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  1. What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?
  2. Given Mehole's competency over the years... so who knows. Unrelated, I see Pats are off to a pretty good start this season, you think you can keep it up and clinch a Europa league spot by the end? (I think Shams are just going to walk away with the title)
  3. Just looking up travel options, there's a train that goes direct from Stansted Airport right to Spuds's ground. I like it more than Wembley already.
  4. My breakfast that morning will be a burger and fries in Dublin Airport's Burger King.
  5. Sabaton cover a song by a band who made their name doing covers of Sabaton. It works.
  6. Hopefully it'll be New England. After all, the Cheaters haven't been in Atlanta since before that Super Bowl, and do the Falcons really want their shiny stadium taken over by drooling hordes of self-aggrandizing idiots with their "28-3 and you ****** it up" signs? If I'm Arthur Blank, I'm playing that game in London. Throw in the fact NE haven't played in London since 2012. They're long overdue for a game.
  7. Please be wrong, please be wrong, please be wrong.
  8. I'd have been happy if they had just gone with the actual 80s or 90s unis, none of that modern update crap (after all, whenever Nike get involved in designing jerseys, the vast majority of the time, it's utter garbage), or even not bothered, and kept the classic style and gone back to the proper green, not that muddy sort of green Nike brought in.
  9. Buy 30 dollar Chinese knockoffs instead. decent quality plus the much smaller financial hit when the player eventually leaves. And screw the fashion police.
  10. Shame on those United fans who invaded Old Trafford yesterday. Souness was right there, and they ignored him. (Just surprised he didn't blame the whole thing on Paul Pogba - that must be a first for him)
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