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  1. Impressive. @jgb really doing his best to set this game apart.
  2. You post this and yet you were disturbed by QBs as women? HYPOCRITE
  3. I am jealous and I also recognize this is a wasted emotion.
  4. I am town. I am neither scum nor 3rd party. u?
  5. If this game goes 300+ pages it might just break a Mafia record.
  6. Better let @JiF know as he violates that Trademark on the daily. With all genders. Even @Verbal's.
  7. Exactly. Douglas is pretty well-versed at getting max value for a player (and then some) and refusing to settle. If his value was identified as an early 3rd in negotiations then that's likely indeed how the league viewed him and little more. The Jets drafted him with hopes he'd be a versatile inside/outside piece. Turns out he really can't play outside. Maybe he'll become one and his value will increase. Maybe he could have proven to become one with Rodgers. But Douglas is clearly banking on him not becoming that and the value he got today being about the max he'll ever be worth.
  8. Are you gonna try to figure out which one Aaron Rodgers is and make his/her life a “living hell”, Zach?
  9. C’mon now. Rodgers has never had an elite org to play for like he will with the New York Jets.
  10. @jgb PUT HALLIA IN THIS GAME RIGHT NOW Mod-confirmed town. Make it happen.
  11. If @jgb had made me be Maccagnan I'd self-vote. Just saying.
  12. Nope! This is "Patricia": Circle gets the square!
  13. Lastly, without cheating by viewing the URL.....can anyone guess who this one is?
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