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  1. You’re missing out on some truly amazing and important discussion, my man. Let me know if you change your mind.
  2. Karma has been kicking the Jets’ ass for 50 years. A little more bad karma doesn’t bother me.
  3. 185 posts and counting in the QuickTopic from about 20 different people, and the discussion has been fruitful and peaceful (with 1 skirmish that has come and gone, and not stopped the dialogue). Pretty impressive considering this started a little before 4 on a Friday. And I see good discussion is still happening in this thread too. Keep those requests coming. Emotions are high, but peaceful and productive conversation is still possible.
  4. You may be right. Just trying to prep people for the idea of Gase being here in ‘21. Some think if we don’t make the playoffs he’s gone. That kind of thought process has no basis in reality.
  5. No, he’s not. lol. 5+ wins next season and he’s the head coach of the Jets in 2021. People are wishing this to be true without any evidence or precedence to suggest it’s the case. Every HC under the Johnson’s has gotten at least 3 years.
  6. Maybe Damien Woody? He would have 100 % been an upgrade over some of our OL guys last year, even coming off the couch.
  7. I know you do buddy. But it’s funny when people get so uncomfortable with gay jokes. You entertain me. And for that I thank you.
  8. I sent CTM an invite earlier in the day. What have I done....
  9. I’m distracted. Been posting in the “Bigger than Football” QT.
  10. You got homesick, didn’t you. Welcome back, champ.
  11. Damn, that’s the quickest lynch in Mafia Championships history. @Drums. Nice try. We can’t all be champs.
  12. There’s one available to JN posters now. You’re welcome. lol.
  13. Very possible. And if so, JD deserves a lifetime contract.

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