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  1. Dunno what was funnier, Klopp chasing after, and then running away from Dyche at half time, or Lennon last night as Livi got the equaliser.
  2. A T-1000 with a serious identity crisis?
  3. Got fired last month, well I think it was last month, they never actually let me know I had been fired. I had gone in to see how things were going (had been temporarily laid off cos of the lockdowns, and was told they didn't know when I'd be back, as it they were still very quiet), and saw a new guy behind the counter.
  4. Born and spent first few years in Flushing, Queens, before moving to Ireland.
  5. Pogba yesterday: "I’ve always fought and will always fight for @manchesterunited , my teammates and the fans." Funny way of showing it. Didn't show much fight when he gave away the ball that led to the clinching goal midweek, did he?
  6. I agree with you on the last few movies, apart from Rogue One. I did enjoy that one, but if (and I know, considering it's Disney, it's a big IF) they just stick to basics with this one, make it a film with X-Wings and TIEs going at it, and leave it at that, it has the potential to be better than anything they've come out in years. Besides with all these projects Disney are throwing out therehopefully one of them will actually work, I just hope it's this one. Sure as hell can't see it being the one with the 80+ year old Indiana Jones.

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