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  1. You need to take shots at pass rushers even if you have to overpay them. When your GM fails to draft them that’s the price you pay. Mosley is very good at what he does, but he isn’t transforming our defense. We have a lot of good tacklers with good football instincts. We need QB pressure and turnovers.
  2. I can imagine a better free agency period. One where we landed a talented, still young pass-rusher like Preston Smith or Za'Darius Smith instead of spending heavy money on an ILB that struggles in pass coverage.
  3. So your wet dream is for Jets fans to regret that we fired Macc? Let's say all of those things you say come true. That fawning for Macc finally getting this roster building thing correct in Year 5 will evaporate very quickly when it dawns on everybody that we will need a new LT, LG, C, RG, RB1, WR1/WR2 and Slot by 2021. Basically Macc set this team up to where the only current offensive players still on the team in 2021 will be Darnold, Herndon, oft-injured Enunwa and an unknown in Edoga. But of course we all know that that's a great way to support a young franchise QB, right? Instability?
  4. No doubt in my mind Montgomery gets listed on the depth chart as a RB, assuming he makes the team. WR is plenty deep. But we need at least one guy on the depth chart we feel comfortable deploying as a "traditional" backup RB. And McGuire and Cannon just aren't those guys. I'd be very happy if Powell is truly healthy enough to play, because he would be ideal for this role. But for his sake, I hope he steps away from the game.
  5. The goal isn't to help us in 2019, its for the future. And adding draft picks with the hopes that you draft good players is smart whenever you can do it effectively. I know we're still suffering PTSD from the Macc era and thus doubt draft picks are ever all that valuable, but they are. Especially when you're talking about a new regime. Giving him as many picks as possible to work with is smart. That's how we get better as a franchise. I'm not advocating trading anybody, but a player at a very expendable position, who we're set to lose for nothing if we don't move him? Sure, I like that plan, provided we can get something decent back for him. Even a 3rd or 4th rounder for Leo would be helpful next year, because that's the range where you find "pipeline" offensive linemen. Considering we have to replace between 2-5 spots on the Offensive Line by 2021, its important to have a lot of picks in that round 2-5 range. And I'll reiterate: An extension really isn't in the cards, even if Leo plays great (and I do expect him to play well this year). This regime didn't draft Leonard Williams, and I imagine they'll understand the opportunity cost of letting him go and using that money elsewhere vs. locking up quite a bit of cap dollars on three interior DL.
  6. None of them are pass-rushing DE's in a 4-3, and all three are best utilized as 3-4 DE's. So this is a moot point. We only need 2 expensive guys with semi-redundant skillsets who aren't best known as pass rushers, not 3. The money we'd be devoting to Leo in an extension would be far better utilized on any of these positions: OL, CB, EDGE, and WR. Keeping Leo would be luxury spending when considering our many needs at premium positions.
  7. The bottom line is we have 3 viable DT's we like: Quinnen Williams, Henry Anderson and Leonard Williams. Plus bench guys Fatukaski and Nathan Shepherd. No matter what anyone says about Gregg Williams' flexible scheming and rotations, we only need to be paying 2 starters at DT. Leonard is the obvious odd man out, since Anderson's contract dictates he'll be here at least thru the 2020 season. So it makes no sense to pay Leonard. It also makes little sense to let him walk for nothing, since as you say, we'll be active in free agency and can't count on a 2021 compensatory pick. A trade is the best option. And a trade can only happen between now and the 2019 trade deadline (Week 8). The other option would be a tag & trade after the season, but that's risky.
  8. He's definitely a dolt and always has been, but at least there seem to be some adults in the room now after the dust has cleared. The less CJ is involved, the better. Let the bickering be handled by the adults. Owners write checks, front offices run football teams. This especially needs to be true when the owner has no idea how to run things. Keep CJ on his yacht banging Russian hookers. Keep Woody in London for as long as possible. Let Douglas and Gase run things and see what happens.
  9. Nice to see we have contingency plans and have been able to execute them quickly. Whether people are pro, con or neutral on Douglas at this stage, it seems pretty clear at bare minimum that he's pretty well connected in league circles.
  10. Ideally he improves his stock early in the season so we can move him at the trade deadline. Better than letting him walk after the season for maybe a 2021 compensatory pick. Or even worse: Giving him a pricey extension at a position where we have far too many bodies.
  11. Hyperbole, exaggerations, and claiming people are having "the feels". That's all he brings to the table. Then he demands people be "classy". Oh, that and Kirk Cousins' yardage numbers. Because that proves he's awesome and stuff. But don't you dare bring up his W-L, especially against good teams.
  12. That would be great news for Knicks fans. Run to the podium and take Ja Morant. Doesn't matter that you already have 3 PG's on the depth cart. Morant is a special talent. Smith, Ntilikina and Mudiay are not.
  13. Happy Birthday Nyn, aka @The Crusher's Yummy Bunny!
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