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  1. Shonn Greene sucked. Every time he got tackled after yet another 3 yard gain he looked like he’d just gotten shot.
  2. That’s the good part. There’s really no good reason Wilson should play poorly this week, and I do hope he succeeds. So we’ll learn a lot about him this week either way. And I 100 % would rather see him under center than Flacco. I didn’t watch last week’s game for that very reason.
  3. And if Wilson sucks, people will say Lafleur stopped calling the good plays. Its so very, very predictable.
  4. I mean, it was better for Tannenbaum that someone else got the credit for the picks from 2008 and beyond.
  5. I don’t think anyone was making excuses for the D. The scheme and talent all pretty much suck.
  6. @The Crusher hope you’re hot and ready for your jail time.
  7. @HessStation has been telling us this for years but no one listened
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