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  1. if the PDA's go to 1 gig speed, then maybe you switch, but for right now, you can do a lot on the x3i. You can condense a whole DVD onto an SD card and watch it on your pda!!! Its amazing..its good for those business trips!


    That is a good option, but I keep all data on a 1 Gig SD Card. Switching cards is a pain. Although, it is a cheaper option.

    I wisch someone would develop an adapter, to have multiple SD cards shared with 1 slot.

  2. Bro I answered you in the other thread that you started about this. The guy comes back in today and it is on the list of things to cover.

    Not sure why it is happening. I have 3 other users that have the same problem.

    I should be able to get it fixed today though. Sorry.

    Sorry, I just saw it. go to Tech Talk and answer my other question.

  3. Im bored with my x3i. I am thinking about the possibilities with the X50 for connectivity etc.

    My cell phone is bluetooth, so with the wifi and blue tooth, I could actually use my cell as a modem when needed. Plus its much faster than the older models.

    Anyone here have the X50 Yet.

  4. We have no beef with JI here. His board, his rules. We completely understand that.

    Like I have stated, it is a great site and I think the things you guys have accomplished over there is pretty amazing.

    We just kind of want to move past this and do our own thing here. We mean ji, no ill will.

    Fix my PM Thing!!!!! It wont work..........

  5. HEY handsome...we go way back also..but WHY ME? NO email, pm warning nothing...no bashing/t!t for tat?! WHY ME?

    I dont know exactly why he made the decision he made. Did you send PM's to others about this site? Abuse of the PM system is no different than posting a link on the board itself.

    I know for a fact that the Jets GM reads the board on JI. He has told others at the radio show broadcasts what he reads on the board.

  6. HOLLA! Actually, we're trying to make this a cool site. Max and I are NOT cool, so we need all of the outside help we can get.

    The board is fine. pages load fast. Just need to figure a way to get some porn in here. :lol:


    Just joking, I could care less.

    JUMBA: Welcome! Let us know if you have any feedback. We can change this software around and have a list on enhancements planned. So any thoughts are appreciated.

    If it aint broke dont fix it. :wink:

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