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  1. I did see that flick. Not bad. One of the few movies I've seen that truly didn't have a plot to it. Crank has some moments in the movie that are go from crazy to "WTF?", especially towards the end of the movie. They also do another public sex scene that makes the one in the first movie look like pecker kiss from a 1950s movie.
  2. Just got back from watching Crank 2. Good flick. Was probably just as crazy if not crazier than the first film. If you can ignore the fact that most of the things that happen in the film are completely and utterly implausible, you'll probably enjoy the movie as it moves at about 1,000mph like the first film did. Almost want to see it again. Jason Statham is the f'ing man.
  3. ah I think I read an article about that..the passengers said the python looked about the same size as this snake:
  4. Wings just called up Herm and Leino from the AHL for the playoffs. Excited to see what they can do. Leino tore it up during his short stint in the bigs.
  5. Im in Turin, Italy right now and seriously this is some of the greatest ice cream ive ever had. i think ive pretty much cleaned out about half the gelato shops around the city. Gorgeous city btw.
  6. Don't think so. They wouldn't have had Widmore progressing in age from the 1950s until the present time. If he was on the Black Rock, I imagine he would be ageless like Richard is. It's interesting that Ben mentioned that Widmore was being exiled because he was having a "daughter with an outsider". Yet there is no mention of Faraday or of Eloise, which makes me wonder who the mother of Penelope or much less Faraday really is. And whether Faraday really is Widmore's kid.
  7. Klinnsmann is going to be back in L.A. before you know it.
  8. It will be interesting to see if Jozy's performance gets him some playing time with Xerez. It hasnt' helped that for most of this season with Villarreal and Xerez he has sat on the bench. Especially with Xerez being in the Spanish 2nd division. Although if Xerez gets promoted to the first division next year, I would imagine they might try to buy out Altidore from Villarreal. Ditto for Freddy Adu rotting away at Monaco.
  9. Great game by the Blues yesterday. Wasn't expecting them to make much noise the way Liverpool has been playing lately. Especially after Torres put them ahead early on. But aside from John Terry's boneheaded Yellow Card, a great game. About f"ing time Drogs contributed. After watching the Barcelona-Bayern match though, I might have to enjoy watching Chelsea play now because they might get destroyed by Barcelona in the next round.
  10. Things I have missed since I left the States last October: -My Mountain Bike and all the miles of bike trails in State Parks throughout Michigan. - A Bob Evans breakfast. - A citizenry that is largely civil when protesting or in opposition to something. (Apparently riots and the burning of cars are pretty much the norm every labour day here in Berlin) -Baseball -NHL Hockey -Pizza (the Germans do a terrible job of making pizzas. Absolutely terrible.) I won't say American beer because by and large German brews kick the a$$ of pretty much everything America churns out. I would take a Yuengling at this point, however.
  11. 80% of the players on the Men's National Team are all currently playing in European leagues, so I don't think the MLS schedule affects them too much. But MLS will eventually make the switch. FIFA president Sepp Blatter has suggested they should move to the schedule you see with most other major Football leagues. But not now. Not until every MLS team has their own stadium, which as of right now is not the case, will they change the schedule around. The Revs, KC Wizards, Red Bull New York, and the Houston Dynamo all still play in NFL or College Football stadiums. As you mentioned, luckily, the U.S. Youth Development Academys are really starting to turn out some decent prospects. Now if they could only keep U.S. born players with dual citizenship (like Giuseppe Rossi and Neven Subotic) from jumping ship to play elsewhere, we would have even better talent on the pitch. Losing Rossi (who just got called up to the senior team for Italy) was huge.
  12. They played decent the other night against T&T, but I'm not convinced that this team is yetcapable to compete with the big teams like Argentina, Spain, or Italy, much less get out of their group stage. They make too many mistakes, especially on set pieces, and go through long stretches on genuinely uninspired play. I've never been big on Bob Bradley , partly because he plays too conservatively, plays not to lose, and underutilizes the players heh as. This is a team that would be effective if it had an agressive, speedy offense like it did in 02 under Bruce Arena. We've got the talent up front for it. Jozy, Landie-Cakes, Ching, and Michael Bradley all have the speed and talent to create havoc. The U.S. is past the point where we have to worry about qualifying for the W.C. At this point, there is no other team in CONCACAF that could even challenge us. (Even Mexico is weak) Now it's just a question of can this team finally make some noise when it counts.
  13. Apparently, my evil twin is also posting his GPS stories.
  14. Haven't drank one of these in a while, but maybe I'll get a crack at one when I get back to the States at some point this summer:
  15. well, hopefully they attempt to explain how faraday fits into all this at some point. Faraday and Desmond have barely been seen all season.
  16. To be honest, I haven't been that excited about this movie at all. Dont know if it was because X-Men 3 was so incredibly bad or that I'm just losing interest in comic book movies.
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