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  1. They were the # 12 pass defense that year. Not great but not terrible either.
  2. It's ok to ig ire the fact he did it with Berrios and nothing else ... haters gonna a hate December 23, 2018: Packers 44, Jets 38 Sam Darnold's line: 24-35, 341 yards, 3 TDs, 0 INTs Sam Darnold's targeted receivers on the day: Robby Anderson (13) Chris Herndon (7) Elijah McGuire (5) Jermaine Kearse (4) Trenton Cannon (2) Deontay Burnett (2) Jordan Leggett (1)
  3. "At that point". That's the key phrase there. Midround QB's are generally projects you hope to turn into something by year 2-3. Not be immediate answers at the position. They're commodities which you hope to see a substantial value increase over time, to the point where either they're your franchise QB OR can be traded to someone else for high pick(s). If they end up a long-term QB2 for you, that has value as well. And like I said, even teams with entrenched starters take QB's in the middle rounds all the time. Like these: 2022 Pick 3.86: Malik Willis - Titans (Tannehill) 2021 Pick 3.66: Kellen Mond - Vikings (Cousins) 2020 Pick 5.167: Jake Fromm - Bills (Josh Allen) 2019 Pick 4.104: Ryan Finley - Bengals (Dalton) 2019 Pick 4.133: Jarrett Stidham - Patriots (Brady) 2019 Pick 5.166: Easton Stick - Chargers (Rivers) 2019 Pick 5.167: Clayton Thorson - Eagles (Wentz) 2018 Pick 3.76: Mason Rudolph - Steelers (Roethlisberger) 2018 Pick 4.108: Kyle Lauletta - Giants (Manning) 2018 Pick 5.171: Mike White - Cowboys (Prescott) @T0mShane 2017 Pick 3.87: Davis Webb - Giants (Manning) 2017 Pick 4.135: Josh Dobbs - Steelers (Roethlisberger) 2017 Pick 5.171: Nathan Peterman - Bills (Tyrod Taylor) 2016 Pick 3.91: Jacoby Brissett - Patriots (Brady) 2016 Pick 4.100: Connor Cook - Raiders (Carr) 2016 Pick 4.135: Dak Prescott - Cowboys (Romo) 2016 Pick 4.139: Cardale Jones - Bills (Tyrod Taylor) 2016 Pick 5.162: Kevin Hogan - KC (Alex Smith) 2015 Pick 3.75: Garrett Grayson - NO (Brees) 2015 Pick 5.147: Brett Hundley - GB (Rodgers) That's 20 mid-round QB's taken by teams with entrenched starters over the last 8 drafts. Hell, the Steelers (2017-18), Giants (2017-18) and Bills (2016-17) all did it 2 years in a row. Meanwhile, I don't understand how a 4th round QB can be considered a "reach", especially when most sources had him as a top 10-ish QB from that year's class. But whatever; the larger issue is with people saying that a QB shouldn't have been taken at all in the mid rounds, and those reasons are silly.
  4. Sample size removes those variables. When the market pays a position more money on average, its because that position is more highly valued. Period. Whatever you want to take from that is up to you.
  5. He was the 32nd ranked QB In the league his first 2 seasons. So exactly how “entrenched” was he with a new regime coming in? And even if he WAS truly the entrenched starter…who gives a f**k? Teams with entrenched starters use midround picks on QBs all the time. If it had been left up to people who agree with this mindset, Dallas would have never drafted Dak because Romo was their entrenched starter. Or the Seahawks wouldn’t have drafted Russell Wilson in Rd 3 because they’d paid Matt Flynn a bunch of money to be their starter.
  6. No logic? There's ALWAYS logic to drafting QB's. Especially when your starter is Sam f**kin Darnold and, at the time, you have no veteran backup either. If you want to argue it was a bad pick because they picked the WRONG QB at that spot, fine. Feel free to list a few QB's they could/should have chosen from instead that would have made more sense. But this take that there was no reason to take a QB at all in Rd 4 is soooooo friggin weird.
