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  1. Update: The "detox" continues. I'm on 2 straight nights with minimal sleep. Just can't get my brain to shut off at night. Gonna try a few natural things (like nighttime tea, reading, etc), to get some sleep tonight. Sorry I've been so weird everyone, I'm optimistic I'll feel better soon though! Yesterday was a no-info day. It didn't help that I was spamming the thread with personal sh*t. I don't have any decent reads or a vote to make yet, so we'll have to see how today goes. I'll check in from time to time in between work stuff. Good luck with everything in Israel, @Nynaev
  2. Pac needs to take another victory lap, lol. That was awesome. And great scene, @Barry McCockinner!
  3. Yep this is true. Last night was rough, as I threw up violently like Neo learning about The Matrix. Detox indeed. It was bad. But its all part of the process to get better, I think. I'm gonna stock up the fridge with fruits and veggies this week and work on making sure the food I do eat after the 16+ hours off mixes in some higher quality more often. I'll be back to old illogical 80 rather than new increasingly annoying and verbose 80 real soon, I imagine!
  4. Yes, absolutely. Douglas' assessment of the prospects was strong from a big picture perspective, and he used that to determine it was worthwhile to trade up, and avoid a lot of the middle round prospects. I think AVT absolutely will work out and make Douglas look good in hindsight.
  5. Sure. In this situation, I can accept that the process was good but the result will have course been poor. We would just disagree on how it got to that point.
  6. Anyone would have signed a market-setting contract, is my point. But I understand where you're coming from. We expected more. His injury was unfortunate, and his contract was awful. You're still feeling the sting and I get that. I'm over it, and just want to see him play with "all gas, no brakes" under THIS regime. If he fails to do that here I'll most definitely have a problem with it.
  7. Exactly right on all of this. This is a Mike Maccagnan mistake that I hope Douglas/Saleh can salvage at least a little. That's all we can all hope for at this point. I think it will happen but that he'll of course never come close to meeting the lofty standards he established with his contract and that one half of football. I have zero issue whatsoever with Mosley because he did nothing wrong. Really, he didn't! He signed a huge contract and put in the minimal effort he needed to, and anyone who was hoping for more out of a player with this terrible franchise was just directing thei
  8. Agreed to an extent because he's going to succeed out of sheer will. But I also think this will only work fully under Urban Meyer, because only he will be able to get the absolute most out of Tebow. And I think all other teams realized this on some level. Still wrong of JD, and all 30 other teams, to have passed on him. JD and nearly all other NFL GM's right now are nodding and going "Yup, exactly where he needed to be" while also muttering "Damn, I'm gonna regret that."
  9. Yeah, I don't like to be one that dismisses an opinion based on who someone is. You have to separate the person from the argument as much as possible. But in this case, I'm like "Of course Leaf would think this way." And I dismiss it not just because he believes his organization failed him. I see how he believes that shaped his experience as a player/prospect, and how he comes to believe it will happen to Wilson with the Jets as well. It's because Leaf's personal decisions in life are poor and he lacks the self-awareness to realize it. THAT'S what invalidates his opinion. He doesn't
  10. I'm sad that we don't need NST (Nolder/Napping Standard Time) because @Nolder isn't playing.
  11. Even if AVT ends up "meh" or "bad", it ends up being a good trade as long as the OL passed on also end up being at least a little bit worse. Thus, even if AVT wasn't truly the high-end prospect he was supposed to be, at least it was ALSO true that the OL prospects passed on definitely were bad prospects, as guessed properly by Douglas and all those who felt the prospects outside of the top 50/60 were almost impossible to evaluate under the COVID circumstances. That would suggest the process by which the prospects were evaluated by Douglas was a good one.
  12. Yep. When you suck, the next best thing to success is accumulating resources, in the hopes that those resources eventually end the suck. The psychology of it makes perfect sense, even if its really sad. At least its better than learned helplessness, where the person (fan) believes there's no hope. Hope is better than no hope in these instances, every time. Even if all evidence points towards having no reason to hope.
  13. Right. The pursuit of resources rather than the pursuit of success based on making good use of those resources. You're spot on.
  14. That's fair. Maybe the new breed of Jets fans hate paying all players. A decade is indeed a long time. I haven't been paying close enough attention to the Millenials (who I am one of, I believe) to be able to establish that one way or the other. Thus, even though your argument is that Jets fans have ALWAYS been against paying players, you'd end up correct in the end through backdoor means. I look forward to seeing what happens when QW/Becton/etc are on the extension block, that's for sure!
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