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  1. I think its funny (and only fitting) that the Sox will be receiving their WS rings on the home opener against the Yanks. Usually most teams get theirs a few weeks into the season.
  2. Both. I'd rather go after Mason. Trading for Coles is going to come back and bite us in teh a$$ when he's going to want to renegotiate a year after being with us. Mark it down.
  3. I thought that documentary "nine innings from ground zero" was up for a documentary oscar? I might be wrong. Pretty damn good documentary though.
  4. 4ever, not bad post but you are underestimating the Marlins rotation to an extent and especially the lineup. Marlins rotation of Leiter, Beckett, Burnett, Willis, and Valdez is tops in the NL East, if not the NL. But it has to stay healthy. Leiter will be good for 12 wins, but Beckett and Burnett are the key, when they are healthy, these guys can absolutely dominate. I was at a Marlin game last year where Beckett pitched against the Dodgers and his stuff was unbelievable. Struck out 8 of his first 9 batters, but of course had to leave the game in the 5th with his recurring blister problems. Burnett looks to have gotten his velocity back after Tommy John Surgery but his control is still an issue. Willis also has to rebound from struggling last year. As far as the lineup, the Marlins 1-5 hitters will kill you. Pierre and Castillo provide speed in the front of the lineup and 3-4-5 hitters of Cabrera, Delgado and Lowell, IMO, are the top middle of the order hitters in the NL with the exception of Edmonds, Pulols, Rolen, and Walker. Lo Duca provides some offense at the bottom of the order and A.Gonzalez will be somewhat productive. Conine and Encarnacion is a stretch. Should be a fun year for the Fish, it is too bad I won't be down there this year for Opening Day.
  5. Clarett, I think, looks like someone who's going to be taken in late 4th, 5th round. If any team takes him before that they are nuts. I really don't see the incentive for drafting a guy like him. Has played one year of college ball, ran a 4.8, is well known for having off teh field issues and has shown no signs that he can mature enough and adjust to play at an NFL-caliber level.
  6. If I'm not rooting for the Jets, usually I'm pulling for the Packers. They are my NFC team (lived there briefly, mother's side is from there). As far as baseball, I'm die-hard Tigers fan, but the more years i've lived in South Florida, the more the Marlins are becoming my NL team. Can't beat going to a half empty stadium for 5 dollar tickets and then sitting next to the dugout to watch a playoff-caliber team.
  7. I think it's because it's the first solo-manned flight around the world. I was reading an article about it earlier today and they said the only two planes to pull it off were a two-manned plane which had to make several stops and a B-52. Very interesting stuff. As far as space is concerned, I'm starting to believe more and more that space travel is going to accelerate in the next 50 years thanks to private and commercial entrepreneurships rather than developments at NASA. Guys like Richard Branson are trying to make big strides in Space Tourism.
  8. I would at least want some compensation for Moss....at least before we deport him..
  9. Hey guys Haven't been posting on the landing strip on JI for a while (38 Moss threads is a little much for me in the offseason) but GOB told me of this "rebel" jets site So I figured since my baseball expertise seems to be sorely lacking in the JN baseball forum I will join the rest of the cool kids. So when exactly do we get to start posting pictures of hot chicks? :wink:
  10. The damage is already done. Bonds and his records are going to be forever tainted in the eyes of every baseball fan with at least some knowledge of the sport. Guy's a fraud. Always has been. Always will be.
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