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  1. Sorry, pretty much out of cookies. Only have Jammie Dodgers left.
  2. Too many things. Waaaay too many things.
  3. Nike should just stick to sneaker design, because when it comes to designing jerseys, no matter what sport, they f**king suck.
  4. Considering how much it differs from the rest of their catalogue, it's not surprising that so many Onslaught fans hate that album. I love it though, Shellshock just rips. But I'd love to hear what the original version sounds like though, before they re-recorded it with Grimmett on vocals.
  5. Well, whoever it was decided to give Bandai the rights to make model kits from Star Wars deserves a raise. Built the TIE Interceptor - probably the best model kit I have ever built.
  6. I was at that London game. Only time I have ever left a game early (left it with a couple of minutes to go because that fourth quarter was being dragged out out so damn long with unnecessary penalties and I had a flight back to catch). The atmosphere was weird, more like a preseason day out for fans of the other 30 NFL teams, than a proper division game, Throw in the fact that Patriot fans made up about 1/4 of the crowd, and their English fans make their M*sshole counterparts look like humble, decent human beings. London games suck.
  7. No, the most Jetsy thing would be the game starts and the Jets dominate. Then, with a huge lead and less that 30 seconds to go, the asteroid hits.
  8. Clearly made by a fan of that Perfection game.
  9. Hey IJ, what the hell happened to you lot tonight? Luxembourg???
  10. This isn't stepping on their necks. This is ripping their heads off and spitting down the hole.
  11. Gotta go for Chewy Chips Ahoy. Without coffee.
  12. Judging by the lack of reply, I guess he didn't want one after all.
  13. And to think he complained about getting a red card for that.
  14. True. I remember someone had the last post for quite a while, and then for some reason bumped the thread. Think it might have been Ecurb.
  15. I actually went looking for this thread a few weeks ago, hadn't even realised I had the last post. Saw that I had, and decided to leave it alone.
  16. I remember hearing this at school when it came out. A major game changer in death metal. And to think they were all still teenagers. RIP LG.
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