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  1. Jon he went through this last year. This isn't new to him. I think he's being a baby about it. I don't know him personally, but this shouldn't be a shock to his system. I never had a problem with him before he started acting like a baby.

    Im telling you the dude is on the spectrum. If I'm right, and I am well versed in Autism he likely doesn't have the ability to just deal with it. 

  2. Dude they're 20 something year old millionaires who have never worked a day in their lives and probably don't understand the value of a dollar. Lynch was being very petty with that sh*t during media day. He is a professional, yes? Maybe he should act like one instead of acting like a spoiled brat/baby

    Lynch is a very quiet guy and is uncomfortable with a hundred microphones. If you ever speak with him, you will notice that he is different. A lot of his behavior and mannerisms are consistent with someone who is on the Autism Spectrum. Of course, instead of looking deeper into Marshawn, Goodell just decides he is a thug and starts fining him. 

  3. Not media related... character related.

    Sherman is a condescending, prima donna loudmouth.

    Lynch is an arrogant, self absorbed bully and I am being kind with my choice of words.

    Sherman is not condescending at all. He tells it like it is and if anything is too honest. Lynch is bullied by Goodell, and is actually a very quiet guy. Sherman is also a very intelligent guy who is going to be a part of the media after he is done playing. He is very aware that controversy gets ratings. 


    Why shouldn't he speak out about the corrupt commissioner who is running the NFL?

  4. I once asked a series of Jets fans who started a thread once why they hated the Seahawks and Carroll and they turned on me :fighting0093:


    I still am asking why the Seahawks hate?


    They have until last year been a losing franchise so what's the deal....

    I have no hate for the Seahawks. Their fans are classy and treat visiting fans with respect. Our old owner was stupid enough to fire Carroll. 

  5. This is ridiculous.  Some baseless accusations are made of Brady and Belichick and we're supposed to boycott the Super Bowl?


    Maybe we should watch the Pooper Bowl next year when the winless Jets face the winless Bills

    Baseless? The facts are all pointing to Princess Brady. 


    Im becoming convinced that Chowds learned football at the Special Olympics. 

  6. <iframe width="600" height="300" scrolling="no" src="https://media.iheart.com/player/embed.html?autoStart=false&useFullScreen=true&siteid=645&omu=http://media.ccomrcdn.com/media/station_content/645/2015/01/mp3/default/tom_s_big_balls_0_1421841397.mp3&artist=No Title/Artist&mediaTitle=Tom&osu=http://img.ccrd.clearchannel.com/media/mlib/645/2015/01/default/tom_s_big_balls_0_1421841397.jpg&overlayImg=http://img.ccrd.clearchannel.com/media/mlib/645/2015/01/default/tom_s_big_balls_0_1421841397.jpg&startButtonColor=0xA33335&share=http://www.sportsradiokjr.com/media/play/toms-big-balls-25751615/" frameborder="0" allowtransparency="true" ></iframe> 


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