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  1. More realistically, Macc really wanted Cousins, but Kirk used the Jets as leverage to get a little more money out of Minnesota. Do you really think Macc was some kind of mastermind in all of this? That he had no fear that Cousins would "call his bluff" and accept the offer?
  2. Yeah. That would be about as dumb as hiring, say, Jason Kidd as an NBA head coach right after he retires as a player. Wait....
  3. Macc's journey toward getting Darnold: 1) Try to sign perpetually mediocre Kirk Cousins to a fully guaranteed $90 million contract. 2) Allow Heimerdinger to come up with trade with Colts to move up to 3. 3) Prepare for Josh Allen to be the pick at 3. 4) Get lucky that the Giants did not take Darnold. Let that guy choose our next coach, get another draft, and spend $100+ million in resources. Goooo Macc!!
  4. Giving Macc the keys to hiring the next HC just to see if his sh*t roster can win with another guy in charge is among the worst arguments for keeping him. Sure, yeah. Let's give the guy who f***ed us a chance to f*** us 3+ more years by letting him select our HC. Sure, yeah, he's earned that privilege.
  5. Jetsfan80

    Steph Curry says moon landing is a hoax

    Come on man. This isn't just me saying this. With 400,000+ people needing to be "paid off", $10,000 per person would come to over $40 billion.
  6. I think they'd each like to prove they can win without the other. It's crazy talk to think Belichick would come here. But I can certainly see one or both leaving the Patriots at some point.
  7. This isn't a good thing. Having no good players worth giving pricey extensions 4 years into a regime means the GM has done quite the opposite of "setting us up well". Outside of Darnold, how many players on the Jets can you name that we could trade, right now, for a 1st round pick?
  8. Jetsfan80

    Who do we NOT WANT back?

    This is the year where we have to decide whether to pick up his 5th-year option ($3.25M). He will not be cheap much longer. To prevent adding another need, my guess is we pick it up despite the 4-game suspension. But after that, he's on a 1-year audition contract to decide whether he's worthy of a pricey extension.
  9. Jetsfan80

    Steph Curry says moon landing is a hoax

    Obviously its impossible. I'm just pointing out the rather obvious flaws in what has become a pretty popular myth.
  10. Jetsfan80

    Steph Curry says moon landing is a hoax

    Thousands of people would have had to be paid off to keep it hush-hush. That part alone would have cost several billion....
  11. Jetsfan80

    Biggest team need this off season?

    1. New GM/VP 2. New HC hired by GM/VP 3. O-Line (ideally LT in Round 1 after trading down) 4. EDGE (ideally FA - 1 or 2 of Barr, Lawrence, Clowney, Ansah) 5. WR (ideally late in Rd 1 or Rd 2/3 after trading down) 6. CB 7. RB
  12. Jetsfan80

    Notes and an article

    Of course it was worse. Gholston was an attempt to bring in a top-flight pass rusher. Something this franchise has craved ever since we traded away John Abraham in 2005. Re-visit the 2008 draft. Even with hindsight as a guide, it's difficult to say there was a better pick in that spot. In a re-draft, Aqib Talib would have been the best pick. He went at # 20, as the 3rd corner off the board. It's not exactly realistic to say "Well there ya go, that's who we should have taken". More likely, if we were gonna go corner, we'd have taken McKelvin or Rodgers-Cromartie. If you're going to take a bust, at least do so while taking a calculated risk. That was what Gholston was at the time. Hackenberg was not coveted by anyone. He would likely have been available to us in the 4th round. Further, there was zero evidence to suggest he'd be a success in the NFL. None. If you can't complete 60 % of your throws against Indiana in four attempts, you simply aren't a Pro QB. All available metrics at the time would have suggested this. It was the definition of a wasted pick. Maybe one would say "Well wait a minute. If we were trying to take an EDGE and it was OK he failed, why is it NOT ok to take a QB there?" Simple. Because at least Gholston had SOME chance of being a success. Hackenberg had ZERO, given the history of the position and his college profile. That wasn't a "calculated risk". It was a real, actual wasted pick. And to make matters worse, Maccagnan DOUBLED DOWN on Hackenberg the next year by not taking Watson or Mahomes.
  13. Jetsfan80

    2018 Mets thread

    The kid can Catch too? What can't the ginger do? @The Crusher
  14. Jetsfan80

    Grade the Jets Coordinators

    D's for the top 2? Seems generous.
  15. Jetsfan80

    If week 17 is Darnold vs Brady...

    The previous record might just involve the Jets as well. In 2010, it was 41-year old Brett Favre vs 24-year old Mark Sanchez.

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