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  1. Ficken as well. Clean day where every point mattered.
  2. They're not just giving away Bell but if somehow a team came calling with a nice package, he would be gone in a millisecond. He's basically on a 2 year deal here and will never see year 3.
  3. Look, it's pretty simple. It's a QB and coach league. And they have the best all time of both. Hence the monster they've created.
  4. Pat's do more with so little its unreal. Doesn't matter who goes down, they over come it. Even when they dont bring their A game, they blow teams out in the end.
  5. He's out Sunday and will miss multiple weeks.
  6. Miami owns the Steelers 1st round pick. Good chance Miami has two top 5 picks this year. In total they have 3 first rounders this year and 2 next.
  7. I'm already looking at the 2027 draft and free agency period.
  8. I'm so happy Darnolds back I could just kiss him.......... Oh wait!!!
  9. If the Jets beat Dallas, I'll swallow my own goo.
  10. Another DT who will want 100 million in a few years and wont be worth it. And that's even if he's good.

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