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  1. The Jets dress up as Ghosts and Sam throws 4 Picks. Jets win In Zach Wilson's Debut 31-13. LL
  2. As a Jets Fan, if you are not psyched by the AVT move along with the Wilson selection, you must be anchored to the SOJ viewpoint. I would ask that everyone keep an open mind on Wilson but there should be no doubt at all on AVT. The kid is a stud and this move just helped rebuild the left side of the O line. We still need at least 1 more OL person but we have clearly improved the team. With a new Coach, a new O Coach, a New QB who is BUILT for the new O system and another huge piece in the OL, there is no doubt in my mind that the team will look and play vastly better next year. As to how
  3. Look at our history, we don't have many good GMs. I think Tanny was pretty good, not perfect but one of the best GMs we ever had. LL
  4. So what you are saying is we have a chance... LOL LL
  5. Other articles from this Rag: - What to buy your third wife on that special day! - How Jesus taught the Aztecs to farm Maize! - Joseph Smith's tips on finding and then losing golden plates in Upstate New York! - Steve Young's tips on how to party in a dry county when you play football! Deseret News can go suck a c__k. Zach Wilson, if that is JD's choice, will play for the Jets. LL
  6. This has to be one of the worst threads I have seen on this forum in a long time. Joe Douglas has been a godsend to this franchise. Our last two GMs were garbage and Tannenbaum was ok but ultimately could not survive. JD represents such a huge upgrade at GM that people can't see his plan entails building through the draft and not relying much on Free agents. The cleaning up of the roster by JD entails clearing out bad contracts, short term FA contracts as gap fillers (no over paying). This thread is premature, lets wait at least two years and see how these next two drafts turn out before
  7. This is 100% correct. The team will have a lot of draft capital for the next two years and can build a team full of drafted talent. I loved Darnold but the truth is that the team failed him, he had bad coaching and a team devoid of talent. Darnold hopefully will shine with a real HC. For the Jets, we get much more compensation than we thought, three picks total (2 & 4 next year and a 6 this year) which will help a talent devoid team. I believe Zach Wilson will light it up under the Shanahan O. As a Jets fan, I implore my fellow Jets fans to have hope that Joe continues his good GMing and w
  8. Caleb Farley at 23 would be a risky pick, the guy is having back surgery and those things tend to linger. Jaycee Horn may not be there at 23 but if he is we should take him: "Junior cornerback Jaycee Horn posted some insane numbers while working out for NFL brass, recording a 40-yard dash time of 4.39, and posting a vertical jump of 41.5 inches. The showing has Horn as a legitimate contender to be the first defensive back off the board in next month’s draft." LL
  9. 100% Agree, you keep taking QBs until you find one. Darnold is not the answer, so try Wilson and see if he is the answer. Either way, we have to give Saleh and Douglas a shot with a QB they selected. Zach Wilson 100%, restart the salary clock and build around the kid. Trade Darnold and get what you can. LL
  10. HAHAHAHAHAHA- April Fools! This would be a punch to the nutz right now. Darnold has regressed every year. Let's reset the clock, draft Wilson and get a fresh start! LL
  11. If the Jets were gonna stick with Darnold, they would have taken that huge haul from the 49ers. Jets have to going Wilson here, sticking with Darnold is just wasting another year. LL
  12. The Jets would be foolish to not draft wilson. Trading the pick means you want Darnold for a year and you want to continue adding to your draft stockpile. Darnold for another year is a waste. We need to be fair to Saleh and the team, do not waste any time. Trade Darnold, draft Wilson and begin the rebirth.
  13. The difference here is that this reset, we have a GM who we believe in more than the last two GMs that we had. Tannenbaum was probably our last decent GM. Idzik and MacCagnan were so bad. Let's hope this is the last reset for a decade. LL P.S. After this proday, there is no way that Wilson falls past #2. The Jets SHOULD draft Wilson, do not stick with Darnold, he has regressed in these three years and I have zero faith he can be redeemed as a part of the NYJ.
  14. Wilson Stafford Fields Sam Sorry but what I saw this year from Sam made me think of all the bone head things I saw from him at USC. He has not improved anywhere. I dont see any progression. I get that Gase was a huge idiot but I have not seen anything remotely resembling a franchise QB. We have to move on and let Saleh have his own QB. Watson, Wilson, or Stafford. LL
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