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    Jets winning the division in 2002.
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    Getting the phone call about the Mud Bowl.

    Closely followed by the Denver collapse.
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  1. Happy New Year from 37,000 ft somewhere over Nova Scotia!
  2. If Saddam Hussein was still around today, SAR would have been a shoe-in for his next Information Minister.
  3. Got a Bell jersey, and a nice warm blanket sort of thing (new logo too) - which came in handy as I've been dosed the past few days.
  4. Of course. They'll be appearing in Disney's Star Wars/Brave crossover.
  5. Not quite. They all fell into some potholes on the road in Cavan and were never seen again.
  6. I just wish it had ended along the lines of the old woman replying with "Skywalker, eh? Related to that Luke fella, are ya? Boy, that young 'un was a right wee menace. Mind you since he upped and left, the womp rat problem round gotten way out of control. I mean only last year, one of them pesky little varmints chewed a hole in my grandson's price nerf hide jacket., And as for them jawas, weelll... (fades) And Wedge still rules.
  7. Dunno about that. Meh for me, not as bad as I feared, but still. meh. And it negated the entire "Anakin is the Chosen One" thing from the prequels.
  8. Well, a few million years and the mountain will finally have eroded enough to just step over it. SuperBowl 9,786,342 can't come soon enough.
  9. Shouldn't this thread should be called "Where were they three years ago, Mo Lewis?"
  10. Rooting for a Modell's Browns' final game in Cleveland scenario.

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