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  1. Yep. Please sign Winston or someone like Tyrod Taylor, Dalton, Fitzpatrick, etc.
  2. That's what they're saying publicly in an attempt to keep his trade value strong. It absolute is not set in stone that this is a decision they're comfortable with.
  3. It would be far more Jetsy for the Jets to double down on Darnold this year and have it blow up in their faces. Because that's actually happened before here. The scenario you're talking about has never happened to the Jets.
  4. Agreed, we're all humans. Uncertainty about whether you have job security should be incentive to work harder, not get worse. He has a big 2nd contract as a reward to provide further incentive. Darnold was the unquestioned starter for the last 3 years. How did that supposed confidence boost work out for him?
  5. This would be correct if GM's always told the truth in press conferences, and teams never came down on their trade demands approaching a deadline. The closer to the draft we get, with the Texans facing the prospect of no 1st or 2nd round pick + AJ McCarron at QB, the less they'll be looking to get back in a deal for Watson. JD has proven to be a pretty solid negotiator in trades so far, so I don't think he'll have to give up any more than he's willing to in order to acquire Watson. There's still plenty of time for Houston to fall in love with Zach Wilson and pull the trigger on a
  6. @The Crusher would take the $15 training and dinner option, depending on the menu. That's a great deal!
  7. He attends this course every year: And gets hard whenever this truck comes through the neighborhood:
  8. The Houston Texans will take Zach Wilson with the # 2 pick.
  9. @JiF quit f**king your A/C and post a scene.
  10. Crazy? To trade a player on an expiring contract who isn't part of the org's plans for the future? That's never a crazy idea.
  11. Everyone is waiting to see what the Texans decide to do. A trade can happen any time between now and draft day. The fact that it hasn't happened yet doesn't tell me anything. All it suggests is that Houston is desperately trying to do everything they can to keep Watson and have him start Week 1. The more Watson digs in and makes it clear he isn't going to play another down for Houston, the more likely Houston's behavior will shift towards making a deal.
  12. I don’t agree. I think the Texans are in an untenable position if they keep Watson and risk him sitting out the season. They’d be staring at no 1st or 2nd round pick and AJ McCarron at QB. Meanwhile, the # 2 pick is a big prize for Houston in this situation. The kind of draft capital that wouldn’t be available to them if they wait until after the draft of next offseason to move him. It’s hard to put up a % chance on it but I don’t think Watson ending up a Jet is a slim chance. More like not probable but possible.
  13. Maybe so. But Joe Douglas also has to be aware that there's no easier way to ensure job security in this league than by bringing his team a franchise QB. Putting that hope in Zach Wilson, Justin Fields, Sam Darnold, or a 2022 QB is a risky proposition. Watson is a sure bet. And even after a hypothetical trade for Watson, he'd still have plenty of picks left to build around him.
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