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  1. We have an offensive minded HC and the GM is on the coaches side. No more big money is being put into this D right now. Build the offense and see what the kid from Florida does before we have to pay an underachieving defensive player close to 100 mil after giving up picks.
  2. He had his only career sack in walk throughs.
  3. This is exactly why Mac shouldn't have been allowed to run this off seasons free agency and draft. He played this offseason like we are super bowl contenders. Had we had a new GM that didn't have the pressure to win this year, the moves would have been totally different. Like not signing Bell and trading Leo, especially after taking Williams 3rd overall.
  4. If he's not traded before the season, there is only one plan. You let him play this year out and see how he does. If he's special, he either gets a long term deal or the franchise tag. If has another year with very little to show for it, he's walking and take the comp pick.
  5. The Jets 100% have offers already. But it would have to be a trade when the Jets are on the clock because no GM is trading to 3 in this draft until they see who goes 1-2. We made the move last year not for a specific player but for the right to draft 1 of the top 3 QBs. And in years past teams trade to 1 or 2. But sitting at 3 and this years 1-2 not a slam dunk, no GM would make a move to 3 until the Jets are on the clock.
  6. Is that not him? My buddy texted me and I just copied the link. I'm busy so posted it without really checking it out.
  7. https://twitter.com/magasportsnews/status/1119423747147161600?s=12
  8. Here is how we make the playoffs this year. 1. Darnold takes a big leap in his 2nd season 2. We have to hit in this draft. At least 2 players must drastically impact our season from this coming draft. 3. Sweep Miami and Buffalo
  9. Well we don't know if he's wearing 26 or 24 yet. Maybe he goes with Riggins number.
  10. I just meant 100 mil overall not the guaranteed portion. On the open market he would get a deal more than CJ Mosely received.
  11. Listen I hate the dolphins but next year they have over a 120 million in cap space right now. they have 10 draft picks next year and the next 2 years have some generational QBd coming out.
  12. Good trade for Miami. They were going to release him.
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