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    Getting the phone call about the Mud Bowl.

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  1. Farcical. And it's not really a good look for a grown man to run home going "Mommy, mommy, the bad man won't play me in the World Cup! Do something!"
  2. Would you take over 75 million a year to play in the backwater that is the Saudi Pro League?
  3. Only came across this album a few weeks ago. I don't know how the hell I managed to miss this when it originally came out.
  4. Is this going to go the same way as that multimillion dollar chatbot that Microsoft trialled a few years ago, only for it to be shut down after it started praising Hitler?
  5. Not to often the Beautiful Game lives up to its nickname, but today it has. 😄
  6. Belgium and Germany gone today. Twice in a row the Germans haven't got out of the group stages, Tomorrow should be fun, Ghana vs the Cannibal- the Ghanaians have been waiting for this since 2010. I wonder how long before he gets his teeth "accidentally" knocked out.
  7. One-niiiil to the Great Satan, One-niiiiiil to the Great Satan, One-niiiiil to the Great Satan, One-niiiiil to the Great Satan!
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