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  1. Can we all stay at your house? :)

    We live about 15 minutes from the city and plan on a room at the Grand Hyatt. (the hotel where the Jets will be staying)

    We may be able to work a deal, we stay at the hotel and you stay at our house and take care of the Chihuahuas :)

  2. Anyone planning on visiting Seattle to see the Jets play the Seahawks, please respond in this thread. Im looking at reserving some blocks of rooms at downtown hotels, including the one where the Jets are staying.

    We are also putting together plans for a tailgate as close as possible to Century Link Field.

    We will have tickets available as well (A limited number of discounted tickets will be available)

    If you have kids, Century Link Field is a Family Friendly stadium. Most local fans are friendly. Just don't start shouting F-Bombs, because they can and do throw people out for that.

    If you are making the trip, try to plan a couple days in town, as there are a lot of things to see and do.

    Mt. Rainier

    Pike Place Market (The Original Starbucks)

    Tillicum Village (So worth going to)

    Pubs and more pubs

    Sci Fi and EMP museum

    Pacific Science Center

    Space Needle

    Snoqualmie Casino

    Skiing at Mt. Baker (very possible to have snow at that elevation)

    The U district

    The Fremont Troll

    Seattle is a city with lots of things to do and there is always something going on.

  3. I'd roll with one of them (I think we'd have a better record last year with Tebow, no way to prove that though)

    The idea of both of them co-existing in some sort of two qb hybrid system is less appealing to me.

    The way I see it, the 2 of them will make it hard for Belichick to game plan against the Jets. We need some advantage over him if we are going to make a run for a division title.

  4. I was at Maximum Sports Conditioning in Bellevue, WA Today on business to discuss, creating some wall graphics for their facility. As soon as I finish shooting photos of the walls for mockups, I turn around and Wayne Hunter was there. He is working on strength and footwork today.

    After chatting with him, I have a different take on his position. Last year he came in learning the position (He is a natural Guard) Due to injury he was pushed up the depth chart and the entire season was on the job training for him. I have a feeling, he may show some big improvement this year.


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  5. The 2012 Season has a few new rules:

    Overtime will no longer be sudden death, unless the team who wins the coin toss scores a touchdown.

    All turnovers will be reviewed

    Adding a loss of down to the penalty for kicking a loose ball, as is the case in college football.

    Adopting the college rule for too many men on the field, which is a dead-ball foul if a team lines up on offense for more than three seconds, or if a team on defense lines up with too many men and the snap is imminent. In those cases, the officials will blow the play dead and assess a five-yard penalty. This change wouldn’t affect the rulings on players running off the field who don’t get off in time.

  6. I have just purchased season tickets after 40 years of being a Jets fan. I had made inquiries in years past, but I have 3 boys, and never felt comfortable about bringing them to the game with all of the craziness. I brought my boys to their first game last year and we sat in the family section. I received a call on Friday from the Jets, saying they had 4 openings in the family section, (224B) and worked out a payment plan that I could deal with. Very excited. I heard many are giving up their season tickets this year due to the Tim Tebow signing. That makes no sense to me, but what do I know. Maybe I am a sucker, but I have always dreamed of being able to afford season tickets, and this year, it finally worked out. Any suggestions from season ticket holders out there, other than sarcastic remarks?

    I will never forget my first game with season tickets!! It was a awesome feeling sitting in MY seats for the first time, and never got old. I don't have them anymore since I moved to Seattle, but have some amazing memories of some amazing times.

    My Advice? Take lots of pictures of you and your boys enjoying the seats, and have lots of fun.


  7. with or without manning the dolphins, bills and especially Pats games are going to be tough. they are tough every single year.

    Seattle will be tough especially if theres some kind of thursday night short rest screw fest like the broncos last year. in terms of crowd and noise that's always a top 5 toughest places to play stadium.

    The stadium is totally designed for home field advantage, including the visitors locker room. Its actually a bunch of small rooms, designed to make it impossible for a coach to assemble a unit together in the same room.

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