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  1. Goal: 100,000 POST IN THIS THREAD

    What....what do we do now???
  2. Goal: 100,000 POST IN THIS THREAD

    Holy sh*t it really happened!!!!!
  3. Thoughts on Bryce Petty ?

    They all suck, dude. Hack included. Hack hasn't played a game because he can't even complete throws to guys when playing catch. Who cares which suck a little less than others?
  4. Thoughts on Bryce Petty ?

    It's quite a struggle to list off the things Macc does WELL. Find a few decent receivers off the mid-late round/UDFA pile is about all I can come up with. The roster is just straight up brutal otherwise, from top to bottom. Just brutal.
  5. Thoughts on Bryce Petty ?

    I said the Petty pick WOULD be fine if Hackenberg were any good. Hack as the starter, Petty as the backup. That would be fine. Hackenberg was a failure from the start. If you can't complete 60 % against Indiana, you can't make it in the pros. And everyone associated with the Jet organization knows he is the suck. But please, say Hack will be good, and add him to your stellar QB evaluation over the years.
  6. Jamal Adams is mic'd up

    How many early picks do we need to make on defense before it gets "fixed"? It's a talent problem, dude. Coaching is a problem too, but not as big of a problem. You need your best defensive players to be at premium positions. Our best defensive players are a DT and 2 safeties. That isn't sustainable.
  7. Jamal Adams is mic'd up

    Jamal Adams is EXACTLY the problem with this team. No, not Adams himself. He's a nice player. But the fact that we would take a Jamal Adams at 6th overall when we have zero elite players on the roster, and zero impact players at "premium positions". This isn't the first time we took a Jamal Adams, either. Leonard Williams was a Jamal Adams. Darron Lee was a Jamal Adams. Jamal Adams everywhere! We have used every first round pick in this tenure on "nice" players who don't really make a large impact on the game. That's why people rip on Adams. Because they're really not ripping on him, they're ripping on the franchise. Adams should have been a nice player for another franchise. Just like Williams and Lee should have been nice players for other franchises. In their place, we needed at LEAST one of the following: QB, LT, EDGE Rusher (or 2). Vic Beasley, for instance, would have fit the bill very nicely instead of Williams. Or, we needed to find those guys somewhere else in the draft. But because we did NOT, we're left with a team of "nice" players spinning their wheels until we find a QB, franchise LT and EDGE Rusher (or 2). Make sense?
  8. Thoughts on Bryce Petty ?

    See, and this is kind of a big problem. If Petty is no better than a "camp arm", which very well could the case....why not elevate Hackenberg to the # 2 job so we can cut to the chase? Yeah, Hack may also be somehow worse than a "camp arm". He might be a "Cut from the CFL arm". But if you know what you have in Petty and have less of an idea what you have in Hackenberg, but also have more invested in Hack.... then that should be the "tiebreaker". We need Hackenberg to be the next guy in line, whether he's ready or not. It's been nearly 2 seasons, yet here he is not even getting activated on gameday. And if your GM is using a 4th rounder on a "camp arm" and a 2nd rounder on a "cut from the CFL arm"....good God. Why does this guy get to have one of the 32 most important positions in a $14B business? Remember, the Cowboys used a 4th round pick on Dak Prescott. A draft where we had every opportunity to take Prescott. This assumption that every 4th round QB draft choice should be assumed to have no chance at being a starter is a complete fallacy. Sure, it's VERY rare to find a QB outside of the 1st round, much less in the 4th or later. But this idea that Macc made a "give up" pick in the 4th just to fill the # 2/3 job means he is an absolute idiot. Every pick matters. Every pick needs to made with a player's ceiling in mind. And if that ceiling is "backup", look elsewhere, and pick that type of guy up off of the UDFA pile.
  9. Play a role, yes. A role that is overstated by this board, also yes. QB's who can play perform well regardless of offensive coordinator, receivers, team culture, etc. Even in down years for the franchise, the QB is rarely the biggest part of the problem, and is still evaluated as a starting-caliber QB. The problem for Jets fans is that we haven't had a QB who can play in a long, long time. So, naturally, rather than give up on the QB (who is hard to find and hard to move on from when we THINK we've found a good one), fans make every excuse in the book for him. They ignore that the QB is consistently one of the top 5 reasons we lose games in a given week, and rarely one of the top 5 reasons we win in a given week. It really comes down to this. How many times does a QB make plays that force you to say "WOW, that guy can play!". Only a couple times in his 2 years here did Geno Smith have moments like that (Falcons game when he got Offensive Player of the Week comes to mind). Even less for Mark Sanchez. If you're not able to say that about your QB at least, like, 5 or 6 times a season....guess what, he sucks. And you don't need to know anything about the other factors to make that evaluation.
  10. 2016-17 NCAA Basketball Thread

