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  1. We’ll I didn’t want Wilson so if he sucks I can at least say I wasn’t duped this time around, lol.
  2. A lot of people got duped by Darnold, myself included.
  3. “Adams had taken the Thursday-night loss to the Rams hard. He had allowed two egregious touchdowns in pass coverage, and after the game he was one of the last Seahawks players to leave the Lumen Field locker room, tears welled up in his eyes”
  4. I only listen to @Paradis, @RoadFan, @JiFapono and @HessStation
  5. Well LaFleur has most certainly done better at his job as a rookie OC than Wilson has as a rookie QB, and you can’t blame LaFleur for Wilson’s struggles. As evidenced by the offense averaging 7.1 more ppg with any other QB under center. LaFleur is fine. Wilson has sucked. Wish the latter wasn’t true but it is.
  6. So Joe W kisses Joe’s a$$ and your username involves his farts. Whats with your obsession with Joe Douglas’ butt??
  7. MILLIONAIRE???? I gave that bastard a whole $25 and he’s a millionaire????
  8. Its a funny quote, but Kiper ended up getting the last laugh. Trev Alberts only lasted 3 years in the league. Dilfer of course lasted much longer. And Tobin ended up getting replaced by Bill Polian as GM 3 years after this quote took place. Kiper, meanwhile, keeps on trucking, awful hairdo and all.
  9. But we beat the Texans guys. This team (30+ % of which won’t be back in 2022) needs to learn to win!
  10. Yup. Disappointing that we were evidently sold another bill of goods on a coach.
  11. That’s a sexy short little man right there. I know, I know… that’s @JiFapono’s line. But he’s too busy demanding we get Ammendola and his abs back…
  12. And these are the kinds of players you come to rely on when you start paying your QB over $30M a year. Teams like the Packers and Saints have been talent-poor at the middle/bottom of their rosters for a long time now. (But not the Pats of course - they just cheat and circumvent the cap). Granted, we aren’t paying our QB yet, and thus shouldn’t be relying on players like these, but this is what you get when you draft poorly for over a decade.
  13. I’m not advocating we extend Berrios or anything, but this is kind of a bad week to be critical of him. He gets at least 40 % of the credit for the team scoring a TD on it’s opening drive on Sunday.
  14. It hasn’t? Basically every Super Bowl winner in NFL history has had 1 or 2 (at least) sociopaths on it.
  15. Our policy of only bringing in high character guys hasn’t exactly panned out.
  16. He’s probably talking about JFM, who obviously isn’t home grown but developed here…
  17. He’s not a weasel. He’s an Ape. Get it right.
  18. Fly a plane with a banner over their house all day, every day. You've got the money right?
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