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  1. Hmm, I started on NYT Jets Chat then I was on JetsInsider where I met all of the originators of JN and I joined JN as an original member in 2005. Maxman, Savage69 (may he RIP) and other "oldtimers" are the reason I am still here. I am glad to see the new blood though. LL
  2. Wow all this after 5 games??? We have hit some lows in fandom now. Guys and gals, we have to give this QB/Coach/GM some time. Not all the pieces in place yet. Let's be patient. LL
  3. Right now, after the DUI and other things coming up, he has zero trade value. I would not tag him at all, instead I would offer him a team friendly deal and if he doesn't accept then he can walk. Bottom line is that I like what the team D looks like right now and Maye is a nice to have but not a must have. Also, Maye is not a game changing safety, he is not a Ed Reed or Troy Polamalu type. He is a very good safety but not a game altering one. LL
  4. 1) Replace GVR asap. The guy just blows. In watching the game, it is clear he is by far the weakest link on the OLine. I would look for his replacement quickly and get him out of there. Whether that replacement is on the team or on someone's PS that is up to the GM office but GVR cannot continue to be a starter on this line. 2) Give McGovern one more game and if he still blows, we need to find his replacement. The Center is the keystone to the O-Line and should be the one to communicate blocking changes. If the C blows, then the O-line communication will not work well. This one will be a
  5. Anyone with eyes can see Van Roten is TERRIBLE. Is there no one on the scrap heap or PS that is marginally better than this piece of SH*T? LL
  6. It was disheartening to see that nothing improved from last game. Our O-Line is garbage. No time to set up and throw. I don't understand why the O coordinator did not design more roll-outs and use more of designed off platform throws. Mims not being on the active roster again is a travesty. Its true though that at this point who do you blame on the team? Its all not functioning. 3 games in and I cant see anything more than 3 wins this season. LL
  7. I looked forward to Sundays this year. I thought New HC, New QB, New OC, NEW DC, would result in more excitement and hope. All Gas and No Brakes sounds great. 0-3 and I am seeing the same sh*t. Its All Brakes and No Gas as the Denver Fans chanted yesterday. O-Line can't block for sh*t. Greg Van Roten is the worst O-lineman that I have seen in a long time. O playcalling is stale. Why the F is Mims on the sideline? We have NO WRs who can stretch the field. Mims can do that, put him out there and have him run a go route and bombs away. Something needs to happen. Cole and Be
  8. Very Sad News, Savage was a great poster and a better person. I never met him but remember him back to the days of the old board we were all a part of before JN.com was born. RIP LL
  9. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA Gase has NEVER been a good or even average HC. He was beyond terrible with us. To even invoke his name in comparing Saleh after 2 games is insane. I know we are all impatient after watching that abortion of a coaching staff with Gase et al. but come on you have to give Salah and crew more than just 2 games to make any worthwhile assessment. Its clear that this season is about growth and taking our lumps as the Coaching staff and new players adjust. Next year, we should be able to compete. LL
  10. All Gas, No Patience This game was bad for our new rookie qb. This is game 2 not game 22. Belli makes most rookie QBs look like sh*t. One game does not make ZW a bust. What we need to do is continue to show improvement at all positions. The defense played well. Greg Van Roten needs to be replaced ASAP, he is terrible. I am hopeful that ZW will learn from this game and play better. There are no guarantees but I am more hopeful on ZW than I was on Darnold. However, Darnold is now succeeding in Carolina but again, Darnold has competent coaching now and CMC which is huge. We have a new
  11. The First half of the game, yes he didnt look good because he was under 100% duress. Second half though, the guy was money. Anyone who was not excited watching him pick up his play in the second half must have been watching a different game than I was. ZW has a way higher ceiling than Sam. Sam's ceiling was this game, ZW's ceiling is higher and broader. We will see how ZW lights someone up, I cant wait for that day. LL
  12. I hope this is sarcasm because this is the worse take that I have seen in a while. Gase should never ever be on a sideline in any capacity again. Not even waterboy. Saleh right now is a better HC than Gase could ever have hoped to be. LL
  13. This guy is Glass Joe! Time to give the injury settlement and move on. He is so fragile. LL
  14. I saw hope in that 2nd half. Our Defense played better, our QB made plays out of nothing and our WRs finally made some catches. Our O-line is garbage right now, they could not handle stunts or shifts. We need to keep an RB back and a TE to chip ends or else we are going to get Zach killed. How close were we to a win? Probably if Elijah Moore or Corey Davis holds on to those deep passes we are in a much tighter game. I will say this, Darnold is not better than Zach, I could see that Zach has way more moxie and toughness than Darnold ever had on our team. LL
  15. Hi everyone, I think this game feels like Darnold's first game where we decimated the Lions for the first win of the season. This Carolina game feels like the Panthers expect an easy game and will be shocked by how much better the team is coached. Despite them having inside info (James Morgan, I see you), I think the Jets have a great shot to win this game. LL
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