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  1. 12/31/2018 - 9am Bowles is told its over. PR Announcement at 9:15am Press Conference at 11am LL
  2. Did you see the prior games? Too little too late now. OC blows, HC blows, DC blows, more than half the team blows. LL
  3. We need a real HC who will not shackle the O with Run Run Pass Punt. We need a creative O scheme and a better D scheme. LL
  4. It's over. Any thought of Bowles redemption should be over. Sam Darnold's growth was great to see. We have found our Franchise QB so that is good, but the Defense SUUUUUUUUUCKS. LL
  5. Who f'ing cares! The best thing that can happen is the team tanks, gets a better draft pick, gets a way better offense minded HC, drafts OLinemen and Pass rushers, we take a huge leap next year and actually get to enjoy a playoff game in 2019. This year is toast. Every week till week 17 its the Toilet Bowl(es). Ugh, sucks to be in this position again. Such high hopes but more Run Run Pass Punt football. LL
  6. Fire Bowles after this game. Its done. To come out so flat against the Bills is inexcusable. This is bullsh*t. Complete utter Bullsh*t! LL
  7. THIS! The Jets O is devoid of playmakers. Give Darnold a good OLine and playmakers and you would watch him shine. He has no time and no playmakers, maybe the rbs and Enunwa but that is it. LL
  8. Bowles has to go. No passion, no fire and hired his buddy Kacy Rodgers who SUCKS. Also, bad O is a reflection of his OC choice. Take the handcuffs off of Darnold and let him play. This short garbage is not pushing the safety back. They crowd the box and do not respect the deep routes. LL
  9. The bottom line is the Jets need a new HC, OC, and DC. The Jets need a new OLine that doesn't leak like the current one. Also, we need better WR and a pass rusher. The cupboard is pretty bare. Use some of that extra cap space and get some players. Darnold is a rookie QB. He is handcuffed by a bad Oline and an unimaginative OC. Bowles trusts Kacy Rodgers even though Rodgers was never a hot candidate as a DL coach with the Dolphins. You need at least 4 years not 4 games to decide whether Darnold is a good QB or an also-ran. Relax and just understand we are watching a rebuild again. LL

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