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  1. No, I don't think so. Just because Darnold is missing throws doesn't mean Gase is somehow good at his job. We have years of data from Gase's stay in Miami to suggest he simply isn't good at being an NFL HC. Both suck. We have an historically bad offense in a time when offenses are setting records left and right. Plenty of blame can be split between the 2. And it doesn't really matter to me who sucks more. Simply enough its time to move on from both, either now, at the end of the season, or any time in between.
  2. He always says he "doesn't care" about others' opinions on certain subjects (such as fans who are rooting for the tank), but can't help but respond and neg rep posters at every turn for having the opposing opinion. Certainly the behavior of someone who "doesn't care"!
  3. I actually can't think of many worse scenarios for this week's game. Running a gimmick offense and destroying our shot at the # 1 pick? That would be horrible. We'd be learning nothing about our rookies on offense in that scenario, either.
  4. Lawrence Fields Lance James Morgan/Mike White Ryan Fitzpatrick Darnold
  5. Jordan x100000000 Magic or Bird?
  6. Oof. Adam Gase, since he rid us the worst NFL GM of all-time. Wayne Chrebet or Laveranues Coles?
  7. Sure, but that isn't a good enough reason to say he "sucks". He's shown enough promise from the final 5 games of the '19 season to now to suggest to me he's a worthwhile WR3/WR4 to have around. He was playing well on Sunday prior to his injury.
  8. And all 3 of those QB's suck. Not one of them was gotten rid of "too soon". And your argument, to continue to build around Darnold for 1 more year with a plethora of picks, would be like putting a world class car engine inside of a '96 Honda Civic. Darnold has not earned that, nor will he take advantage of it. Darnold has had 31 starts here, with 9 games left. That's more than enough opportunities for him to present his case. Giving him 1 more year would be just plain silly. Especially since, in that scenario, we'd be letting him walk as a free agent and getting nothing back. Thankfully, I'm confident Douglas will NOT be giving Darnold the 2021 season.
  9. I'll wait for him to get paired with a halfway decent QB before passing my final judgment on that.
  10. I thought Darnold could be the guy up until this year. He was my # 1 QB in the 2018 class. It's far better to move on from a QB right away than to wait too long. The Cardinals only needed 1 season (13 starts) to move on from Rosen. That worked out well. I can't think of any examples where a team moved on from a QB too soon outside of, perhaps, Miami with Tannehill. If that's the worst thing that can happen to us, I'm cool with it. Tannehill was OK with Miami, and is now solid but not elite with Tennessee, and is not a QB you can win a title with. Meanwhile, there are dozens upon dozens of examples where a team moved on from a QB quickly and it never came back to bite them.
  11. I'm glad for Robby Anderson that he got away from this HC and QB. He wouldn't be producing here. He'd be putting up the same (or worse) numbers as he did the years prior. He's producing in Carolina, and will be able to "double dip" on a sizably bigger contract in 2022. Anderson made the right call taking a little less money to play for his old college coach. Unless that WR is Jerry Rice, Randy Moss or peak Calvin Johnson, WR's don't make the QB. QB's (and to a lesser extent the system) make the WR. No amount of draft capital or FA dollars spent on offense was, or will, "fix" Sam Darnold. He was a flawed prospect when he arrived and remains a highly flawed QB in year 3.
  12. Eastern European bridal catalogue. Credit to @Spoot-Face for the tip.
  13. I'm down to move down to 2 with Jacksonville and ending up with Fields. Best of both worlds! @JiF

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