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  1. A neg rep for this post, @T0mShane? Seriously? Was it because I mentioned Rex Ryan in the same post? It was a more than fair comparison. The 2013 Jets went 8-8 and were outscored by 97 points. They then went 4-12 the following year. The 2019 Jets went 7-9 and were outscored by 83 points. They then went 2-14 the following year. You're completely out of your mind with the Gase love. Quit being a big baby about it.
  2. I love Curtis Martin. Great guy, excellent player. But I hate that he rushed for less than 2 YPC against the Broncos in the '98 AFC Title game. @Savage69
  3. I believe this happened before.. I'm not sure who. I don't know if the player ended up playing 18 games (might have gotten hurt or whatever) but the potential was there for it to happen. ***EDIT*** It's happened to a player 8 times, most recently in 2019, and the list includes 2 former Jets: https://sports.yahoo.com/eight-players-have-already-played-a-17-game-nfl-season-one-is-jerry-rice-and-the-others-160037234.html Emmanuel Sanders - 2019 (DEN/SF) NT Damon Harrison - 2018 (NYG/DET) S Will Allen - 2013 (DAL/PIT) LB Will Witherspoon - 2009 (STL/PHI)
  4. @Spoot-Face this is the one for the bat signal!
  5. We need a shirtless man version of the bat signal. This is the closest I could find: @Spoot-Face can you make this happen?
  6. NFL's perspective on Thursday night football, with teams playing twice in 5 days: "Totally fine! We're doing it and you're all gonna just have to adjust accordingly." NFL's perspective on a player traded after a Thursday game and playing twice in 4 days: "No go guys, we have to look out for player safety here."
  7. I don't mind so much that he's old. I mind that he's on an expiring contract and would have had zero interest in re-signing here. Arizona probably only made this move with the knowledge that there's a decent chance he's playing for them thru 2022. Even as a contender I doubt they were looking at Ertz as purely a rental.
  8. Apparently he's ineligible to play this week. We need to send a memo to the league office: "FREE ERTZ" @The Crusher
  9. At least AVT looks like a player. If not that would have been, potentially, a fireable decision on its own. We gave up a sh*t-ton to move up, and AVT needs to be a top 5 or so G in the league for that trade to have been worthwhile. I was really hoping for McGovern to return to being a top 10-12 C like he was in Denver but it hasn't happened. No idea why he's been so bad the last 1.5 seasons. If he's going to work out, we'll need to draft a C high and move McGovern to RG.
  10. Geno playing well but Seattle losing largely because of the Jamal Adams-led D would be delicious and still help our draft slot. That's what I'm rooting for.
  11. Well luckily Ertz isn't the only TE who may potentially be on the trade market. I'm definitely on board with trading Maye for whatever we can get, then going after an alternative option at TE. If Douglas makes zero moves for any TE's I might be right there with you guys. But Ertz was not the one to get. Either way I expect TE to be a high pick in the '22 draft.
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