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  1. Anyone who has the gall to equate that cinematic masterpiece to the Jets deserves to end up as a crunchy bit in Lord Crumb's upchuck. Though, I can see similarities with Gase and Derek. Especially when it comes to eye movement.
  2. The problem is, a lot of these films fall into the so bad they're good category, or there's some awesome moments amid the dross. This one, (which we had to do in school - otherwise I'd have never even heard of it) on the other hand, reeks of depression, misery, false hope, oh, there's a minute or two of (swiftly crushed) happiness, but basically chock full of soul crushing despair and mind numbingly boring as f**k. And it drags on and on and on. And nothing really ever actually happens. No redeeming features whatsoever. And you can't wait for it to end, but it just goes on and on.
  3. F**K Miami. F**k their team, f**k their coach, f**k their owners, f**k Tua, and S**tzpatrick, f**k Dan Marino, who's got as many Super Bowl rings as a JN poster, f**k their fans whether they're disguised as hideous orange plastic seats or not, f**k the hopefully discombobulated spirit of Shula wandering aimlessly in purgatory lamenting the cheating that landed him there. F** them all, each and every last one of them, and their organisation. Pity they couldn't go 0-16 from now til the end of time. And f**k the Giants and New England too. But f**k Miami more. Buffalo? Meh.
  4. They've done that in the past, bought players primarily to sell shirts in their home countries, Quinton Fortune, Eric Djemba-Djemba-Djemba-Djemba-Djemba, Dong Fangzhou. The reason Pogba went to United because he and his agent would make more money from that move than any other move for the forseeable future. Basically to squeeze out as much money he can, because he didn't get it from them when Fergie called his bluff in his first spell at OT. And if Ole had any balls, he'd have done what Arsenal did with Ozil, let him ******* rot and ship him out in the next available window. As for Grealish, that's the way it's been for United, pretend they're after all these players, lowball their clubs, spend weeks slightly upping and upping the money bit by bit. And then blame the other club because they didn't pay in the end. It's United's version of the Ryan Fitzpatrick cycle. Miss out on Champions league -> Spend loads of money -> Make Champions League -> Cut spending ->Scrape into Champions League -> Cut spending a bit more -> Miss out on Champions League... That's all they care about these days, making the CL - no interest in paying the extra to win the league, after all, you still get in the CL if you finish 4th. The Arsenal Way. Can't be cutting into the dividend the Glazer scum pay to themselves, can we?
  5. Thanks! I remember that name Marmaloof, that was years ago, Wasn't he Norwegian or something?
  6. Who was home before the postcards, like every other Scotland team. Though given the fact their final group game is in Hampden, this time they could be home before the Instagram stories are posted.
  7. 2020 just keeps being 2020. Scotland qualify for a major tournament. Though watching their keeper wait after making that save to see if the ref says it's okay was ridiculous. VAR needs to go.
  8. Meanwhile, in #TheGreatestLeagueInTheWorld, otherwise known as the League of Ireland, the FAI (lying cheating corrupt b*****ds that they are - even with John Delaney now hiding in a London bedsit) decided to open up applications for the First Division (known as the Graveyard, for reasons), giving teams a week's notice to do so. Now this was clearly aimed at a team called Treaty United (based in Limerick, founded after the last Limerick team went t!ts up in 2019 leaving the area without a team - as so many Limerick teams have done so, yet all claim to be continuation of the original team - you never were, you lying sack of c***s.) Sorry, I digress. So, this was designed for Treaty United to apply and join the league. And they have done so, The feeling was the reason only a week's notice was to make sure nobody else could have time to get their people together and hold meetings to decide if t was their club's turn to try and enter the madness, However, St Francis (a Dublin based) team who left the league in 2002 decided to also apply- along with Wexford based Yola FC (No I don't know what the hell a Yola is either) who's main reason seems to be "We hate Wexford FC and we want to be the Wexford team for Wexford people - so give us their license and kick them out", and the best of all, the latest entrant: Irish Sea FC. Supposedly a couple of ex-Premier League players, and the couple who own the New Jersey Teamsters team - supposedly this consortium already tried to buy a team a few months ago. No idea where they'd even be based. In the sea? On a big boat? On a beach? A coastal county? Nobody knows. It's like "We've got a team, but we don't want to tell you where we've hidden them yet." And to top it off the two from New Jersey apparently have a tv show on the Discovery Channel stateside. It's at times like this, I so wish my club was still in the league. Still, I'm hoping Longford beat Shels on Sunday.
  9. Wow, BG stripped down, no orchestras, no choirs, no layering tracks. Hope the new album goes in this direction.
  10. Ah, but in the Lounge it has the chance of staying unlocked for longer, before being noticed, allowing more people to post their In Before The Lock gifs, and whatnot. Me, I'm just going to post a pic of Gunnersaurus, who has gotten his job back, despite Stan Kroenke's best efforts to make him extinct..
  11. And Frankie Banali, who did a great job on drums on that album died back in August.
  12. Still have that single. The B side was a better song though.
  13. The Headless Children is a brilliant album (WASP's best IMO), and his work on that was just brilliant.
  14. There's a couple of pics on this site of me from games, so here's one of me not in Jets gear.
  15. Jason (deleted a whole list of expletives here) Taylor.
  16. Playstation Overwatch or Fortnite?
  17. As I said elsewhere, the Jets have Gase, United have Pogba. Two good for nothing walking sacks of human excrement, strolling around stealing a living, as everything around them crashes and burns. And they don't give two f**ks because they know they're untouchable, because their bosses refuse to pull the trigger on them.
  18. Truly someone even more worthy of the title than Jeremy Kerley.

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