    So I'm hearing UNC is # 1 in every preseason poll on the planet, and they are considering cancelling the NCAA Tournament next year and just handing them the crown now. Thoughts for next year guys??
  11. Keeping up with the Tank.

    Just think what Cousins could accomplish here with all of our weaponzz
  12. Jamal Adams is mic'd up

    Let’s lead the league in leadership yo. #JetUp
  13. Brett Hundley

    And all that did for him was create a path for Rodgers to come back next week. If they had lost, they’d basically be out of contention and would have likely shut Rodgers down until next season.
  14. Jamal Adams is mic'd up

    Jamal Adams is supposed to be a franchise player after getting taken 6th overall. Yet this positive review above me says he’s done his job “pretty well.” That’s right, the guy we used our # 6 pick on. He’s doing a pretty good job guys. Please explain why this should excite me. Because, f*ck me, but I thought guys taken that early should, you know, make an impact. 3rd-4th round picks are where you can find the “pretty good” players, no?
  15. Thoughts on Bryce Petty ?

    The Petty pick would be fine if he hadn’t failed so spectacularly with the Hackenberg selection. Not to mention he went the veteran journeyman route not once but twice. Macc inspires zero confidence when it comes to the most important position on the field. Does that help you “get” the criticism?
  16. Thoughts on Bryce Petty ?

    Blame the GM who drafted Petty. And the owner who hired Macc. Sadly, we can’t fire the owner...
  17. Thoughts on Bryce Petty ?

    lol. McCown is 38 and this was a non-playoff team. Everyone could see this. We gained nothing by starting him this deep into the season other than it helped give Robby Anderson a nice season. The problem isn’t just that we failed to get Petty in until now. It’s that we also have failed to even activate Hackenberg. You can’t move from one to the other without progressing. Sure, they probably both suck bigtime. But unlike McCown, Hackenberg will be under contract here thru 2019. What upside was there to start McCown and not move through the depth chart in an otherwise mostly meaningless season? This GM and coaching staff signed off on using 2 picks on QBs. It’s not like they were both here THEN our GM and coach showed up. And sometimes you need guys to see the field. Practice isn’t always enough to fully evaluate them. Especially since NFL practices no longer simulate game action quite like they used to.
  18. Petty Week 15. Tell Hackenberg ahead of time he gets Weeks 16 and 17.
  19. Hats off to McCown

    I like Josh. Can’t stand the 2 guys responsible for him being our starting QB in the first place, with our only other alternatives (who we never play aside from injury) the last 3 years being Petty, Fitzpatrick and Hackenberg. But none of that is McCown’s fault.
  20. Hats off to McCown

    Accidental pun?
  21. You can’t quantify leadership. Those quality 5-11 seasons don’t happen by accident, ya know.
  22. Thoughts on Bryce Petty ?

    Give Petty Week 15. Hack 16 and 17. I don’t care how terrible they are. Use this opportunity to see what we have, and let them make plenty of throws. None of this conservative bullsh*t.
  23. Broken hand for McCown

    So f*cking stupid that this is what it took to finally slide down the depth chart. Week f*ckin 14. Feel bad for Josh but it never should have come to this.
  24. There's no mess to clean up. It's pretty simple: They see John Dorsey as an upgrade over Sashi Brown. And they're correct. Dorsey is a Top 5-10 GM.
  25. If a QB can play, he can play. So much of the stuff we talk about on message boards don't actually matter that much. But don't tell Max I said that, since that's 90 % of the content here.