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  1. But I need @HessStation to be Godzilla.
  2. Douglas needs to rebuild the entire O-Line by 2021 because of Mike Maccagnan. And your opinion means less than mine given that a few weeks ago you were ripping the owner for having the audacity to fire a bad GM in the spring. Oh the horror!
  3. Duh. This would be true regardless of the hire. You’re not adding any valuable insight into the discussion here.
  4. The hiring process the last 4 GM hires was atrocious, and led to atrocious results. This hire was done competently. I think that’s worth caring about.
  5. No, because that’s not what I’m arguing. I’m arguing that the process by which the 2 GMs were hired was very different, as well as the pedigree of each. Macc was a poorly executed hire. This was a good hire.
  6. Mike Maccagnan was about to get fired from his job as Director of Scouting by the Texans, an organization that has never made it past the Divisional Round of the playoffs in its history. The Eagles were doing everything they could to keep Joe Douglas, who won a Super Bowl with the Eagles and worked under Ozzie Newsome for 15 years. It's a good hire. Maccagnan was a bad hire.
  7. I ❤️ The Onion. https://sports.theonion.com/josh-mccown-retires-after-signing-one-day-contract-with-1835619475?utm_medium=SocialMarketing&utm_campaign=SF&utm_content=Main&utm_source=Facebook Josh McCown Retires After Signing One-Day Contract With Cardinals, Lions, Raiders, Dolphins, Panthers, 49ers, Bears, Buccaneers, Browns, Jets
  8. You need to take shots at pass rushers even if you have to overpay them. When your GM fails to draft them that’s the price you pay. Mosley is very good at what he does, but he isn’t transforming our defense. We have a lot of good tacklers with good football instincts. We need QB pressure and turnovers.
  9. I can imagine a better free agency period. One where we landed a talented, still young pass-rusher like Preston Smith or Za'Darius Smith instead of spending heavy money on an ILB that struggles in pass coverage.
  10. So your wet dream is for Jets fans to regret that we fired Macc? Let's say all of those things you say come true. That fawning for Macc finally getting this roster building thing correct in Year 5 will evaporate very quickly when it dawns on everybody that we will need a new LT, LG, C, RG, RB1, WR1/WR2 and Slot by 2021. Basically Macc set this team up to where the only current offensive players still on the team in 2021 will be Darnold, Herndon, oft-injured Enunwa and an unknown in Edoga. But of course we all know that that's a great way to support a young franchise QB, right? Instability?
  11. No doubt in my mind Montgomery gets listed on the depth chart as a RB, assuming he makes the team. WR is plenty deep. But we need at least one guy on the depth chart we feel comfortable deploying as a "traditional" backup RB. And McGuire and Cannon just aren't those guys. I'd be very happy if Powell is truly healthy enough to play, because he would be ideal for this role. But for his sake, I hope he steps away from the game.
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