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  1. So what do The Eagles do with Bradford

    Wow..so he painted himself into a corner. Let's see what CHip does...
  2. If the point of trading for Bradford was to get Mariotta....now what do the Eagles do? LL
  3. Potential nickname for our D-line

    We could call them "DOOM". LL
  4. Rex can coach D but as a HC he was not good. Bowles has never been a HC but we will see whether his cool demeanor translates well to HC. He wont take sh*t like Rex did and it appears Bowles won't hesitate to pull a player if he is playing poorly. I guess we will see. LL
  5. I know a guy who works for the Jets. He and I go way back and to be honest, sometimes when he calls me we get into an argument because he is a big Geno guy. BUT, he is close enough to the war room that he saw the big board and he has been around for the discussions on the trade partners. FYI, Jets were looking to trade up for Mariota (Tennesee turned them down) and Fowler (but the Jags wanted too much). They thought the Redskins had a deal in place for when Williams fell and when the Skins selected the OL, the Jets were happy but still waited to see if an amazing deal presented itself. It did not so they selected Williams who was the #2 guy on their board (Fowler was #, Mariota was #3 but had a star on his name meaning it was a high need vs. just a need like fowler). Anyway, I put the info out there for your benefit...believe it or not...maybe I will just keep these tidbits to myself. LL
  6. Ah Los Yets!!! Those were the days. Actually, got a tip from an insider and then after I posted it I had three back to back meetings. Apologies for having a job...
  7. Jets being contacted for Wilkerson

    Mo is probably on the block....
  8. Jets offer This year's 1st round and 3rd round pick and next year's 1st round pick for Tennessee's 1st round pick this year. 2015: Jets 1st round pick, 3rd round pick 2016: 1st Round Pick Tennessee 2015: Tennessee 1st Round pick LL
  9. Go get a QB.

    Look bottom line is if the GM feels like Mariotta is a true franchise QB then you do what you can to get him. You don't get many franchise QBs in a draft..so if Mariotta is only 1 of 2...you get him. Now, knowing that, Tennessee is gonna ask for a haul....so you give up a multitude of picks to get the guy but if he is the qb you believe will lift the franchise...you do it. LL
  10. Round 1-4 Jets Draft Pick Values

    I think there is now 0% chance we move up...no way we get an edge UNLESS....the Mo Wilkerson trade rumors are real...then its like our 1st, 2nd and Mo Wilkerson for the #2 pick. However, I don't think you trade an established good player for someone who will probably need a year of development. If its a day 1 starter then maybe BUT not for a 1 year project. They will draft a QB but it will be a second tier guy...Grayson, Mannion, etc. LL
  11. Round 1-4 Jets Draft Pick Values

    Agreed. Trade down...acquire more picks.
  12. Round 1-4 Jets Draft Pick Values

    Yeah, look at the chart. the numbers really don't add up. There are teams better suited to move up, I'd like to see us trade down and get more picks. Draft a QB in the 2nd or 3rd round. LL
  13. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/draft/draft-trade-chart/ Jets Rd 1 Pick = 1600 Jets Rd 2 Pick = 530 Jets Rd 3 Pick = 240 Jets Rd 4 Pick = 96 Titans Rd 1 Pick worth 2600... If the Jets wanted to trade up to #2, they could give up picks 1-4 PLUS still need to give up another pick...all this for Mariota. Seems far fetched. Right Now Cleveland has offered both their #1s this year for Tennessee's 1st round pick. Eagles are purportedly packaging up Bradford and picks to get that #2 pick for Mariotta. I think there is zero chance we get Mariotta unless we sacrifice multiple one's (meaning this year's and next years) plus maybe a 2nd this year. Even then, the other teams may give Tennessee a player as well. Do you guys think we make a move up? I think we may move back and pick up some additional picks. LL