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  1. Yeah, wouldn't have recognised him but for AFJF posting a video of him from the day before.
  2. Huzzah! The wanderer returns! Speaking of blasts from the past, I actually ran into the guy who created this thread in a pub in London before the game.
  3. Seriously, what the hell is Bernhalter doing? Played six games in the World Cup qualifiers, and has handed out debuts to TWENTY FIVE players so far? What part of "Put out your strongest most settled team in order to qualify as quickly as possible" does he not get? He had the Nations Cup, and the Gold Cup to do all this experimenting. Or does he get a bonus in his paycheck for every MLS player he puts out there?
  4. Didn't get online here til the late 90s and the first site I came across was Jets Haters, tended more to spam the guestbook more than anything. Ended up going to JI, and a few years later was one of those who got what turned out to be a not-so-private private message about a certain site that was just getting set up. Been here ever since.
  5. Irish postal service decided they didn't feel like delivering it so sent it back to China.
  6. The flyover was awesome. Disappointed they didn't have the mikes turned up for the other anthem singers for the UK one, after all the hyping they did of the show they were on beforehand - so wanted to hear a Rosanne version of GSTQ.
  7. Cordarrelle Patterson is throwing balls into the crowd, and they're throwing them back. Some guy in a Cheaters jersey catches one, then decides to set up a selfie of him throwing it back, and fails miserably.
  8. There's rabbit-free Trix? And yeah, I have to admit, as much as I dislike Spurs, Levy has built a really nice stadium.
  9. And there's me making do with a bowl of cereal for breakfast. Heading out the door now, hour and a half or so drive to the airport. Don't care what the score is as long as we beat them. Go Jets.
  10. Can't wait for the day when we play in a country so advanced they use personal kinetic orbital projectiles.
  11. And the guy in charge is the guy who ordered that journal;ist to be butchered. Newcastle fans reaction? "Lol Sunderland"
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