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  1. How many times does Jeff Garcia have to say he will NOT accept a back-up role before people start believing him? There's a reason he is not in the league right now and that is because he refuses to be a back-up. He would be here, not Brunell, if he would smarten up and realize his days as a starter are finished.
  2. He's like JaMarcus Russell in terms of he doesn't want to work for anything and expects to just pass through everything on his god given ability. In the NFL it doesn't work like that. Hell it hardly worked for him in college. This guy is turning out to be a HUGE mistake already. Not impressed and no fan be happy about this move. It's pathetic.
  3. 124

    Stadium Tour

    I'm not sure. I'll have my people contact your people. Signed, Pig ****er
  4. Well this is certainly interesting. I like the attachments option.
  5. 124

    Stadium Tour

    I would've taken 148 as well, as it is just like 104, just in the opposite corner. Good decision. I'll see you there with bells on. We are both paying $2.5K a PSL and the people right next to us will be paying $5K.
  6. Don't care. Did you lose a job or something? It seems like you've been on here a lot lately compared to the past few years.
  7. According to Jets Confidential Revis turned down a 10 year, $150 million deal with $50 million guaranteed (and Leberfield reports this was from a player in the Jets locker room).
  8. Show Revis $10-12 million a year. If he refuses, tell him after 2012 to take a ****ing hike. Rex can win without a Revis. He did it for years as a DC in Baltimore, especially in 2008. Worry about Mangold & Harris, then Revis. That should be the order of things.
  9. Good for Dez. F Roy Williams. Dez is there to WORK, produce & make bank for him and his family. He is competing against Roy Williams for a job as the #2 man to Miles Austin. This is a STUPID tradition to begin with and it's nice to see some players with balls and confidence in themselves to turn away form it. Good for Dez Bryant. This might've been the best thing he's done in quite some time. As GWAGH said though, he better not be found doing this to rookies next year, because then all respect for him is gone. Only THEN does he think he is above everyone else.
  10. As a rookie he wouldn't have been a factor in our Week 1 match-up anyways. Here's to a quick & speedy recovery for him though.
  11. Makes total sense that two teams who lost in the Divisional round and another who lost in the Wild Card around are ahead of us. It makes the same sense of putting Indianapolis ahead of the defending champion Saints, who they lost to, and who has lost NOBODY of importance. Perfect sense!
  12. Unless one of our backs get hurt there is no reason to look elsewhere. If we keep a #4RB it's going to be Woodhead, who can also be the #6 WR.
  13. I'll be in my season ticket seats with JoeC36 in Section 104.
  14. 124

    Stadium Tour

    Phil, I hope you took the $2.5K LLEZ seats. They're the best. I am in 104 which is just like 124 in the old place. Excellent. MezzB for $2.5K wouldn't be bad either. Don't waste your money on $4K for MezzA now that MezzB and LLEZ are $2.5K. Let me know where you are so we can add you to the rich people's club. You're close to becoming sophisticated and a real Jets fan once again.
  15. There is no way this guy is going to reproduce 2009 over and over again. Most likely his stock will come a falling big time. The media crowns people too soon nowadays, its a shame because Revis will still be a very good player, but it'll look as if he's under achieving. He is nowhere near as good as Peyton Manning.
  16. Revis, you do have a choice to take $10-12 million a year (and not cripple the team) as opposed to $16-17 million. Oh but wait, how would he feed his family?
  17. Finally Curtis getting some respect. Very happy to see this happen. I'm pumped for him. Now it's time to retire #28.
  18. The gay boys from South Beach. (Miami Dolphins for those of you who are like 'HUH"!?) Don't really hate any other team .. just hate Patriot & Giant FANS.
  19. Joe should be up there with a couple of current persona's like Sanchez, Rex, and a defensive player.
  20. Chris Johnson coming off as a smart/good guy in this situation. He gets a $2 million pay increase, realizing that "Hey, unless I'm a total moron with this $2.5 million, plus the money I made my first two years, plus my jersey sales money, plus my endorsements, etc., I should be set for life even if I get hurt this season." Thank you, Chris. As for those who keep talking about how this is what the Jets should do with Revis please realize that in order to MAYBE be able to do this the Jets would first have to buy back the final two years of his deal, which they have not done yet. As of now Revis is on a 1 year, $1 million deal. Something tells me Darrelle would not be willing to do what CJ did even though CJ had a better season as a RB than Revis did as a CB.
  21. Where have you been on Twitter? I have to come back here to find you. Tsk tsk.
  22. You live outside of the Tri-State. You have an excuse.
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