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  1. wow, Manny was amazing last night what else can I say? very disappointed that the ref stopped the fight, beating or not the champ deserves the opportunity to go out you dont stop a championship fight at the end like that after a flurry, disrespectful end for a warrior that being said, Manny did everything he had to do to win and did it perfectly, I cant see Floyd having any success against him, he will not have a size advantage over Manny thta is meaningful, he's smaller than Cotto and they looked equal in the ring besides we just learned that size wont beat Manny alone
  2. Let me get it out of the way by saying I'm going with Miggy tonight but here's why; Size and power. Alot has been made about Pacquio and how phenomenal of a fighter he is and I'll never argue against that, he has earned his spot with huge fights at junior and lightweight limits and by facing the best competition at those weights including Barrera, Marquez and Morales. All of these fighters took and gave with Paccy but ultimately all paid the price against the Filipino fighter Then came his rise to jr welterweight and welterweight. There is alot of hype about his sensational power and
  3. is that you Herm? Good thing the butcher ball was there at #4
  4. Thanks for the thoughts Bren....would have preferred a pic of you in that outfit!!!!!!! hell yaaaaa
  5. bale is definitely one of my favorite actors now, the dedication to his roles and his body is amazing look at how chiseled he was in American Psycho and then look at machinist and tell me you can deny it
  6. it was more of a commentary on religion and fanatics then horror, I thought it was decent not bad at all not horrible, but the end was just so damn wrong
  7. he's actually a pretty cool dude, I met him twice back when he was a local band member with the Spooky Kids Once we met at a movie, My Own Private Idaho and then again backstage at a Run DMC concert where we hung out and watched the show and met the group. He was cordial and funny but also broke as hell too so he couldn't be quite the freak he is now. That was right before Trent Reznor 'discovered' him and he dumped his band and went solo, this was around 91 or 92
  8. it may be disturbing but its the only response that really answered your question.......... she is rather odd to be giving me wood
  9. I dont know why but i used to be hot for Sandra Bernhard.............
  10. I just know there's some kind of racial joke in there somewhere......
  11. is that what you told your wife the herpes sores are??? brilliant
  12. That explains Max's Wizard costume for this Halloween
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