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  1. I can already see a difference in the way he stretches compared to Sam.
  2. Anyone else going to his HOF induction?
  3. Max, terribly sorry to hear this news. Peace and prayers to your wife and the entire family. She’s got this and will kick cancers ass once again.
  4. Mosley will be traded by the time this season starts. He will never play another down for the Jets.
  5. Brady Gronk Moss is headed there as well. Randy must be so proud!
  6. 5165 yards, 48 TDs and 3 Ints 960 rushing yards and 8 TDs Rookie of the year, Pro Bowl, All pro, MVP and SB MVP.
  7. They can franchise him for two straight years. Jamal would prob hold out but financially it makes sense for Seattle.
  8. My son (Locke) shares the same Birthday as Joe. He’s 19 today.
  9. Damn! I ordered before you I think. Still haven’t received it yet.
  10. Take it in the Arse for Arch
  11. Yeah I was about to say all I can find is 5X. my entire family would fit in that.
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