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  1. Uggh. Terrible f'ing idea. Why are we still wastig our time with these putrid jerseys. Being 3-1 with a kit isn't a good enough reason to wear them. I imagine if the jets wore jerseys with the words "I heart penis" on it, some of you would want us to make thEm our official jerseys.
  2. My condolences to the Rangers fans on the board. That has to be a tough series to swallow. Anytime you have a team on the ropes and they come back like that is hard. God knows I've seen too many Red Wings series where they should have easily handled a team and instead got knocked off (Edmonton a few years ago comes to mind). All these 7 game series' are what make the NHL playoffs so nerve-racking and so great.
  3. Well, a surprising 0-0 draw between Chelse and Barca last night. I would've figured Barca would have opened it up a bit, but Chelsea played some tight defense last night. Going to make the second leg all the more exciting to watch.
  4. As a redhead in college, I got the typical nickname "Red" from just about all my friends. When meeting others, my friends refused to let me introduce myself with my own name and would just tell them "oh, his name is Red". A good college buddy of mine recently told me he went the entire first year knowing me not actually knowing what my real name was.
  5. Ducks are up 3-1. Looks like they're moving on to play the Wings next. Typical Sharks. Regular season champs and postseason chumps.
  6. Agreed. Who knows. Maybe they're still in play for Boldin or Edwards. But if we do get them, we'll probably have an even more barren 2010 draft than we had this year.
  7. I only got bullied once, when I moved to South Florida at the tail end of middle school. Had a guy who with his friends who yell s*** at me and throw things at me. Since I was terribly shy then, I didn't know how to respond to it so I tried to ignore the guy. This went on for a month until one day, the one big guy shoved me from behind in the hallway. I dropped my bag and said "let's go" and fought the guy. He threw one punch which missed and I hit him square in the face which knocked him back. Teacher came in quick and broke it up. I grabbed my bag and just walked right back to class. I found out later that the kid nearly got kicked out of school for the fight (he was in trouble numerous times) while nothing happened to me because nobody knew who the hell I was. Him and his friends stopped bothering me after that and from that day no one bothered me.
  8. I see what your saying, but say we do draft a WR. Even if we get someone like a Harvin or a Crabtree, does it really matter? Yes, we may, and I say may, have addressed the WR situation, but all that means now that we haven't addressed our QB situation, something the Jets seem to have every single year. It doesn't matter who you have as receivers if you do not have a QB capable of getting them the ball. Putting all of your offensive eggs into the run game runs the risk of us looking like another one-dimensional offense. Rookie WRs aren't destined to make immediate contributions, and if we're fine with that, then why aren't we fine with a rookie QB? We would have had to address that need next year anyway, and in the event we would have drafted a QB next year, that just means that's another year or two we are conceding as development years. The Jets were in a precarious position with two QBs who could not effectively become a franchise QB. I'm not saying Sanchez is going to be the second coming of Namath, but I don't necessarily have a problem with the pick. Teams that win the Super Bowl with Trent Dilfer types are still the exception rather than the rule.
  9. I'm curious..as I've been looking over the board here (I didn't get to watch the draft in Berlin) that I see so many people claiming that the drafting of Mark Sanchez has set the team back anywhere from 5 to 10 years. Can someone explain to me how Kellen Clemens and Brett Ratliff had this squad a year or two away from Super Bowl contention? And how now somehow drafting Sanchez has f'ed this team up royally?
  10. It seems funny that every single sports news outlet I have read online about the draft has said that the drafting of Sanchez was a great job by the Jets and we have the makings of a franchise QB, yet the only negativity I can find anywhere on the net comes from..you guessed it.....Jets fans. Let's lighten up fellas. Too many of you have been burned by past trade busts to even give any Jets draft a chance anymore. If they had picked anyone else, I'm sure you all would have been b**ching about it too. We didn't seem to give up a whole lot for the guy. I'm sorry for all of you who thought Ratliff was the second coming of Johnny Unitas based on a few measly PRESEASON games, but he isn't. I wouldn't even bat an eye at losing Coleman either. Besides, we all know Clemens is s***, why draft a WR like Crabtree if we have no one to get him the ball.
  11. I have to hope Bayern drops a deuce against Shalke tomorrow so Hertha (who beat Hoffenheim tonight btw) will be in the #2 slot in the Bundesliga.
  12. umm..what exactly is overrated when you score 56 goals and 54 assists in a season?
  13. I always tell people that Robocop is still the most accurate depiction of Detroit on film. Except for the half-human, half-cyborg cops and ED 209
  14. Funny...hugo chavez will still be in power to personally hand the island over in 2020.
  15. Comprehension of speech is actually the part I'm having the most difficulty with. My vocabulary and my ability speaking wise, I've noticed, have been getting a lot better lately, but it is still difficult to pick up on a lot of what Germans say because of the accent. Berliners make it a little easier because they tend to be a little more lazy with their german. They say "ick" instead of stressing the "ich". I suppose if I was Bavaria, I would be getting nowhere fast.
  16. My girlfriend has some relatives who live in Turin who we visited recently. I was surprised at how close Spanish and Italian are language wise. My girlfriend would talk to them in Spanish and they would respond back in Italian, and had a reasonably easy time understanding each other.
  17. I think you have a better chance of finding out ted Kennedy is Jacob then that happening.
  18. Glad that commentator didn't try to sugarcoat it. That was some funny stuff.
  19. So I'm currently in the midst of acquiring german since I moved to Berlin in late November. I've progressed a bit, but still have a while before I'll be conversational. It's not the easiest language to learn, but luckily it has much more similarities to English. We have any multi-lingual speakers here? Gob and bob know a bit of german themselves. But I'm curious to see if anything else is spoken here.
  20. I agree. They should have started Tevez. Tevez is as good as gone at season's end. As far as Chelsea goes, I'm not getting my hopes up against Barca, but I don't see United having any trouble dispatching Arsenal.
  21. Great showing by the B's so far. It's nice to see that after spending a year having to listen to all the blabber about the Habs and their 100th anniversary, that the "storied" franchise enjoyed a nice, quick 1st round exit. Hopefully the Wings will put away the B.J.s tonight and I'll have another reason to celebrate.
  22. Take away everything Facebook has with the exception of your status and you have Twitter in a nutshell. No thanks.
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