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  1. This isn't about politics and never was intended to be. This is a humanitarian movement. We have a Club for this topic. Take it there.
  2. Blessuan Austin's spot as a starter is tenuous at best. If he does start this year, I imagine it'll be the last year he holds that job, as Douglas will undoubtedly be looking for bigtime upgrades at CB. And when you're picking # 3 overall, just getting 1-2 starters out of the deal isn't enough. Nothing we can do about it now, and the GM who made those picks is gone. But still. I don't think we should be looking back on that 2018 draft with much positivity. Especially since Quinnen Williams hasn't shown much more than run-stuffing abilities to date as yet another high pick DT.
  3. I'll call bullsh*t on that. Bill Belichick is 5 foot 11 and played at D-III (non-scholarship) Wesleyan University. Pete Carroll's highest level of football was playing for College of Marin (JUCO). Mike Zimmer played D-II football. John Harbaugh was a crappy Defensive Back for Miami (Ohio). Andy Reid played 2 years of JUCO ball, then transferred to BYU. He redshirted in 1978, didn't play in 1979, and made a few appearances in 1980 for the Cougars. You don't command respect based on your playing days. You command respect for how well you relate to players, make decisions, and whether or not you win. Period.
  4. Nope, they don't. But we're stuck with Mosley (financially) until 2022 whether we like it or not. And that keeps us in, primarily, 3-4 looks on defense, no matter how much we'd like to see a lot more 4-3 looks. So we might as well double down on that "position of strength" for the time being, at least until it comes time to acquire/pay a quality pass rusher/CB.
  5. Someone has to go. If its not Burgess, then who? Neville Hewitt would come with a $1M dead cap hit, so I wouldn't cut him. That just leaves Blake Cashman as the only other option.
  6. As he should. There was no reason to be in a rush to cut him. He was arguably the best player on the team just 2 years ago. I'm excited to see if he and Mosley are both healthy, as if they are, they'll be a really fun tandem to watch. I'm not worried about what we'll have to do with all the other ILB's on the roster, either. Convert Onwuasor to Safety, cut Burgess and move forward.
  7. And assuming this is a very Chiefs-sided deal (I'll wait until the deal shows up on overthecap.com to confirm fully, lol), it won't have as brutal an impact on other QB deals as originally thought. Fans of the Texans, Cowboys, Jets, and a few other teams with young QBs can rest a bit easier.
  8. Just to be clear (and I don't think you assumed it) I have not surfed, nor will I ever be able to surf, lol. But I see the merits of it being a sport. I wasn't aware until @JiF educated us all about the competition for waves. Interesting stuff, indeed.
  9. So many people missing the point of the thread. lol. You guys are picking upper tier Jets.
  10. Without Adam Gase we still have Mike Maccagnan as our GM. I know that would make you happy, because we'd have likely signed Conklin and overpaid Robby Anderson and Jamal Adams. But trading in GM's was actually a good thing. We get it. Gase sucks as a HC. Hardly anyone disagrees with this notion. Your boy Manish is still a massive tool. And for the record, he fully supported the hire when it happened.
  11. I imagine KC has some outs, sure, but he also has a no-trade clause. So Mahomes' play would have to decline in a big way for cutting him to become justifiable on the team's end.
  12. Sure, but by 2027 (age 31) he'll have already banked something like $265-275M. Again, not that old for a QB. Not long after that he'll be in the territory of the guys listed above.
  13. There were also no QB's on the poor play/declined/etc list that had displayed anything close to Mahomes' level of play. You're nitpicking a larger point: That quite a few QB's can, and have, produced for 12+ years in this league without a precipitous decline, and that elite QB's like Mahomes' don't automatically just flame out quickly when they get into their early 30s. In short, Mahomes producing for 12+ years wouldn't be a rare sighting. It's far more of a common occurrence than the point you tried to make, that for every Brees and Rodgers there are "77 QB's" who decline greatly or get hurt. I laid out the data and you're interpreting it improperly. Even if you throw those 13 "declined" QB's from the first pile into the analysis, that results in 14 QBs in the positive group and 13 QBs in the negative group. Still greater than a 50 % shot based on that info that a QB who doesn't suffer major injuries can succeed for 12+ years if he has the talent and ability to do so (which Mahomes obviousy has displayed he does). Throw in the injured QB's and its 14 out of 31 QBs. Still a lot higher than your original estimate. Meanwhile, as I pointed out earlier, QB's careers are only getting LONGER on average, not shortened, based on how they're protected by the league.

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