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  1. RUT

    Offensive Tackle

    Strahan beat Miller so bad that day I thought he was going against Jim Miller the Punter Scratch Fred Miller... Are there any decent OT's still out there ?? Samuels is looking better and better...
  2. RUT

    Offensive Tackle

    I thought Samuels when he came out of Alabama was going to be the next Orlando Pace, Hasn't he been injured alot with the skins? With that being said I still would take him in a heartbeat. Abraham and draft pick for Samuels and draft pick ? I hate even suggesting it because trades rarely if ever occur. Fred Miller, stop gap measure, solid pro, knows Hemindingers sytem, seems like a temporary fix to me.
  3. RUT

    Offensive Tackle

    With Fabini's chronic sore Back, If I were Bradway I think I definetly sign a FA Tackle, Miller or a Jennings and Draft a Tackle at 26. Jones or Cavka are not the answer. No one ever gives the big guys up front enough credit, on both sides of the ball but especially offense. We have four 1st round draft choices on our D-Line, Isn't it about time we invest some on the offense line.
  4. Is it me or does no one seem to be concerned about our Offensive Tackle position. All indicators make McKenzie a goner, Adrian Jones does not appear to be ready... Fred Miller? Or at 26 do we go Alex Baron or Khalif Barnes ? Personally I feel that OT is much more of a concern than Safety or wide receiver. After all, You can have the greatest skill players in the world, with no O-line, Penny has no time and Curtis has no holes. Thoughts.....
  5. Guys, Congrats and Good Luck, Looks like a winner to me...
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