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  1. LockeJET

    I'm hoping now Macc gets fired too

    Don't worry, he'll hire a new coach and then totally fail in free agency and in the draft. In turn giving the new coach the least talented roster in the NFL. We will in 3-4 games and then fire Mac in the offseason. The new GM will be stuck with a coach he didn't hire. The next year when we win 4-5 games the new GM will fire the new coach and bring in his own guy. 50 years and counting!!!!!
  2. Now that we've had a glimpse of Allen and Rosen. Would you take any of those QB's over Sam if it meant we got our 3 number 2's back? I'm not saying I would or wouldn't but it really makes you think. I'm not down on Sam at all. This isn't about him. I completely believe in him. We are so void of talent. And both of these QB's look promising as well. Having Allen or Rosen with 3 additional 2nd rounders IMO makes us a better looking team going forward. That's of course that we hit on those picks which at this point is another longshot. Now there is no guarantee how the board shook loose if we didn't trade up but Allen or Rosen would've been there at 6 most likely. So doing this over in hindsight if it guaranteed us a QB at 6 would've you stayed put grabbed 1 of the other 2 and kept our 3 2nds? In the end we really need Sam to become a top 5 type QB. It's a weak FA class and the draft is very defensive(which crazy enough we still need D). If Sam becomes elite we don't need stars everywhere but it looks bleak going forward for the next couple years unless Sam goes to a completely different level(which I expect him to do). Just curious what you guys think?
  3. LockeJET

    The Jamal Adams hate fest continues

    This kid has been banned from every Jets board in history. I'm not even sure why he's allowed here. He's a Dolphin fan that is trolling everyone.
  4. Q holds all the cards here. 8 mil per won't work in my opinion. You have to come at him pretty strong or at the very least he'll test free agency. There are teams out there who will pay him 3 for 30 or 4 for 40, possibly even more. This is the cost of doing business on a walk year. Not saying he's worth that much but it's a nutty market out there.
  5. 100% And then he pulls a Sprewell during his rookie season and chokes our new coach.
  6. LockeJET

    Pick a song that describes Todd Bowles

    We didn't start the fire
  7. LockeJET

    Name that baby Jet.

    Wayne Chrebet
  8. I think he's on meth during games.
  9. And he'd still be the best coach we've had in the last 25 years. At least we know we'd be getting someone solid instead of another first timer that most likely will fail with our ownership. We need stability and an NFL guy. John Harbaugh fits that mold. He's not the best but he's a sure thing.
  10. Right now I'm done with never has beens. Not saying these guys won't succeed but the Jets need stability. We can't keep taking chances on guys who have never done it at this level. Most of the time they are in way over their heads and not HC material. If the Ravens let him go we need to be all in on John Harbaugh. If he doesn't come then we can look in another direction but this is a guy who has won a championship and would be a breath of fresh air from what we usually do. We need to press him hard until we know we can't land him. Even if that means missing out on someone else. Darnold also needs stability. We can't keep changing OC's and HC's on him.
  11. We need an entire new offensive line, 2 wrs, franchise RB, pass rusher and Cornerback. Oh and a real coach and GM. All while being led by one of the worst owners in the NFL. There is a reason we haven't won anything in 50 years. We are so far away it's not even funny.
  12. LockeJET

    #1 reason Todd should have been fired

    That's what everyone said about Herm, Mangini and Rex. How did that work out? The Jets always hire never been HCs and GM's. They suck from the start and suck wherever they land a 2nd job. Bowles and Mac are hot garbage!!!! When we fire Bowles and if Mac is not right behind him, we are even bigger dumbasses than I thought. No worthy coach is coming here to team with Mac who will 100% be on the hot seat should he be retained.
  13. LockeJET

    #1 reason Todd should have been fired

    Dumb thread!!!! We all know Bowels is a dead man walking. He's gone the day after the season is over. If we stick the new HC with our OC that means nobody wanted to come here and we settled on our 5th choice.
  14. LockeJET

    The trinity continues

    How's Gammy?
  15. LockeJET

    The trinity continues

    For those that don't know or remember, this is UnitedWhofans. He's a Dolphin troll posing as a Jets fan.

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