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    Getting the phone call about the Mud Bowl.

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  1. I bet she was convinced she could do magic. Guess the judge convinced her otherwise.
  2. Would Stonehands Becht count as a partial statue?
  3. Not anymore. Ashley Young's back at Villa.
  4. Foreign player dives; "Cheat, simulation, ref needs to book him" English player dives: "Streetwise"
  5. Agree, I hate these horrible hop, skip and jump, dance and shuffle runups, followed by a dinky little penalty that more and more players seem to like doing. Always get a little bit of satisfaction when they miss. Just run up and bury it into the top corner. Could be interesting, France lose to Switzerland on penos who lose to Spain on penos, who lose to italy on penos who...,
  6. A category 5 hurricane will be predicted to hit Tampa. Tom Brady proceeds to sell overpriced hurricane prevention kits, claiming it will cause hurricanes to change direction away from you. As a result, thousands ignore evacuation orders and die. Brady escapes any blame. Dan Snyder finally gets fed up with all the hate, and sells the WFT. As a final screw you to his critics, he sells the team to the lowest bidder, Vladimir Putin, who changes the name to the Washington Red Army. The entire Chargers organisation vanishes off the face of the earth. Nobody notices. Tim Tebow is MVP.
  7. Sorry to hear this, Max. Wishing Lauren a quick recovery. She beat it before, she'll do it again.
  8. Fifteen and a half years, and still no winner.
  9. Merely following in the footsteps of Mike Dean, Uriah Rennie etc.
  10. 100% truth. I stop in there everytime I'm down in Dublin.
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