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  1. Yep. He's like the RB who, if you need 1 yard, will give you 3, but if you need 5 yards will also give you 3. He'll take a bad team and get you 9-10 wins, but he also has the ability to take a good team and give you 9-10 wins.
  2. No doubt that anyone saying Darnold > Cousins right now is insane. Even if Darnold had Cousins' roster around him, I don't imagine he'd be putting up better numbers at this stage in his career. But among the reasonable people, that's not what the argument should be about. If you're starting a team from scratch, which QB do you prefer (with current contract included as part of the analyis)? For me its an easy decision: Darnold. He's 9 years younger, still on his rookie deal, and at least has demonstrated he can put up Andy Dalton numbers. With Cousins, we've seen the best out of him, and it's QB purgatory. Barely above average QB play and a very poor W-L record against teams with .500+ records. Darnold has an unknown/untapped ceiling, so the "devil you don't know" is better than the "devil you know" in this instance. And I'll add that it's not just that Darnold is so much younger. I'd probably take several aging QB's over Darnold if starting a team from scratch (like Rodgers and probably Brees). Cousins isn't in that category.
  3. He signed for top Special Teams money. He wasn't signed for RB money. Now that he's an established starting RB, he wants to be paid like one. A pretty reasonable request. If a special teams gunner suddenly put up an 80+ catch season, it would be fair for him to want to be paid like a WR, no?
  4. Yes, top 15. Only 8 RBs in the league faced more 8+ man boxes than Mostert did last year, and he was still highly successful, then put up a monster postseason. I believe his yards after contact was upper tier as well. If he ends up a 1-year wonder, I'll adjust my evaluation accordingly. You and @JiF love a non-sexy RB like Bilal Powell but refuse to give a guy like Mostert proper credit.
  5. Yep, not only do RBs get screwed by the system (hence why Dalvin Cook is threatening to hold out too), but Mostert has gotten screwed more than other backs by how the CBA works. He's the # 23 paid RB in the league in 2020, making less than his own teammate (Tevin Coleman - # 13) who he outperformed last year and earned the starting job over. Some holdouts/trade requests around the league are unreasonable, but this is absolutely not one of them. And since the Niners are very unlikely to give Mostert more money, demanding a trade is his only recourse.
  6. Scarce Nyn >>>> 95 % of JN Mafia players at full attention.
  7. Never said he is a top RB. Only that he isn't a JAG. He's a solid north-south runner who is probably somewhere in the top 12-15 among backs. That is a proper and fair take, one which I used all the information at my disposal to make.
  8. Advanced analytics are ghey. Standard numbers are ghey. Just base your opinions on players on feelings, man. That's all that matters. ***Blows smoke***
  9. Especially since even elite TE's come cheap. The league has colluded to keep that position cheap, with the highest paid guy (Hunter Henry) only making a little over $10M in 2020.
  10. He averaged 6.3 yards per carry in the playoffs, with 5 TDs. His regular season advanced stats had a little bit of predictive power there. He benefits greatly from his system and is mostly useless in the passing game. But a JAG he is not.
  11. There's gonna be no sports until 2023, Tom. You can't pass ALL your time on hookers and blow. Even while wearing a mask...
  12. It's a lot for a team like SF that's right up against the cap as it is. They rank right up there with the most expensive backfields in the league in 2020: Texans (David Johnson, Duke Johnson, B. Howell): $16M Jets (Bell, Gore, Perine): $15.9M Cowboys (Elliott, Pollard, Darius Anderson): $12.4M Titans (Henry, Perry, Dalyn Dawkins): $11.8M Panthers (McCaffrey, Mike Davis, Scarlett): $11.5M Giants (Barkley, Dion Lewis, E. Penny): $11.4M Patriots (White, Burkhead, Michel): $11.1M 49ers (Coleman, Mostert, McKinnon): $10.9M Jaguars (Fournette, Thompson, Armstead): $10.8M Cardinals (Drake, Edmonds, D.J. Foster): $10.2M
  13. I sincerely doubt they'll pay Mostert. They're already paying Tevin Coleman $4.9M and Jerick McKinnon $2.9M next year. Throw in Mostert's $3.1M and that's a lot devoted to a RB trio.
  14. @Nynaeve @Leelou @Verbal @HessStation @AVM @Smashmouth @BrickTamland @kdels62 @JustEndTheSuffering @SMC @Jets Voice of Reason @Beaver @Bleedin Green @Lizard King @Doggin94it @Integrity28 @deckerfan @OH NO.....ITS ZANDER!!!!!! @A.J. @ID. @Fantasy Island @BigO @BUM-KNEE @Losmeister @Dan. @Pac @T0mShane @Klecko73isGod @Lily
  15. https://www.nfl.com/news/current-cowboys-offer-for-more-years-than-dak-prescott-desires Current Cowboys offer for more years than Dak Prescott desires Grant Gordon NFL.COM DIGITAL CONTENT PRODUCER As the days burn deeper into summer and the calendar closes in on July 15, the window continues to shut on Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys working out a long-term contract ahead of the 2020 season. As of Wednesday, Prescott and the Cowboys are a week away from the deadline to sign an extension and Dallas has an offer on the table, but it's longer than the standout quarterback wants, NFL Network's Tom Pelissero reported. It's not in the realm of the 10-year pact that Patrick Mahomes signed with the Kansas City Chiefs on Monday, but it is lengthier than Prescott desires, