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  1. Want nothing to do with either of these guys unless we strike out big time early on in FA.
  2. Good chance Hunt is suspended for the entire year.
  3. There is a really good chance the Jets fill their pass rushing need in free agency. If they do this, I'd bet my life that if we stay at #3 the pick is Greedy Williams.
  4. Was thinking about Phillys situation. Foles picked up a team that wasn't going to make the playoffs with Wentz at the helm. Not a knock on Wentz as his upside is still crazy high. Foles can obviously play at an extremely high level. And they are only 3 years apart in age. We are talking about a 29 year old QB in Foles who just won a SB and now picked up a team that was about to miss out on the playoffs. On top of it, his numbers are crazy. It's not like the defense or running game is carrying him. Anyhow, should Philly be calling the Raiders in the off-season? Raiders are going to cut Carr and they also have 5 number 1 picks the next 2 years. 3 in 2019 and 2 in 2020. Would you trade Wentz to the Raiders for there 3 #1's next year? Sign Foles to a 3-4 year deal and get 3 first rounders. Could have 4 first round picks next year. Or ask for 2 this year and 1 in 2020. Just curious what every thinks.
  5. LockeJET

    Enunwa Extended

    We did not overpay. The WR market is insane right now. It's not a ton guaranteed and we can always get out from under this deal. Also remember that he's the only WR that is under contract right not. R. Anderson is basically going to be on a 1 year deal. So we can still upgrade or WR 1 by draft or trade. This is something that had to get done and it's not a cap crushing deal at all.
  6. Even if he or his agent leaked this, it's just about pinning teams against each other to try and set up a bidding war. He's going to whatever team offers him the most money. If the money is equal he could choose the Colts but Colts RB situation is set up pretty nicely without Bell so they might not even chase him.
  7. LockeJET

    I'm hoping now Macc gets fired too

    Don't worry, he'll hire a new coach and then totally fail in free agency and in the draft. In turn giving the new coach the least talented roster in the NFL. We will in 3-4 games and then fire Mac in the offseason. The new GM will be stuck with a coach he didn't hire. The next year when we win 4-5 games the new GM will fire the new coach and bring in his own guy. 50 years and counting!!!!!
  8. Now that we've had a glimpse of Allen and Rosen. Would you take any of those QB's over Sam if it meant we got our 3 number 2's back? I'm not saying I would or wouldn't but it really makes you think. I'm not down on Sam at all. This isn't about him. I completely believe in him. We are so void of talent. And both of these QB's look promising as well. Having Allen or Rosen with 3 additional 2nd rounders IMO makes us a better looking team going forward. That's of course that we hit on those picks which at this point is another longshot. Now there is no guarantee how the board shook loose if we didn't trade up but Allen or Rosen would've been there at 6 most likely. So doing this over in hindsight if it guaranteed us a QB at 6 would've you stayed put grabbed 1 of the other 2 and kept our 3 2nds? In the end we really need Sam to become a top 5 type QB. It's a weak FA class and the draft is very defensive(which crazy enough we still need D). If Sam becomes elite we don't need stars everywhere but it looks bleak going forward for the next couple years unless Sam goes to a completely different level(which I expect him to do). Just curious what you guys think?
  9. LockeJET

    The Jamal Adams hate fest continues

    This kid has been banned from every Jets board in history. I'm not even sure why he's allowed here. He's a Dolphin fan that is trolling everyone.
  10. Q holds all the cards here. 8 mil per won't work in my opinion. You have to come at him pretty strong or at the very least he'll test free agency. There are teams out there who will pay him 3 for 30 or 4 for 40, possibly even more. This is the cost of doing business on a walk year. Not saying he's worth that much but it's a nutty market out there.
  11. 100% And then he pulls a Sprewell during his rookie season and chokes our new coach.
  12. LockeJET

    Pick a song that describes Todd Bowles

    We didn't start the fire
  13. LockeJET

    Name that baby Jet.

    Wayne Chrebet

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