, but he won't be #1 anymore. Especially if he misses all of August. How can anyone honestly side with Revis on this? The guy has pocketed $12+ million already, plus jersey sale $, plus endorsement deals, plus $ from the Jets playoff run last year (players make more money for each playoff W), and the next three years, $21 million ($1m, $5m, $15m) are 100% GUARANTEED. I mean, HOW WILL HE FEED HIS FAMILY!!!??? Fact is Revis' bitching is a joke for a guy whose only half way through a six year deal, a deal that he previously held out for. He had one great year. Try being great again and then maybe bring up the need for more money.
  23. Alright, I did two leagues. Same format as last year. If you get in, you're in. If not, maybe I'll start up a 3rd. Drafts are September 5th & 6th, both at 8:30pm EDT. League 1: ID - 275610 Password - cryingrevis League 2: ID - 275634 Password - cryingrevis
  24. I am sick and tired of Darrelle Revis. If he doesn't repeat or do better than his 2009 campaign, ship his ass out of here. We do not need him to win.
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