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  1. Only waited just under seven years to hear new music from these guys, listen to this a bunch of times, really looking forward to getting the new album, which is coming out... next September??? FFS.
  2. Serious question. If Fred can play for United, then why can't I?
  3. We were living in Flushing at the time, and my mom said she did the exact same thing. A couple of years ago, I got that Ladies and Gentlemen, the Bronx is Burning book, that had all that stuff that went on, the Blackout, Berkowitz, etc, I was too young to remember most of it (I remember the blackout), but that was a crazy summer.
  4. Jets 13 Texans 12 I wonder which minute we get the commentators going "How did these two teams beat the Titans?" Reckon it'll be two minutes to go in the first quarter after the seventh punt of the game.
  5. And with Cabinteely (a team with no ground and a couple of fans and their dog who joined the league five years ago) buying Bray Wanderers (have a ground, plenty of fans, and have been in the league for decades) with the plan on merging/subsuming/taking over/ ingesting, it means there's going to be a vacancy next year, and the fun starts all over again! Except thsi time it'll probably be rigged so the winners will be Shamrock Rovers B - for the third time.
  6. Oh? You've been stuck in Secaucus for over an hour waiting for a train back to Penn Station too? Anyways, not expecting much, but it's the Fish, so I don't care if it involves a bizarre set of circumstances, just as long as we somehow destroy them.
  7. That gesture fairly backfired on the monolith, didn't it? Ole gone. Of course, United being United, no plan to have someone lined up to take over. The creatures had been in touch with Klopp before Rodgers got the chop, City had made it obvious Pep would replace Pellegrini first chance they got. United? "We'll let Carrick be pre-interim manager while we look for an interim manager and when we've got an interim manager to replace the pre-interim manager, we'll then look for another manager to replace the interim manager, unless Carrick does a good enough job as pre-interim manager to become
  8. Good to have you back, hopefully get some more of the old crew posting in here. Though it looks like Sam Sam's "Where's my prize" posts could be Ecurb's "Nothing to add" emoji of the 2020s.
  9. Banned just over five years ago. And that was just six pages ago on this thread. Crazy looking back, and seeing I had a run of 19 months, followed a while later by a 17 month run with the last post between 2017 and 2021.
  10. Just noticed Super Bowles has two of the three most popular posts in this thread - went back and read through his contribution of bible quotations. I didn't realise he had downvoted every single post anyone made featuring lego. What a monster.
  11. Sounds like one of the North's more entertaining games, then.
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