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  1. Did he play offense as well? Only asking because some say he went both ways.
  2. Only sh*t organizations would hire a defensive minded Head coach and a rookie offensive coordinator knowing that they are going to be drafting a rookie quarterback. The biggest problem with the Jets is we never hire correctly. whether it’s head coaches or assistant coaches or GMs. We always bring in first timers. That’s why I have no faith in this team to develop guys. Can you imagine if we drafted Lamar Jackson or Murray or even Josh Allen. We would’ve had no idea how to utilize them correctly. We would’ve tried to turn all three into pocket passers. In the end this team neve
  3. I was surprised the booth didn’t stop it to review the spot on that 3rd down play. Looked short but close enough for a review. I think that’s what Buff coach was talking to officials about immediately after the game ended.
  4. Should’ve drafted Jerry Rice and Marino instead of Toon and Kenny O. I was banging the table.
  5. He’s been under pressure all game. Diggs is a beast, the rest are role players. Don’t underestimate how good Josh Allen really is. Some of the throws he makes under pressure with guys in his face are simply amazing and most in the league can’t make.
  6. I was going to do it every Tuesday after the Monday night game. But here it is before tonight. 1. Detroit (0-6) 2. Jacksonville (1-5) 3. Philadelphia (via Miami: 1-5) 4. Houston (1-5) 5. New York Giants (1-5) 6. New York Jets (1-4) 7. New England (2-4) 8. Philadelphia (2-4) 9. Philadelphia (via Indianapolis: 2-4) 10. New York Jets (via Seattle: 2-4) 11. Washington (2-4) 12. Atlanta (2-3) 13. Miami (via San Francisco: 2-3) 14. Denver (3-3) 15. Carolina (3-3) 16. New York Giants (via Chicago: 3-3) 17. Cleveland
  7. This team desperately needs one. Bring both of them in to work with DC and RU. But slowly. Things will grow but with proper tutelage. And if he’s good at what he does QR will be way ahead of schedule. Anybody agree with me or am I way off on this? It’s the thing that seems to make sense. Go Horned Frogs!
  8. I’m so numb to all this now! Sign him, trade him, release him. I don’t give a sh*t anymore! I just want a competitive team for once. It’s truly amazing though, how most of our draft picks never sign a second contract with us. Really tough organization to love.
  9. OJ Howard would be the most dynamic offensive weapon we’ve had in the last four years and he sucks.
  10. It was the first game of the season nobody goes undefeated. You can never go by who beats who and that means you should beat or lose to so-and-so. Bills are the best team in the AFC.
  11. Bills are the best team in the AFC. Better than Baltimore, Chargers and KC.
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