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  1. The Jets did not acquire all these picks to then use them to trade up. Not a team that has holes everywhere. if anything we could trade out of the first round altogether from 23 or at least back some spots towards the end of the first.
  2. Problem is they just traded everything to Miami to move to three. Not much left for a haul.
  3. Alex Smith me wait it out for an injury to happen where he can come right in and be the starter
  4. Then we take Micah Parsons probably
  5. So we traded Sam for a pick in last year’s draft?
  6. They wouldn’t be franchising him to keep him so it wouldn’t matter. they would be franchising him to trade him for a number one pick. And that would only be if they decided to keep him for one more year.
  7. The Panthers already picked up his option
  8. We wouldn’t have been on the hook for 25 million next year. we were not going to pick up his option either way. if Sam played well and he stayed in our team they would’ve franchised him and traded him for a better haul.
  9. If Sam is worth a first next spring Carolina isn’t sending him anywhere. they’d be signing him long-term.
  10. Jags are not passing on Lawrence. Delete this BS thread.
  11. I wish that most of our picks never even entered the draft, let alone attend it.
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