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  1. Sure it was. It wasn't ALL he said, but it was part of it, and the only part of his post that deserved a response. The "Sam would be a top 10 QB IF" stuff needs to die a swift death. Talent around you helps. It doesn't make enough of an impact to take a QB that's ranked outside of the Top 25 in all available metrics and make him a top 10 QB. Either he'll prove he is "the guy" or he won't. I'm only willing to give him 2020 to prove that and if not we can't let this become a Sanchez situation.
  2. 1 Jet gets healthy, another Jet must get hurt. It is an unflinchingly rigid rule of the Universe.
  3. See, but this isn't the vote of confidence you think he is. You're saying Sam is better than the options available to us. Even if that's true that doesn't make him a franchise guy. And comparing him to the 2019 QB Class doesn't help either. Haskins and Daniel Jones blow, and obviously we didn't have a shot at taking Kyler Murray.
  4. Lions are projected to have $44M entering the offseason. That's of course lower than our $62M but they're certainly in very good shape. The Jaguars certainly have cap issues. At the moment they're projected to be over the cap in 2020. But they'll be able to clear a lot of that by cutting Marcell Dareus ($20M in savings) and Calais Campbell ($15M). And as I mentioned above, they have tons of draft picks the next 2 seasons. Yes, all 3 teams have issues at QB, DB and OL. But so do we.
  5. No uncertainty? You're 100 % convinced Sam Darnold is a franchise guy? I hope that's not how Joe Douglas is proceeding when evaluating the roster going forward.
  6. Could you though? I like the core of sub-30 year old talent for each of those teams better: Lions: Kenny Golladay (26), Taylor Decker (25), Trey Flowers (26), Darius Slay (28) Jaguars: Cam Robinson (24), Jawaan Taylor (22), Josh Allen (22), Yannick Ngakoue (24) Browns: Myles Garrett (23), Nick Chubb (23), Denzel Ward (22), Greedy Williams (22) Plus the Jaguars have 18 draft picks over the next 2 years, including 4 first rounders. Meanwhile, the Browns and Lions have $53M and $44M in cap space in the 2020 offseason, respectively.
  7. Just keep drinking. Enough drinks and those long Lamar runs will start to resemble runs by Sam or Robby.
  8. Lions, Browns and Jaguars ranked as better jobs, and there's no way anyone could dispute that. Ouch.

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