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  1. I heard some analysts comparing this Bills pass D to the Jets pass D of 2009 this past week. F**kkkkk that.
  2. So being a fat f**k is a "talent" now? Sounds like the new "big boned" or "I have a glandular issue" excuse. CC: @The Crusher
  3. Thank the good Lord. F**k Tom Brady.
  4. Meanwhile Zach Wilson got dumped. Suck on that, @Gastineau Lives
  5. Despite the OL struggles, the Bengals still have the lead, and Burrow has a ridiculous 10.5 yards per attempt thus far.
  6. Sure. I'm certainly not suggesting the Bengals should neglect the OL any further. I'm merely suggesting that it doesn't require numerous high picks to make an OL work.
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