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  1. Because they haven't had a losing season the past 3 years, or won 4 playoff games the past 3 years, or.....?

    It's cleaner, sleeker, the word 'Giants' is nowhere to be found on it, there's more to do... besides the PSL's (which is a big 'besides', I'll grant), what exactly is worse about the stadium?

    Whats wrong? The Jets home fan base is the Lamest in Pro Sports! If you dont like hearing it, I am sorry but its true. I have been to Jets games in many other stadiums since I moved, and the Jets fans at the Meadowlands are BORING!!! This includes the old stadium too. Just plain Boring and Lame. The most lame fans in the NFL.

  2. Cmon 10 sacks in 35 plays isnt all on Sanchez. I realize the popular notion is to blame everything on him...but he's getting killed in practice too. The line cant block.

    Agreed, so with a laughable offensive line, the best game plan for Rex is to keep the defense on the field and hope for points on turnovers.


  3. fwiw i didn't see any big OL breakdowns last night. I saw at least 2 situations where the defense was bringing more rushers than the offense had blockers, that's on Mark.

    Same as last year the kid might be bigger but he doesn't seem to handle pressure any better. (The OL wasn't bad last year either). Mark just can't handle an expected amount of pressure.

    The O-line was like a block of Swiss Cheese last year. The weakest link on last years team was OT and since Tannenbaum FAILED to upgrade the line in the offseason, we will be out of the playoff hunt by Halloween.

  4. My usual source for tix is in Section 109 behind the visitors bench so I'm probably there, thanks. Could be go on the tailgate, is that something I could pay for separately?

    I will be adding something for that soon. The main focus has been on a large group section combination, but since some Jets fans want to sit in better non group sections, we still want them all to party with us.

  5. Was down in Seattle over the weekend for the Angels-Mariners series. Always a good time. You folks that haven't visited there will enjoy.


    An option to think about. Husky Stadium is under rennovations for 2012 and the Washington Huskies will play all their games at Century Link Field (Seahawks stadium) The day before the Jets game Utah is in town. Two days of football, sounds damn good to me.

    Hmm, I may have to look at that game. Sounds like fun. Im probably going to be busy the day before getting everything ready for the tailgate.

    Are you tailgating and sitting with all of us?

  6. I had it done about 11 years ago. The recovery was easy. I was doing some light lifting within a month, really isolating muscles. My Doc was awesome, and put that mesh on both sides to prevent any future injuries. You should be back to heavy weights in about 8 weeks.

  7. I started designing a website with information about Hotels, the tailgate, things to see and do in Seattle Etc. If you want to be in a location with easy access to everything in Seattle, I recommend the Westin. Its across the street from the Monorail to Seattle Center and the Bus tunnels to the Stadium, tailgating etc. If you want to check out the South Lake Union area, just go across the street and ride the SLUT to Lk Union. The Waterfront and Pike Place Market are also very close by.

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