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  1. Jetsfan80


    I’m getting married tomorrow, so you’ll see it then. lol
  2. Wasn’t trying to be clever.
  3. Blah blah blah. All i read is we need to draft 15 OL to protect Darnold from these evil pass rushers we don’t want.
  4. Jetsfan80

    Ty Montgomery visiting the Jets

    Powell’s career is over. No reason to keep hoping for us to bring him back.
  5. True. That tandem really murdered the competition.
  6. Hockensen is probably going to be really good, but how would we do things on offense if we took him? Run a ton of 2-TE sets with Crowder only on the field in 3rd down or obvious passing situations? Herndon coming off the field a lot? Hockensen just screams luxury pick even after a trade down.
  7. All kidding aside, I hate when people do this. It's tough though, because I might hate Brady more.
  8. Jetsfan80

    Mafia Championship Season 6

    Our representative will be @Pac. He will require some action shots of Thingyman in order to agree to play.
  9. Jetsfan80

    So the president is now Ed Reed....

    He'd have gotten along well with the Gramatica brothers.
  10. Jetsfan80

    So the president is now Ed Reed....

    But Barry Sanders didn't call himself the President. Jamal strives to be the leader of the defense. He's such a good leader and so good at football, we brought in CJ Mosley to be the QB of the defense.
  11. Jetsfan80

    So the president is now Ed Reed....

    We had a chance to draft Ed Reed and didn't. We drafted a completely different kind of Safety in Jamal Adams in the Top 10. Jamal is our 2nd best Linebacker.
  12. Jetsfan80

    Word Association

  13. Jetsfan80

    Alcoholic Anonymous mafia game

    You should! Great username by the way.

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