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  1. Can't you just upvote my post and move on once and a while? Damn you. lol.
  2. Maybe I can't. But you also can't tell me that a season where a rookie WR had: 1) No real offseason, 2) Adam Gase as his coach, and 3) Sam Darnold as his QB didn't have his productivity hindered. Thus, I'll take the positives where I can, because he had a lot working against him. For those 2 games with Flacco, a decent deep ball thrower, his productivity was good and he passed the eye test. That's something, not nothing. So if you want to say "Mims needs to show us something", to that I say, he DID show us something last year. It doesn't mean he is automatically a stud WR1, but it
  3. Plus Sam Darnold has zero deep ball accuracy. That didn't help.
  4. We did see it in games. On a per game basis, his performances with Flacco under center rivaled some of the top performing rookie WR's last year. If anyone wasn't impressed with Mims last season, then he either wasn't watching, wasn't paying attention, or saw what he wanted to see, perhaps because he wanted Claypool instead and was still pissed off about it.
  5. Only guy who maybe came close was Brock Osweiler. But Glennon has been brought in by 5 different franchises compared to just 3 for Oswelier. Not a career backup of course, but Sam Bradford tops the list of bad QB's who got way too much money and way too many chances by 4 different franchises. His estimated net worth is $80 million, and twice he was traded for high picks. But at least in Bradford's case he was a # 1 overall pick. Glennon was a 3rd rounder.
  6. Oh, look, DWC is making the board unreadable again. Almost as if he didn't learn anything from his 30-day "suspension".
  7. Dayum. Ape just got downgraded to Antoine Walker.
  8. There was no call to Chicago about Foles. This story isn't real.
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