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  1. Never? You’re going with never with a brand new regime in town that didn’t draft Adams? It doesn’t seem smart to just sit on Adams given that there will be decisions coming down the line on his 5th-year option and UFA status. And as for the “others joy” I’m glad people have gotten great pleasure from the last 2+ seasons since we drafted Jamal. I’m sure that mentality from Jets fans encourages the Johnson’s to look to improve the product on the field. Explains why they needed Gase to knock some sense into them.
  2. It’s only been explained a few hundred times. Your unwillingness to read and recognize what people are saying isn’t on us. He had a very good day today. Trade him while his value is at its highest or hope we get a lot more days like that.
  3. I’m sure if you did this useless exercise with the 6th overall pick you’d come up with similar results. The point is you can’t have three top 10 picks spent on a couple of DTs who aren’t great pass rushers and a Strong Safety/LB hybrid. The evidence for why this doesn’t work? The D very nearly blew this game in the 2nd half to send us to 0-5. If you spend three top 10 picks on defense you’d better have an above average, if not elite, defense. We don’t. Q and Jamal had very nice days today. That doesn’t justify a # 3 and # 6 pick. Nor do the mistakes other GM’s made in those slots somehow make those picks look better in hindsight.
  4. Then let’s do this thing already. Send us a 1st and 5th for him.
  5. 3-INT day and another loss for the 2nd most unlikable player in the league. Ho hum. If this keeps up and Sam balls out like he did today, this thread will never end.
  6. Oh wow let’s offer KC Jamal for Mahomes and see what they say
  7. We have 10 wins since Jamal was drafted. Today was the first day he seriously impacted one of those wins. No, we can’t get “equal” value for where we originally took him. and that’s of course because he never should have been the 6th pick in the first place. Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and take the max of what you CAN get. Douglas didn’t draft Adams and can’t afford to hold out hope we’d get a top 10 pick back just because Macc made that bad pick in the first place. Did you watch the OL today? Do you not see how much greater importance there needs to be in protecting our most valuable asset? It’s worth taking less than stellar compensation for the likes of Adams and Leo. We need 5 new starting OL. 5!
  8. I mean yeah, but what exactly could Gase have done differently in that 2nd half to “step on their throats”? Sam looked visibly exhausted down the stretch of the game.
  9. So he called the good plays in the 1st then called the bad plays in the 2nd? Cmon man just call the good plays in BOTH halves!
  10. The same as I’ve felt since Week 1: Flawed and probably not the best choice at the time (he was hired by CJ and Macc after all), but certainly not deserving of the criticism he got for the offense under Falk. He kinda sucks but worse coaches have won Super Bowls on the coattails of an awesome QB. Hopefully that’s what we have in Sam. Gase just mostly need to get out of his way. And maybe call some rollouts for Pete’s sake.
  11. The entire OL needs to be thrown into a volcano, and the defense nearly cost us this one (though the refs did us no favors). Today was a great day for Sam and the Jets, with game balls also going to Q and Adams. But it’s still not a great one to have a victory lap on Macc’s roster building.
  12. Jamal Adams’ W/L record thru 2+ seasons: 10-27.

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