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  1. Jetsfan80

    Mafia Season Mod Queue

    I got to high five the lead singer of Three Days Grace tho
  2. Jetsfan80

    Mafia Season Mod Queue

    Probably not! About to go walk the National Mall, since a couple guys in the group have never been.
  3. Jetsfan80

    Mafia Season Mod Queue

    [mention=5980]The Crusher[/mention] I’m in DC for my bachelor party. Didn’t know we were coming here until we were halfway here. Went to the Disturbed concert last night. It was f***king fantastic. We’re going to the “Friday Night Live” Improv show tonight, the Wizards-Pacers game tomorrow night, and possibly the Capitals-Rangers game on Sunday. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  4. Jetsfan80

    Brown or Bell

    Yes, because ill-advised spending sprees always work great for teams who don’t have an established, home grown core.
  5. Jetsfan80

    Brown or Bell

    Nope, I’ve listed the FA’s I want in other threads. One of the top FA Centers (Morse or Paradis), Saffold, Adam Humphries or Cole Beasley for the slot, Golden Tate, Tevin Coleman, and one of the available top pass rushers for the defense. We get at least 3 of the 5 slots listed filled in free agency in the manner above and I’m ecstatic about our haul.
  6. Jetsfan80

    Brown or Bell

    No, what's wrong with Jets fans is the desire to be "competitive", immediately. I want to build a Super Bowl team. You don't do that with an ill-advised spending spree on 2 players. Ever. You build through the draft and smart free agent acquisitions.
  7. Jetsfan80

    Brown or Bell

    1) They cost too much - our cap space is going to dry up very quickly as we fill our many open roster spots. 2) Brown is too old. 3) We're not a Super Bowl contender. 4) Yes, I'd rather go 4-12 with "character guys" this year than go on a spending spree to be be a 9-7 squad. We have to spend the cap money, but that doesn't mean you blow it out on 2 players.
  8. Jetsfan80

    Trading Down

    No doubt about it that he'll f**k this up somehow. All we can talk about is what he SHOULD be doing, and get ready to be disappointed....
  9. Jetsfan80

    Trading Down

    A # 3 pick (and the trade down package we could gain by moving it) impacts the next 10+ years for your franchise. You don't base who you select on immediate needs.
  10. Jetsfan80

    Machado to Padres

    No idea where that franchise came up with that kind of coin, but I'm happy for them. Biggest free agent they've landed in a very long time.
  11. Jetsfan80

    Trading Down

    I see no logic to that. Why wait? If you like a guy in this class to be your franchise LT, and get a great deal to trade down, take him and don't look back. Then start him at RT if he doesn't beat out Beachum in camp right away.
  12. Jetsfan80

    Antonio done with the Steelers

    They need to fix their defense.
  13. Jetsfan80

    Antonio done with the Steelers

    They're an organization that always seems to churn out quality RB's and WR's. They'll be fine.
  14. Jetsfan80

    Trading Down

    You don't "wait till next year" with the O-Line. Ever. You need to be drafting O-Line every single season to build a pipeline of talent.
  15. No personal attacks against @The Crusher, please.

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