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  1. There should be NO comments from Phin Fans how Henne is better than Sanchez. The dude can't throw a fade route to save his life.

  2. CAN'T WAIT till tomorrow!!! Wish game was at 1pm instead of 8pm.

  3. According to the latest boston globe article, Brady is due for "Scalp surgery" in the next few weeks. I guess, he realized that mop top can't cover the field of his calp like Revis covered Gillette!

  4. J E T S JETS JETS JETS!!! Thanks to the Pats for wasting time in the 4th qtr.

  5. @ blackout - buttf#@K your mama, its about you and me goin' toe to toe...

  6. NY Sports Writers pretty much hate on the Jets...Cimini, Cannizaro, the guy from Newsday...

  7. Check out my latest blog post! Go Jets! prosportsblogging.com/nfl-football/new-york-jets/a-retort-to-a-pats-fan-blog-post-jets-pats-part-iii-return-of-the-jet-i/

  8. FINS GET FRIED!!! Sanchez comes through again! Yeah BOYEEEEE!

  9. Beautiful d disgusting o... 2010 ny jets...

  10. Come on offense!!!! Damn penalty!!! Keller!

  11. Watch Jbro22, you think rex won't play the Terminator then you haven't watched Hard Knocks or heard Rex positively GLOW on John Conner. He will get some plays.

    1. Greenranger


      It is his hand picked fullback.

    2. Bruce Banner

      Bruce Banner

      Rex has already said that Conner will only play on special teams in this game. I think latin lawyer drank too much rex aid.

  12. Ray Lewis Is a clown. HE NEVER TAKES ON THE LEAD BLOCKER!! Look at the Video...Bart always took the hits and now that new young LB takes on the blockers. Ray needs to shut his mouth and snap on the chin strap. THE TERMINATOR IS COMING !!! Nice commercial by the way Ray,...my daughter can make a better commercial...and she is 8.

  13. Tanny and Revis' agent heading to Miami tommorrow morning. Revis and Ryan already there. Let's hope its a signing meeting!

  14. Richardson getting Cut?!!?!? What the hell is that? He is a good guy and can still block like no one's business.

  15. Where is Bitonti, Faba, Max and the rest of the "old timers"? I am back and ready to see my Jets win the whole thing this year!

    1. faba


      Wecome back LL- where the heck have you been!

    2. Latinlawyer


      I have been working my butt off in the corporate world but now i have finally found a nice home...

    3. Maxman


      Holy crap a blast from the past. Welcome back!!!

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