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  1. All I thought when I read this post was “Maybe I’ll end up correct about Josh Allen in the end after all!”
  2. Put some respect on that man. I will slap you.
  3. @Paradis never liked any of these guys. Friggin size queen.
  4. VERY curious to hear Browning Nagle's thoughts.
  5. Oh boy, here we go. Another thread about clothes. @Barry McCockinner
  6. You hope the guy you drafted at 4 can .. and expect him to ... right ?? Indeed. Gardner would be in that category of “hope”. Simply put, the only people you should be drafting in the top 10-12 picks or so should be either QBs, guys who will catch a lot of passes from QBs, guys whose primary responsibility is to protect the QB, guys who hit the QB, or guys who catch passes from opposing QBs.
  7. Not to mention that pesky rule about not being allowed to have TWO really good young WR's on the same roster. Damn you, No Fun League!
  8. I'm sure Bengals fans are super upset when they drafted Ja'Marr Chase in the 1st round one year after using a high 2nd rounder on Tee Higgins, too.
  9. I'm young enough to remember Le'Veon Bell's boxing videos a couple summers ago, when he was supposed to be in the "best shape of his life".
  10. Cager and Linderbaum are gonna start the "Tiny Baby Hands & Arms Support Group for Men" if you keep this up.
  11. @The Crusher got his 3 Undergraduate degrees, Masters and Doctorate from there, and now he's the Chancellor.
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