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  1. Jets need to do the following after a 1-15 or 0-16 finish this season: 1) Fire Gase and coaching Staff. 2) Hire Competent HC and Staff 3) Trade Darnold once TLaw declares for the Draft. 4) Draft TLaw (If he doesn't declare then keep Darnold and trade #1 pick for haul of picks) 5) Use rest of draft picks on OLine, WRs and CBs (NO MORE DLs or RBs) 6) Get best available Edge rusher in free agency. LL
  2. If Lawrence comes out, we have to draft him. If he stays, we probably trade out and get a HAUL of picks. Either way, we will HOPEFULLY be better than we are right now. This season is Kotite-esque in its awfulness. Just disgusting. LL
  3. Thanks Jojo, I come back during certain times of the year, the draft, the beginning of the Season, etc. I love JetNation and just happy to see it grow so big! We broke off from the prior site, which I will not name, and Phil has made it grow into a great site! LL
  4. Good Pick to end 5th Rd for Jets. Now onto the 6th Round and our final two picks. Hall is a great value pick in 5th, if he were healthy he was a 2nd/3rd rounder. LL
  5. Everyone needs to CHILL THE F OUT! We have a ton of holes and JD is a shrewd guiy. Relax and see who we get at 59! Damn LL
  6. If only we had a courageous owner and GM who would terminate this abomination. Gase will be back to follow up his 1-15 masterpiece this year with a 3-13 the next year to claim progress. LL
  7. This feels like Kotite 2.0, i think we split with the dolphins and go 1-15 The offense is so bad and the o-line is the worst o-line I have seen in the last 10 years. LL
  8. Its Over. The O-line blows chunks. We are going to get Darnold and his replacements killed. 1-15 as we split with Miami. Kotite 2.0
  9. EXACTLY. Who that is returning fixes this piece of SH*T O-Line? 10 sacks to an Eagles team that only had 3 in all the games it played before. This O-Line is beyond terrible. 1-15 we split with the Dolphins but that is it. Everyone else will just kill our QBs. LL
  10. So first, please don't toke and write. With absolutely no O-line there is no way we are going to win against either the Cowboys or the Pats. Second, we should let Darnold redshirt this year because without an O-line he is going to get killed out there. Gase is an absolute sh*tshow and the O-line only amplifies the sh*tshow. if we are lucky 1-15. Welcome to Kotite 2.0 LL
  11. LOL, the Rich Kotite years were the worst years for a Jets fan ever. The guy was a terrible coach and you KNEW that we had no shot at a successful season. Leon Hess hired his friend and his friend SH*T the bed. Gase is horrible and he may be the second coming of Kotite but Kotite was the absolute worse thing to happen to the Jets. The worst jets coach ever. 3-13 followed by 1-15. Worst coach ever. LL
  12. EXACTLY. Our Team is a Piece of S***! To think we can beat anyone with this garbage O-Line is asinine. We gave up 10 sacks to a team that had 3 in its first few games. I feel bad for Darnold because he is going to get blasted when he comes back. Our O-line has become a subway turnstile. I really hope that spleen holds up or else Gase is going to get charged with premeditated murder by exploding spleen. If we win 1 game we will be lucky. You can't win if your O-line can't stop a charging d-lineman. Gase looks like Rich Kotite 2.0 LL
  13. So with a decent OL and receivers who get open, he looks good. The key is will the OL play better than last week, because if they don't we will lose. LL
  14. Let's see what Simien has as a QB. If we lose this week, I can see 0-6. If we win maybe we can go 2-4? Anything higher than 2-4 (if we win this week) would be a miracle. LL

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