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  1. Definitely not all Jets as I can confirm my character is not a Jet yet I am Town. It’ll be easy to pick up on any patterns as we get some dead bodies so I’ll shut up about it for now.
  2. In light of Hal’s claims we may be able to assume jgb may not have been “random” with his character assignments. Following the 80 school of modding I see. Thus we should all take another glance at my initial guesses:
  3. You probably didn’t even open your role PM and still guessed correctly.
  4. If you’re fake claiming Zach….or if telling the truth except Zach is scum/3rd party (possible since he’d be against the Jets finding an alternative QB) this was either a brilliant, ballsy claim or an incredibly dumb one.
  5. Oh sure Mr “I’ll make his life a living hell” just wants peace and harmony for all humankind
  6. ^^^ stumbled upon this gif just now. As per the conversation yesterday this is exactly how I like my women.
  7. That’s called negotiations. What’s the problem here, then? “Less than the Packers want” means pick 13 will be safe. Are you taking issue with the hypothetical end result of giving up, say, a 2 and a 4?
  8. My point was more to suggest that even elite franchises have to go full b*tch mode to find/coddle a franchise QB. No one will criticize the Ravens over this. Yet you have posters here whining about the Jets doing what it takes to get a weirdo like Aaron friggin Rodgers.
  9. 1) BYU isn’t top tier but their OL usually is because their linemen tend to grown men in the 22-24 age group. Look it up. Their OL is almost always old due to mission work. That has to make a difference and partly explains why Wilson rarely saw pressure. These were the starting OL and their ages for BYU in 2020: * LT Brady Christensen (24) * C James Empey (24) * G Chandon Herring (25) * G Tristen Hoge (23) * RT Blake Freeland (20) 2) When Wilson DID see pressure, he got exposed much like he did here. It’s just that it happened so rarely (dominant OL + soft schedule) that it either got ignored/not noticed or excused away.
  10. Side note: Wonder how many times in a hypothetical Jets player/coaches drinking game someone would make the same lame “lay off the Sauce” joke
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