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  1. Nah, Spaceballs. The Johnson Brothers would make a good President Skroob and Dark Helmet.
  2. Absolutely, I think Starfighters were cool, but in the hands of the Germans... nothing but overpriced lawn darts.
  3. Well, the League of Ireland tends to practice extreme social distancing at most of its games anyways. I've been to games where there were more players on the pitch than crowds.
  4. Nearly 30 years on, still one of the best guitar tones ever.
  5. Really enjoyed it, though I think it should have been called a reboot rather than a remake, because with the little changes here and there, I can't help wondering if it's going to go the same way as Evangelion did with the Rebuild movies.
  6. Sky've done that in the past with soccer games. Someone decided the crowd's chanting might have been offensive to one or two people, so they replaced it with fake crowd noise.
  7. Finally finished it. Been a while since I'd spend twelve hour session playing a game, and what happens? Moose inherit the Earth, basically. Great game though. And the arcade game during the credits at the end to get ending E? Asteroids on Soviet era steroids. FFVII Remake arrived today, so onto that. Heard various things, good and bad, from people about it. Having spent hundreds of hours on the original back in the day, I am hopeful.
  8. Any truth to the report that, right after posting that, you were spotted mailing this package to Adam Gase?
  9. Loved the original, love this one. And the fact you can actually play against people in the same room in addition to online racing is a thing missing from so many games these days. NieR:Automata. Explore a big world, beat the crap out of robots, go on quests, beat the crap out of even bigger robots, go fishing. Lots of fishing. Great game, all the same.
  10. You'd think he'd heard of a guy called Boris Johnson....
  11. When he dies, he'll have his mind put onto a computer chip which will then be implanted into a clone body he's had prepared. Death won't stop his machinations.

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