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    Getting the phone call about the Mud Bowl.

    Closely followed by the Denver collapse.
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  1. Panzer Division Marduk

    Official WORLD CUP 2018

    Yep. And you won't get him making a pathetic attempt to convince everyone he had a concussion.Though Mourinho'll blame Luke Shaw for it. Brilliant game, though. And Ronaldo >>> Messi.
  2. Panzer Division Marduk

    What are u listening to right now?

  3. I always liked the "Oh look, Dan Marino's got the same amount of Super Bowl rings as I do."
  4. I remember watching that game, and thinking that it was like one of those clichéd football comedy movies, where you've got the team of no-hopers, who couldn't do anything right, would keep getting in each other's way, turning over the ball in the most ridiculous ways possible, giving up the sort of touchdowns you wouldn't see in a proper game, and losing by a insane scoreline. And the best thing was, it was real, it was happening to the Fish, it was happening to Marino, and as has been said multiple times here already, it was GLORIOUS.
  5. Panzer Division Marduk

    Movies We've Seen Thread

    Seems all the Disney Star Wars films have to have a quirky robot featuring prominently in them. Kinda dreading what they would do to IG-88 or 4-LOM if they feature in the Boba Fett film.
  6. Panzer Division Marduk

    Every NFL Logo Ranked: Jets 31st

    Nope, that applies to the Dolphins logo. That looks like something you'd see on one of those budget Indonesian airlines that keeps having accidents every few weeks.
  7. Panzer Division Marduk

    Movies We've Seen Thread

    Just back from seeing Solo (didn't even realise it was out til I went to the cinema this afternoon, just to check what time Deadpool 2 was showing at) Enjoyed the hell out of it.
  8. Panzer Division Marduk

    2018 Road Trips

    My road trip games this year will be the Broncos, Colts and Vikes games.
  9. Panzer Division Marduk

    remember it like it was yesterday...

    And for those of us watching on the other side of the Atlantic, it was our Heidi Game. 6am arrives, game's about to go into overtime, when Channel Five interrupt it with "We're awfully sorry, but we're afraid we have to leave this game, as it's time for the breakfast news show."
  10. Panzer Division Marduk

    We would like to welcome our two new moderators

    Who'll be the first of them to go all Stormshadow?
  11. Panzer Division Marduk

    Mohamad Salah LFC

    And then he'll sign a new contract, say he'll never leave, then three weeks later then demand a transfer to Barcelona. And Liverpool will say there is no way he will be sold. And then he leaves in the next transfer window.
  12. Panzer Division Marduk

    Nation-hampur Cultrual Exchange

    Fuck that.
  13. Panzer Division Marduk

    What are u listening to right now?

  14. Panzer Division Marduk

    Dog or Cat Person

    Six cats and a dog. None allowed in the house.
  15. Panzer Division Marduk

    Why is Revis doing this?

    Do you get paid commission every time you complain about drunks, or something?