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  1. I know it is a little early but I wanted to put this thread out, so we could start making plans. A bunch of us should meet up, I will be there.

    Anyone else plan on going this year?

    Will this parade be before or after the Yanks eventual loss to the Tigers in the ALDS? :winking0001:

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  2. Let it be known, that Florida didnt start winning titles till after I graduated and FSU won a National Championship my first year in school...so this wasnt an act of bandwagon jumping. Purely a part of being accepted to the better more difficult school, seeing how much cooler being a fan of the Gators was and to a lesser extent being a part of the SEC which dominates all.

    The Old Ball coach was still there and Ron Zook was the coach for the rest of my years.

    The only cool thing sports related that happened was we made the Final 4.

    **** T0mShane

    UF seems to be overtaking FSU in the amount of football players getting arrested for one reason or another. I'm sure they joined UF because it was a "difficult" school as well.

  3. Klinsmann won't bring them World Cup glory, but he'll do more for the program in the long run as long as the Columbia dwarf (Gulati) allows him too. Klinsmann knows that the US needs to completely re-evaluate how they find and develop young talent and everything he has said so far indicates that that is going to be his main focus. If anything, he might have been a better person to be president of USSF than to be head coach of the Senior Team.

  4. I think the answer is already there.

    It is a War. I think (or leaning towards) it being as simple as good versus evil.

    An interesting thing said was when Locke/Dark Man said Linus could be the one to watch the island. Does this mean the island needs a person/soul to overwatch it?

    Good believe the island is a special place. Evil think it is an island.

    I don't know if it was that so much as it was an attempt for the MIB to capitalize on Linus' obsession with power. Which the whole episode was about.

    The first few minutes were very telling, when he's in class discussing Napoleon on Elba, and how he had to deal with his loss of power on the island.

  5. I think it was a bit overwhelming considering all the hype surrounding it. The media was always going to make this alot bigger than it would end up being.

    But like the other items that Apple has come out withe before, the 2nd generation is always going to be an improvement over the first. I wouldn't be surprised that alot of the questions and problems that have been mentioned are addressed with second generation.

    I don't think I would buy one right now, but as someone mentioned before, if you're going on a vacation, and not wanting to have to deal with bringing, books, dvds, labtop, etc. This is perfect.

  6. As long as the last episode doesn't pull some "Sopranos"-like BS that doesn't offer any closure, I think this season's going to be fine and wrap up some of the questions about the show.

    Will be interested in seeing how Jacob's Nemesis (AKA the Smoke Monster) plays out this season.

  7. Why is it that we always jump on the bandwagon to say "same ol' jets", but now that the Jets for, the first time in ages, AREN'T acting like those "same ol' jets", we're still badmouthing them?

    This organization has spent the past 40 years being built on a foundation of losing and a mentality of losing. If Obama's motto was "Yes, We Can", then surely the Jets motto up from 1970-2008 has been "No, We Can't."

    Ask Eric Mangini, Rich Kotite, and any of the number of other Jet coaches was being "quiet "did for them. Nothing. Ryan has this team believing they can

    beat anyone, anytime, anywhere. Why wouldn't I want a coach like that for my team?

    Last time I checked, Ryan has put his money where his mouth is, and we're now a game away from the Super Bowl. Not bad for a coach who's only been here for a year.

  8. Jets acknowledge Marty Schottenheimer

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    Associated Press

    FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- Jets coach Rex Ryan sent a game ball to Marty Schottenheimer after last weekend's playoff upset of the San Diego Chargers, the team that fired the father of New York's offensive coordinator following a 14-2 regular season.

    Brian Schottenheimer said he was touched when he learned of his boss' gesture Tuesday -- and joked that it didn't even occur to him to do it.

    Marty Schottenheimer was fired in February 2007 after the Chargers lost their first playoff game despite having the NFL's best record that season. He had 35 wins and two AFC West titles in his last three seasons in San Diego, where his son was quarterbacks coach from 2002 to 2005.

    "It felt nice to pick up the phone after the game and talk to my father," Brian Schottenheimer said Thursday.

    After Sunday's 17-14 win, the son has a chance to do something his famous father never did as a head coach: reach the Super Bowl. The Jets play Sunday in the AFC Championship Game at Indianapolis.

    Marty Schottenheimer is coaching college players this week at the East-West Shrine Game in Orlando, Fla.


  9. sun%20life%20logo.jpg


    Sun Life Financial, a Canadian-based financial services company, is in serious discussions with the Dolphins about acquiring naming rights to Land Shark Stadium, two sources said Wednesday.

    One source said talks are advanced and an announcement could come after the holidays, though both sources stopped short of calling it definite.

    A Sun Life representative declined to comment, and the Dolphins declined to discuss the likelihood of the stadium becoming ``Sun Life Stadium.'' Team chief executive officer Mike Dee said, in a statement, ``We expect to have a formal announcement later in January regarding the stadium's name for the Pro Bowl, Super Bowl and beyond.''

    The Dolphins had previously said the stadium likely would be called Dolphin Stadium for the Jan. 31 Pro Bowl and Feb. 7 Super Bowl, but that it was possible a new corporate name could be added before then.

    In May, the facility's name was changed from Dolphin Stadium to Land Shark Stadium as part of a business deal with entertainer Jimmy Buffett. Land Shark Lager beer is part of Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville brand.

    But the Land Shark deal, which did not involve a rights fee, is due to expire after the Dolphins season ends or the Jan. 5 Orange Bowl, whichever comes later.

    Shame there aren't more German companies in the States. The Dolphins could have leased the stadium rights to this gem in Berlin.


    Dildo King Stadium?

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  10. Really? I guess you missed the whole point of the American Revolution.

    Lol, Just because it is a "private" event does not mean that the cops do not have to follow the rules. It's not their rules. They can not have illegal rules. A good cop walks that guy out of the stadium instead of dragging him out. Even if it took 5 minutes to explain it to the guy and calm him down. You can tell by the shock and contempt of the people around him that the whole thing came as a surprise. I feel that force is a last resort and the tool of poorly trained cops. i'm sure you still are on the side of the Rodney king and amadou diallo cops. That Sean Bell thing was handled well.

    Unresolved daddy issues? Christ, relax.

  11. and there were people in the bar...either I really suck or the economy is worse than I thought

    goes with the job, man. I waited tables for 2 years in tallahassee. You'd be lucky if you could get any of those hicks to tip above 10%.

    You should try getting into fine-dining. That's where the money's at. I worked at a fine-dining restaurant on Nantucket Island and pulled in minimum $200 a night.

  12. No, it probably had more to do with the fact that his 2 year old daughter died of heart failure not that long ago.

    And if there was any doubt about how soccer fans behaved, just know 35,000 people held a candle lit vigil in Hannover following his death, and more than that attended his memorial service at Hannover96's stadium

  13. Any doubt that his depression he had been battling for six plus years had to do with how seriously some countries take their Soccer?

    No, it probably had more to do with the fact that his 2 year old daughter died of heart failure.

    And if there was any doubt about how soccer fans behaved, just know 35,000 people held a candle lit vigil in Hannover following his death, and more than that attended his memorial service at Hannover96's stadium.

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