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  • Birthday 11/06/1984

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    Berlin, Germany
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    Mountain Biking
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    Teach English

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    When the fine folks of JN threw me a nice birthday/tailgate party for my 21st birthday at my first Jets home game vs. the Chargers.
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    Couldn't even afford the PSL
  • What Jets memory broke your heart?
    That's like asking what part of WWII was tragic.
  1. Will this parade be before or after the Yanks eventual loss to the Tigers in the ALDS?
  2. UF seems to be overtaking FSU in the amount of football players getting arrested for one reason or another. I'm sure they joined UF because it was a "difficult" school as well.
  3. Klinsmann won't bring them World Cup glory, but he'll do more for the program in the long run as long as the Columbia dwarf (Gulati) allows him too. Klinsmann knows that the US needs to completely re-evaluate how they find and develop young talent and everything he has said so far indicates that that is going to be his main focus. If anything, he might have been a better person to be president of USSF than to be head coach of the Senior Team.
  4. Did my undergrad at Florida State and am about to do my Master's at American University. Going to be living that DC life for a few years.
  5. I don't know if it was that so much as it was an attempt for the MIB to capitalize on Linus' obsession with power. Which the whole episode was about. The first few minutes were very telling, when he's in class discussing Napoleon on Elba, and how he had to deal with his loss of power on the island.
  6. I got to experience Italian Gelato for the first time in Torino last April, and trust me when I say that gelato blows away any kind of ice cream that is sold in the U.S. Amazing.
  7. I think it was a bit overwhelming considering all the hype surrounding it. The media was always going to make this alot bigger than it would end up being. But like the other items that Apple has come out withe before, the 2nd generation is always going to be an improvement over the first. I wouldn't be surprised that alot of the questions and problems that have been mentioned are addressed with second generation. I don't think I would buy one right now, but as someone mentioned before, if you're going on a vacation, and not wanting to have to deal with bringing, books, dvds, labtop, etc. This is perfect.
  8. As long as the last episode doesn't pull some "Sopranos"-like BS that doesn't offer any closure, I think this season's going to be fine and wrap up some of the questions about the show. Will be interested in seeing how Jacob's Nemesis (AKA the Smoke Monster) plays out this season.
  9. Jets 21 Colts 20 Colts miss a FG with :03 seconds left. Saints 31 Vikes 26
  10. Dear Eric, Thanks for the well wishes. Now please turn your attention back to destroying the Browns from within. Sincerely, The New York Jets.
  11. Why is it that we always jump on the bandwagon to say "same ol' jets", but now that the Jets for, the first time in ages, AREN'T acting like those "same ol' jets", we're still badmouthing them? This organization has spent the past 40 years being built on a foundation of losing and a mentality of losing. If Obama's motto was "Yes, We Can", then surely the Jets motto up from 1970-2008 has been "No, We Can't." Ask Eric Mangini, Rich Kotite, and any of the number of other Jet coaches was being "quiet "did for them. Nothing. Ryan has this team believing they can beat anyone, anytime, anywhere. Why wouldn't I want a coach like that for my team? Last time I checked, Ryan has put his money where his mouth is, and we're now a game away from the Super Bowl. Not bad for a coach who's only been here for a year.
  12. http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/playoffs/2009/news/story?id=4846528
  13. How does that man still have a show? He stopped being funny 15 years ago.
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