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  1. What really cripples the franchise are QB's on the level of Mark Sanchez, Geno Smith and Sam Darnold. Maybe 4th time will be the charm with the Mormon!
  2. And neither Watson nor Wilson are a Goff. They are both elite QB's. One just entering his prime, one who is still in it.
  3. When is the last time that an elite, young franchise QB was the one being traded for those picks? Oh, right, it's never happened before.
  4. You must really not like Robert Saleh, then!
  5. It can easily be both. Watson is resolute about not playing for Houston this year. Fail to trade Watson prior to the draft, and you're looking at no picks until Round 3 AND no Watson for a full season.
  6. This can happen to any QB or player. It could happen to Josh Allen next year. It could happen to Zach Wilson or Justin Fields. Why is this such a fear that a move like this shouldn't happen? Athletic, mobile QB's are the way of the NFL, and it's not going away. All 4 of the top QB's in the 2021 class rely heavily on their legs.
  7. Let's see how they feel in April, when they're staring down the barrel of having 1) No first or 2nd round pick, and 2) AJ McCarron as their starting QB.
  8. Yes because clearly the biggest problem with Sam Darnold is he isn't getting pushed enough. As if the possibility of a $25M fifth year option and a massive 2nd contract aren't enough incentive. What a mook.
  9. We'd have just gone 4-12 forever with Watson! And to think we'd have missed out on the great Alex Leatherwood!
  10. Rock and a hard place for Seattle. Re-sign him, and they're overpaying the most overrated player in the NFL at a position of no importance. Franchise him, and they deal with Adams hissy fits for an extra year, and he might even try to pull a Le'Veon. Let him walk as a FA, and they just paid two 1sts and a 3rd for 2 years of sh*tty SS play.
  11. That would be quite the twist: Crusher sabotaging his own wedding! JiF stated he used random.org to assign roles so it’s obviously possible.
  12. And you might want to consider that eventually, all high end QBs get paid. This implied plan to build around QBs on rookie deals and then let them go does not and will not work. Being a perennial contender requires a team to one day pay a QB a sh*t ton of money. Period.
  13. 0 times in Jets history has a Jet QB who failed in NY gone on to success elsewhere. And only a handful of QB's in NFL history who sucked for 3 years went on to legitimate success later on (meanwhile, there are dozens of instances where a highly drafted QB who sucked for 3 years continued to suck). At least 4 times since 1999, the Jets have missed out on a great QB because they were holding out hope the one(s) on the roster already would become franchise guys. Color me far more concerned about the latter scenario playing out than the former. And you should be, too.
  14. Remember when a bunch of JN posters said that the Jets should emulate what the Titans are doing? Also, I seem to recall quite a few posters advocating that Douglas take a WR at 11 because there would likely be quality OT's (like Wilson) on the board later on. A lot of those same posters are now saying Becton was the "obvious pick".
  15. Joe Douglas, after acquiring Watson for the # 2 overall pick and a 2023 5th rounder:
  16. No, they do not. For starters, he can afford to pay those fines. But the more important points to note are the following: With very rare exceptions, every player in American Pro Sports history who has demanded a trade has eventually gotten traded, usually before the following season started. Those standoffs don't typically last very long. This long list includes 7 starting QB's in the last 40 years (Elway, Montana, Eli, Carson Palmer, Favre, Cutler, Wentz). Possibly 8 if you want to include Stafford (he'd still be a Lion if he didn't want to get moved). It's not just about
  17. JiF: "What? You guys don't have f**kable AC's? You LOSERS! Us Floridians know how to live!"
  18. You @GATA tread cautiously there. This is usually what happens when she tries to sit somewhere: @CTM is working on it.
  19. That was true when I lived in northern NJ. Why do you think I left for school at 18 and never returned? We have centralized AC everywhere in southeastern NC, and everywhere else in the state that isn't in the mountain region. Florida isn't special, JiF. Well, it has a lot of special PEOPLE, but it isn't a special place.
  20. Let me guess. The documentary concludes the Jets were the biggest problem for Geno Smith, even though he's a career backup who has been passed on to 3 other franchises since the Jets let him go.
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