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  1. Wesco is named after the West Coast Offense. Beast!!
  2. We should be vastly improved but we have a lot of pieces that we'll really depend on that we have no idea how good they will be. If Mims, Becton and Fant don't seriously produce we are in trouble. We also need Williams to prove his worth and that's no given.
  3. If the Jets were a part of the body, they would be the butthole.
  4. If the Jets were an STD, they would be all of them.
  5. If the Jets were a rock star, they'd be Kurt Cobain.
  6. Sam could have an average year and is still worth more than 20 mil. QB market is insane.
  7. This was always going to happen. JD says we want Jamal here. Most GMs say that stuff. Hoping that since we have him under control we'd get a team friendly deal. If you see the way we did business this off season it tells you that Douglas is not gonna overpay for players not at a premium position. He's too smart for that. Ideally they probably want to get another year or 2 out of him at a cheap rate before hes traded. Jamal will cause too much fuss. This is his last year here most likely and it wouldn't completely shock me if he's traded beforehand.
  8. I get where you're coming from. But sadly, we are more likely right than wrong.

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