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  1. What are u listening to right now?

  2. An Example of Everything Wrong with the World Today

    And who decides what these requirements are?
  3. Semi-Official Concert Review Thread

    Alestorm in Dublin Friday night. Sold out, loads of people dressed as pirates, and a giant inflatable rubber duck headbanging to Bohemian Rhapsody. And that even before the band appeared. Great set, the band were on fire, and finishing with over a thousand people singing along with the sombre ballad that is F**ked with an Anchor. What more could you want? Sheer magnificent lunacy.
  4. Happy 13th Year Anniversary JN

    JN is now a teenager.
  5. Jetsrule's view of things?
  6. What are u listening to right now?

  7. Tom Vs Time

    Does that mean they keep the epic run away from the midget Steeler fan for the sequel?
  8. What are u listening to right now?

  9. POLL: Who is the Jets' biggest rival (in your opinion)?

    F**K Miami. F**k Marino. F**k Shula. F**k Jason Taylor. F**k their stadium that's gone through more name changes than a serial fraudster. F**k their pathetic logo which is like something you'd see on an Indonesian budget airline that keeps crashing planes. F**k their deluded fans who admittedly are world class at disguising themselves as plastic seats. F**k Mercury Morris and his champagne. Hope someone pisses in it next time before he drinks it. And f**k you Brian Billick for rolling over and letting the Fish beat the Ravens to avoid becoming the first team to ever go 0-16. Even when the Patriots go back to being garbage and all their fans hop off the bandwagon to go back to the Sox, Miami will always be the scum of scum.
  10. Slayer calling it quits.

    http://loudwire.com/breaking-news-slayer-announce-farewell-tour/ Not overly disappointed by this. They've released a bunch of piss poor albums over the last couple of decades, while still pretty good live. And it means Holt can go back to concentrating on Exodus.
  11. London games feelings?

    "Where the men are men." Yet you bought a half and half scarf? The shame! Hate the whole thing, it screws home fans, and it seems like every game is half full of English Patriot fans, who make manage to make the Masshole versions look decent, humble and likeable human beings. Sky's and NFLUK's insane obsession with getting a London franchise can go to f**k. As someone said above, all the NFL fans in the UK and Ireland are already supporting teams, they're not going to switch to the London Whatevers just because they're a London team. They'll be outnumbered in their own stadium for years. NFL don't care, they just see sold out signs, and associated pound signs. And as for these games abroad, I wonder why Germany has been ignored by the NFL. After all, NFLE lasted far longer in Germany than it did in the UK. I gotta say, the time the Jets played there, being able to get back to my house in time for the late game was weird. And welcome.
  12. Star Wars Episode VIII has begun filming

    Once I heard Hideki Anno was working on that Godzilla film, I half expected something like that to happen.
  13. Last to post in this thread wins

    Can whoever switched off global warming please turn it back on?
  14. ### Jets \ Chargers Game Thread ###

    Go Jets! Hopefully see some of this from 10,000 feet. Apparently our plane's approach to JFK takes us all the way down the Hudson today.
  15. Star Wars Episode VIII has begun filming

    If they've any sense whatsoever, they'll be rescued by Wedge and Lando (WHERE THE F**K ARE THEY, BY THE WAY?), who'll then proceed to wipe out Ren, Hux, and the rest of the First Order, proving the Force is no match for a blaster. Or a well flown X-Wing. And everyone'll celebrate over some barbecued Ewok.