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  1. Me: Hi My name JetFanTransplant, and I'm a Jets fan. Forum: Hi JetFanTransplant! Me: It's been 2.5 years since my last login to JetsNation Forum: Welcome back. Me: Every day is a struggle, but I continue to persevere. Forum: The struggle is real. Me: Indeed... the struggle is real... Greetings from Angola, Africa. Cheers.
  2. late afternoon games SUCK

  3. Cheers Slats for the assist... What's the beverage / brand of choice for gametime? *self moderated post
  4. Nice stuff there... my son is 5 and is a pro web-surfer. you tube, google and Toontown mostly, but he's branching out! By-the-way... What's up? Been an eon or so since I logged in here. Thought I needed to say hi! Cheers, - - Tracey
  5. I haven't posted in forever and a day... Jumping in the fray to say that the J-E-T-S are gonna win in a great way! I was a poet and didn't even know it. Happy New Year to all my Jets Fans brethren!
  6. and in other news... Penningtons 2 best plays were a pass caught by the receivers a$$ and a trick play. Not that I care bwahahahahah Favre was only good for 110, but at least he played well... when he wasn't put on his butt. NO WAY he makes it through the season if he keeps getting laid out.
  7. HAHA... I love how the announcer gets so excited and declares the Texans "right back in the game" after the int/fumble/defensive td. So impressed how the defense dominated that whole game... and without 2 starters?!?! Wow!
  8. For the first time in I don't know how long, I actually don't CRINGE every time the QB drops back... especially on 3rd down. Sanchez proved himself to be the real-deal. Leinhart who? LOL Someone get Sanchez a Viagra script... I wan't him to keep it up all season long. Ok bad joke. woot!!
  9. Can anyone give me "idiot proof" direction to watch the game online here in TX? Ok so stupid me... the friggin game is on NFL network right?
  10. Can't believe the mass exodus. In three years, I haven't seen this many refugees.
  11. I kept waiting for Willie Wonka to make an appearance. Sounds like a bunch of russian oompa loompas
  12. Ok, something about this pic... four things to note on a quick observation... 1. The first girl on the left sure has a pretty mouth. 2. The second from the left, has a killer rack. I don't care if she is the 4th homliest cheerleader in the NFL 3. The two girls on the right look like ones I would take home to meet momma. 4. The slightest hint of butt crack on the left and right most girls I find very sexy. Giggity. Have a great day.
  13. Not only is Drew Carey not gay, he can probably kick the piss out of 95% of this board. Former Marine...
  14. I guess we have to chalk it up to different experiences. I have over 180 flight legs on Continental over the last 3 years. In all those flights I have had just 1 non-weather related delay. I call that pretty good. As for the food, they have the best first class meals in the business. Lucky for me, I get plenty of upgrades to first class... Probably 2/3's of my coach tickets get upgraded to first class. As for their international meals in coach, I always found them decent. One of the only airlines to still serve free meals (albeit minor) in coach during domestic fligh
  15. Really?? Funny, I fly them at least once a month and have had nothing but great experiences. Been flying them at least 60k miles a year for 5+ years and would fly Continental exclusively if I could. Great Mileage program, easy use of miles, great meals on the flights... What airline out there is better? Certainly not Delta, USAir, Southwest or N.West.
  16. Wow why not? Continental is the only airline I would fly if I could.
  17. LOL... sorry. I should end up Plat after one of my longer trips. I can normally get best rate on NW / AirFrance or KLM to Europe. I just need one more biggie. Drive past Tomball all the time. We should catch a game... any decent Jet Bars around? I have Superfan package so I haven't ventured out to see a game yet. Only been here a year. Any idea how Continental's DR plan is? (Gotta throw a work plug in here somewhere).
  18. Any chance you can upgrade me to Platinum? I will be so close this year. Unfortunately I am forced to fly other airlines sometimes so I can't get 'em all on one club. OnePass Elite Level: Gold SkyTeam Elite Level: Elite 2007 Elite Mileage: 60,216 BTW -- I am in The Woodlands.
  19. Very busy yes. Spent most of the summer in the Middle East. Still have jobs to do in Chicago, Nashville, Montreal, Rome and Lima this year. Hopefully the end of my travel for a while 128k miles travelled so far this year. UGH!
  20. 1. Visualize. 2. Masterbate. 3. Bask in the afterglow. Repeat as necessary.
  21. I am a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planner. Essentially, I help people understand their risks and vulnerabilities, evaluate the financial and operational impact of business interruptions/IT failures, mitigate the risks, minimize the impacts then plan for recovery if the interruption/failure does occur. Long story short, I save company's, government agencies and communities money and lives should something bad happens.
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