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  1. And judging by the mini-album I have by his band, not the greatest of musicians either 😁 I heard he's a genius at recording his co-workers though.
  2. Bloody hell. I did not expect to see this on JN. I've a couple of friends who were at that show (Saxon playing in Dublin a few years ago). One of them is, judging by the pics he took, just at the bottom of that pic. And Max, get the intern to start doing POTW threads.
  3. Surely you'd approve of this. Cultured and most decidedly non-blue collar Japanese and German tourists, who wouldn't be getting drunk and making a mess in your precious parking lot.
  4. Bacon is horrible. Cheeseburgers are an abomination. Gadaffi era Coca-Cola was the best Coca Cola.
  5. You've never seen Irish fans of stickfighting, sorry, hurling. Now there are some of the most seriously insecure people. They compare EVERY sport unfavourably to hurling. "I dunno how anyone could watch something as boring like that Super Bowl after watching that hurling match between Ballygobackwards and the Mucksavage Gaels Under 14s, sure them big Yank fellas even with all their padding wouldn't last five minutes against them boys." And Rugby League defecates upon Rugby Union from waaay on high.
  6. Can't believe this got a Grammy nomination. But the Grammys being the Grammys it hasn't a snowballs chance in hell of winning.
  7. Just make sure they don't get stolen by a Redskins fan.
  8. Riot had probably the worst band mascot ever. But yep, great band. band
  9. Not a lot. Ever manage to get back into the JI mod chatroom?

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