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  1. Pats, Pitt, Packers, Saints, KC, Seattle, Baltimore, Cleveland of new, Philly of old and some younger up and coming teams have all for the most part built through the draft. It’s how you have long term success. Obviously you need the QB. Once you have that, you don’t have to over pay in FA year in year out.
  2. If they were a couple million apart he probably would’ve but Pittsburgh never pays free agents. So, yes it has something to do with money but I doubt the dollars would’ve been remotely close.
  3. Absolutely!! By 2034 he’ll have been to 10 Super Bowls. I’d even put big money on it.
  4. How may first round picks since 2009 signed a second contract with us? Just Wilkerson? And that second contract was a bust.
  5. 100 to 1 odds that after the upgrade Smizzy reappears.
  6. Technically not true. Bonilla deferred almost 30 mil. 25 years at 1.19 mil per. Includes 8% interest rate. Tatis is making less than 25 per.
  7. The Mets will still be paying Bobby Bonilla when Tatis’s 14 year deal ends.
  8. I put candy canes on my Christmas tree this year.
  9. I know he got hurt but Bud Dupree should be on this list.
  10. We just hired him as a special teams assistant
  11. We should also trade for Russell Wilson and sign Trubisky and Jimmy G when they get cut. Imagine that QB room?
  12. If we can make this trade and keep 2 of the 4 1st rounders I'd be all for it.
  13. And the GM search continues
  14. I want a jersey with K Hunt on back
  15. Can anyone get me in contact with Seattle's front office? If they offer him 1 million a year, I'd be willing to pay $500,000 of it.
  16. Game over! Mayfield or Allen in the SB. Unreal.
  17. No we dont. They have 3 and 18 and also 2 second rounders.
  18. Told you it was over when he left the building. Thrilled to eat crow!!!! Love this!!
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