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  1. Exactly. It's a "body of work" thing. The Jets haven't been to a Super Bowl in my lifetime. So yes, the "smart kids", or realists, are negative when it comes to this team and its prospects. Much better than saying everything is awesome when it rarely is with this franchise. And this regime hasn't proven to be much different than the ones that have come before it. It doesn't mean we're not Jets fans, it means we've accepted a simple truth: This franchise mostly sucks. Maybe it'll get better, but the history hasn't supported that for some time.
  2. Jetsfan80

    Jets + 3 vs Vikings

    This is why you can't evaluate a team's schedule strength until you've gotten a few weeks into the season and the coaches know what they have. Minnesota was labeled as a top 3 defense entering the season, yet here we are coming off Week 6, and they rank 17th in yards allowed per game, 20th in passing yards allowed per game, and are t-18th in points allowed per game.
  3. Jetsfan80


    There are certain flood zones that get hit in Raleigh consistently (whether there's a storm or not), but by and large its safe. Raleigh is about a 2 hour drive northwest from Wilmington. I went there during Florence and there was minimal impact. I only packaged Raleigh together with Charlotte because those are the 2 biggest population centers in the state.
  4. Understood, but you have to take your shots at taking pass rushers in today's game. Leonard has been fine, but not drafting anyone who can potentially generate a pass rush has hurt this team more than anything outside of the QB position.
  5. Jetsfan80


    True, but a lot of that hit gets absorbed by the Outer Banks/Hatteras area that juts out. If you live in the Raleigh/Charlotte area, you're fine. The whole state of Florida is exposed when Hurricanes come by, especially because of the state's topography. Florence should have been a lot worse for us here in the Wilmington area, but even then, it had been about 20+ years since a storm that bad.
  6. Wow Jets fans are d***s.
  7. Gotta be in attack mode as often as possible in today's game. Just look at the Eagles' Super Bowl win over the Patriots. They got there by trusting the offense and taking calculated risks. Granted, as @sourceworx pointed out, its easier to be aggressive with a real QB on the roster. But remember, the offense has mostly been stronger than our defense overall since Bowles arrived, even with Fitzpatrick and McCown under center. You have to set a tone by not going into a shell every time you get a lead.
  8. And one could still make a case that Vic Beasley should have been the pick for a team that was strong at DT and weak in pass rush.
  9. So he didn't mess up ALL of his first round picks here? Sweet!
  10. Define "over drafted" for me. If you're going to say Macc has taken "the consensus player" GTFO. GM's are supposed to out-think the consensus opinion from time to time. It's their job to take some risks.
  11. Jetsfan80


    I mean really. Who didn't see this coming? The Pats were never going to lose this game.
  12. Well f***. We can't celebrate a win on gameday anymore without depression settling in, can we?
  13. For real. Our defense is going to be terrible no matter how many picks we make on D, it seems, so there's no point. Unless a bonafide stud pass rusher is there, it just makes no sense.
  14. Big IF there. Next year's class doesn't project to be anywhere near as good as 2018's. You can't punt the QB decision to future seasons. The Browns made that mistake when they passed on Carson Wentz. And I say that even though I think Baker Mayfield will be good.
  15. Didn't you contradict yourself a bit here? Saquon is worth picking # 2, but he's a bad pick? Teams picking # 2 almost always have huge needs. And if a good team trades up to # 2, they shouldn't be doing so for a RB either. So taking ANY RB at # 2 is always a bad choice, even one as special as Saquon.

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