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  1. We've left a ton of points off the board. This would've been a totally different game had we kicked a few FGs.
  2. Timing cost us a dynasty. We'd easily have 10-12 Super Bowls.
  3. So now we get excited because Sam played better than Fitz? Fan base is such desperate losers. Fins had 7 FGs today. One turns into a TD and we lose. We sucked! Sam missed plays all day and made terrible decisions as well.
  4. Gase is still an idiot. you take those 37 seconds and you try to get a little bit closer. the dolphins would have eventually had to use their timeouts.
  5. Bell is out today and it's almost like hes purposely running to prove to everyone that he was right about not wanting to sign him. He has never ran the ball this much in all the years hes coached in the league. This guy would sabotage the entire team in order to prove that he was right. He should never be allowed back to coach next year.
  6. Free-agent receiver Terrelle Pryor is in critical condition following surgery after he was stabbed Friday night at his apartment, a source told ESPN's Adam Schefter. Allegheny District Attorney spokesman Mike Manko confirmed Pryor was the victim of a stabbing. Pryor was stabbed in the chest and shoulder, according to the source. The incident took place at the Heinz Lofts apartment complex in Pittsburgh, according to WTAE-TV. An unidentified woman is in police custody, according to the station. Pittsburgh Police said they are investigating after officers were called for a male stabbing victim who had walked into the hospital just after 4:30 a.m. ET. While police did not identify the man, a source confirmed to ESPN's Jeremy Fowler that this was Pryor. Pryor, 30, entered the league in 2011 and has played with the Oakland Raiders, Cleveland Browns, Washington Redskins, Buffalo Bills and New York Jets. He hasn't played this season after he was released by the Jacksonville Jaguars in September.
  7. Might be? They are 9-3 and still have a chance to win the division. They are a very good team.

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