  7. Credibility of what, exactly? I think it just demonstrates that LG isn't all that valuable unless you're one of the few teams that has an elite one.
  8. Sure but that doesn't explain why people take shots at White in the process. If it's just to trigger Shane, OK, but that doesn't seem to be the ONLY reason....
  9. As I recall, more posters were screaming for Gandy-Golden at the time. But yes, Peoples-Jones was on that list. Hyphenated WR's FTW!
  10. Trading back was 100 % the right move in that draft. This was a team completely devoid of talent and we needed a lot of dart throws as Douglas was clearing out the Maccagnan bad contracts. Failing to hit on those picks was of course the part that sucked royally. At least Bryce Hall looks decent.
  11. It's easiest just to follow the money on this one, gentlemen. Current highest paid LG's (excluding those still on rookie deals): Joe Thuney, KC: $16M per year Joel Bitonio, CLE: $16M Laken Tomlinson, NYJ: $13.3M Andrus Peat, NO: $11.5M Cody Whitehair, CHI: $10.3M Matt Feiler, LAC: $7M Isaac Seumalo, PHI: $5.9M Justin Pugh, AZ: $5.5M Andrew Norwell, WAS: $5M Pat Elflein, CAR: $4.5M Average top 5 LG salary: $13.4M Average top 10 LG salary: $9.5M Median starting LG (Jon Feliciano, BUF) salary: $3.3M Current highest paid RG's: Brandon Scherff, JAC: $16.5M Wyatt Teller, CLE: $14.2M Brandon Brooks, PHI: $14.1M Zack Martin, DAL: $14M Shaq Mason, TB: $9M Halapoulivaati Vaitai, DET: $9M James Daniels, PIT: $8.3M Austin Corbett, CAR: $8.8M Alex Cappa, $8.8M Gabe Jackson, SEA: $7.5M Average top 5 RG salary: $13.6M Average top 10 RG salary: $11M Median starting RG (A.J. Cann, HOU/Denzelle Good, LVR) salary: $4.2M Looks like bitonti is correct on this one. By basically all financial metrics, RG is the higher paid/more valuable position. The only area where LG beats RG is the top 2/3 at each position. Thuney, Bitonio and Tomlinson make more, collectively, than Scherff, Teller, and Brooks. But the further out you expand from there, RG's make more and it isn't really close.
  12. I hate that those picks didn't work out too. The Perine pick was an egregiously bad one. But I don't get why the Morgan pick in particular gets so much vitriol. It's worth it to take shots on midround QBs you like. They're the most valuable commodity in the league, and we've seen a couple 4th rounders (Dak, Cousins) who worked out in fairly recent years. Like....who cares? If you want to complain about the TOTALITY of those wasted 4th rounders, I'm down for that. Singling out the Morgan pick makes no real sense to me. People have been whining about that one for so long.
  13. Darnold was an enormous question mark entering year 3 and they didn't have a viable backup on the roster. New regimes always mean new QB's, even if those new QB's are just backups. And Hackenberg was drafted to be the starter. He was a 6th round prospect taken in Rd 2, and Maccagnan even doubled down on him the following year, taking a Box Safety at 6 overall and no QB's in that draft class. Morgan was a 5th or so round prospect taken in Rd 4. Your comment sounds like a massive exaggeration/stretch and its silly to be this pissed about it 2 years later.
  14. QB-needy team drafts a big-armed QB in Rd 4. Outrage ensues.
  15. Yupppp. 1 catch (7 targets) for 3 whole yards in his career to date. Damn you Joe Douglas. Damn you!
  16. Sweet! I really didn't want to break our streak of years with multiple 1st round picks.
  17. "So, I'll be playing whichever dicklick position I goddamn feel like," Jeter added. "Hell, maybe I'll play shortstop, third base, catcher, second base, and first base all at the same time. Have my own little around-the-horn circle jerk for five ******* hours if the mood strikes me. How'd that sit with everyone? Good? Good."
  18. Yes but you're OUR pompous, blowhard, opinionated bell-end ass. Glad to hear you're doing better!
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