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  1. I want a jersey with K Hunt on back
  2. Can anyone get me in contact with Seattle's front office? If they offer him 1 million a year, I'd be willing to pay $500,000 of it.
  3. No we dont. They have 3 and 18 and also 2 second rounders.
  4. Told you it was over when he left the building. Thrilled to eat crow!!!! Love this!!
  5. My daughter is a soccer player. She's a JR in HS right now. Clemson is one of the schools recruiting her and right now they are her first choice. She was #1 in the nation last year as a sophomore in goals and #4 overall in points. She also broke a 33 year old record for goals in a season in the state of Florida.
  6. Seems odd we didn't hear he was coming until after Saleh left. IMO they wanted Saleh and for whatever the reason he wouldn't commit. Then they call Arthur and get him here that night. Doubt they pre planned a night Interview.
  7. Word is he was our #1 choice. Fact that he left the building without a deal means its pretty much done.
  8. Thanks so much!! I'll watch it shortly. Finishing up the mud bowl right now.

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