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  1. Quinn? Eh.

    I want a coach with HC experience and he doesn't fit that bill. I think were making a mistake by not hiring a giy w HC wxperience. Also, is he really coaching those animals? Those fickers are blood thirsty savages!

    He might be sought after coach, but I'm not enamored cause I haven't really witnessed him out coach someone. Have I?

    I'm sorry, but that D is just a bunch of athletic freaks of nature, not coached up over acheivers.

    I have, I see him at practice often. He is very hands on with his players constantly working with them on technique etc. 

  2. You can barely even hear the drumline during TV timeouts - a complete waste of time. There's no need to entertain us ad naseum - just let the ADD fans play with their Iphones during "deadspace" , hell they already do that for most of the game anyway.

    This is part of why the Jets fans are some of the most lame in the NFL. If you go on any road trips, you discover that other fan bases are louder, and more fun. 

  3. I have no problem with you enjoying that kind of stuff. I don't. Many of our supporters don't. His promotions are hokey and I think he is completely tone deaf. Things like emailing cruise promotions to the fans the morning after losing 35-3 on national tv... That kind of stuff rubs us the wrong way. Maybe it was unfair to include him bc it would be way more tolerable if the product on the field was watchable. But in connection with the terrible product, it became totally unbearable. I get what you are saying about Glat. If I had to do one thing differently, I might have left him off.

    I had Jets season tickets for many years before I moved to Seattle where my wife works in the Seahawks front office. I do go to games in Seattle all the time since its free. There were a few things that were like a culture shock. The Seahawks fans make noise (Louder than you can imagine) They make noise regardless of the record or the score. They stay for the whole game (except me, I leave at 5:00 cuz I don't care) 


    I remember back in NY fans made noise if the game was close, and if the team had a good record and the majority of fans left early to beat the traffic. Maybe its also time the Jets fans start acting like better fans and not be outclassed by every other fan base.

  4. Glat = things like the drumline, fan contests for J-E-T-S chant leaders, t-shirt tosses, reorganizing the parking lot... We can't stand what he is doing to the gameday atmosphere... He is turning it in to some sort of a minor league baseball game.

    PS: i personally hate the Jets rewards program. I don't even bother checking in. Don't want Calvin Pace's jockstrap or Ik Enkampale's sweat towel. All we want is quality football to watch. All this other garbage is so forced and overdone. I guess maybe watching football isn't good enough for the corporate crowd they are marketing to, but it sucks.

    The Drumline was inspired by Seattle. Woody was pretty impressed with Blue Thunder Drumline when the Jets played Seattle and has been a tradition since they built Century Link. The drumline is so popular that Professional drummers like the drummer from Yes, Dave Grohl play with them on a regular basis. You never know who is going to show up to play. 


    Oh and they raise the 12th man flag before every game, and the fans make more noise than you can imagine. 


    Seems that the only tradition in NY that anyone cares about is getting sh*tfaced before the game, needing someone to lead you in making noise and leaving at the end of the 3rd quarter to beat the traffic. 


    Maybe if the drumline is more established, they will attract some big names too. It does make it a bit more fun during TV timeouts. Glatt is trying to establish some good traditions that are sustainable. God forbid there is more than getting drunk, pissing you pants, leaving early and needing a retired Fireman to get the crowd to make some noise. 

  5. Leave Rex alone!


    I started this thread because I wanted to hear about all the good things Rex did for the Jets.

    Were there any? Seriously, he never won the division and nobody ever remembers the loser of the AFC Championship Game. He failed to develop any young players. In 2009 the Colts got the Jets to the Playoffs, in 2010 the Bengals got the Jets to the playoffs. Rex is a funny guy and the foot fetish video is a classic. Other than that, he was a failure.

  6. So they interview these candidates and tell them what?  Hey, we really think you are a fine candidate and we'll get back to you after the playoffs and after we eventually hire a GM so sit tight?   Sorry.  That's idiotic.  Got to get the GM first.

    Its very possible that the GM and HC come as a tandem. They are interviewing Quinn and Cable in Seattle for HC and also interviewing Trent Kirchner for the GM job. Woody mentioned that the chemistry between the HC and GM is a priority to him. These guys have already been working together, so the chemistry is already there.

  7. It seems that Schneider might resent the shabby treatment Idzik received from the fan base and the owner here and not be too keen to recommend the job to his current assistant.  Might be enough to scare off Bevell or Quinn too.  Quinn witnessed what some might have called a premature axing of Mangini while he was the DL coach also, so if he has other offers he might want nothing to do with Woody.  At least he is a Jersey guy so that could help.

    Woody was right when he stressed the importance of chemistry between the GM and HC. If he can pull it off and get Quinn and Trent Kirchner, he will have that chemistry built in. Plus they both come from a winning culture with a proven track record. Developing a new culture in Florham Park will be a lot easier if you can bring 2 guys who are already used to working together. 

  8. I can't be the only one here who has ditched tobacco and switched to vaping. 


    What kinds of mods are you using? Favorite Liquids? Favorite Tanks? 



    My current mod is the Kamry K1000 ePipe and I also use the iTaste SVD

  9. Actually he killed dogs (the innocent part is redundant, all animals are innocent). Murder is reserved for humans.

    But yes what he did is horrendous and cruel. And if those acts are unforgivable to you and you believe he deserves to lose his livlihood over it despite paying for the crime in the way that society has collectively decided is appropriate, you are within your conscience to root against him. I am glad that you are honest that this view has nothing to do with Geno's performance. But the time to be outraged was when the team gave him 5 million. If you didn't walk from the team then, what changed for you now that he may be asked to go earn that money?

    I will never walk away from the team, but I will never accept him as my QB. If Vick ever does start, I will be rooting for the opposing defense to hurt him and end his career.

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