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    Getting the phone call about the Mud Bowl.

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  1. No, I mention which games I'm going to be at well in advance, you clearly forget each year. Probably Bengals as well, if I can sort it out with work.
  2. Maybe Twitter will finally get the "Edit tweet" button.
  3. But then you'd face prosecution for dumping toxic waste into the sea.
  4. They had been announced as support to Maiden on the European tour, and tickets were crazy priced. Then Dio got cancer, and they pulled out of the tour. Who replaced them for the Irish date? Sweet Savage - a pub band from Belfast. Did the promoters give people a refund for this? Did they ****.
  5. Tremors rules. I thought 3 was almost as good as the original.
  6. Shocking lack of Anguirus in this thread.
  7. I'm surprised. I fully expected the cheats at FIFA to stick Ghana into the US's group as well.
  8. Disposable. TIE Defenders on the other hand... Faster, heavier armed and more agile than standard TIES, with hyperdrive and shields.
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