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  1. What are you talking about he severely under through him. it doesn't matter who the receiver was a good QB floats it over the top of the defender and it's an easy touchdown.
  2. Sam is just not that good. This isn't just about weapons. He's a flawed QB.
  3. Jets would've ****ed up Marino and Rice. Glad we didn't draft them.
  4. Knowing us, they are looking at him for a possible extension.
  5. This is a sick joke!! Put Becton on IR to be safe. We'll try again next year.
  6. Early on things were pointing in the right direction. Looked like they were going to lay it down on him and things would explode in his face. Stiff penalty was coming. In the end he's satisfied.
  7. Flores has that likeable look. Love his energy. Hate the Fins but they struck gold woth Flores.

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