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  1. Sunday Bloody Sunday I can't believe the news today I can't close my eyes and make it go away how long how long must we sing this song
  2. So I shouldn't Bragg about the eye patch I had to wear on the GameDay following a loss to the raiders?
  3. Okay another one, I bet a Steelers fan that he would have to wash my truck in a bikini top on game day in front of the pub. Good thing too because he had man boobs.
  4. Well, I'm fortunate enough to know just about a fan of every other team that the Jets play Any Given Sunday, I think this one came back to bite me in the ass. Whether I'm a homer, looking through the green goggles or just plain dumb, I made another wager today. I don't care to bet money, I prefer my bets to be much more humiliating. The bet I made today was with my local bartender, him being a Patriots fan. We bet the four corners. Basically the Four Corners are the four bottles at each of the corners on the back bar. With no points, the loser has to pay and drink the shot combined into o
  5. Max, supposing you can have 19 regular season b-days? Check with the wifey.
  6. Don't worry bout colors, I'm color blind. Yeah it sucks I can't see my teams colors.
  7. Nice work. So good I watched it 3 times
  8. I like the fact that I have 0 warning points <----
  9. Thats a sweet gig, Max. Glenn can you ask him if hes OK with CJ1.5K?
  10. I thought I read somewhere the facebook dude made like, 3 billion dollars last year. If thats true, I know of 1 guy lovin it.
  11. Im not sure what is going to be more sick. The guys in Washinton or the guys reponses to this thread...
  12. How you gonntake it when the kid comes out of the closet... And tells you he is a raiders fan? Preparing you, just in case.
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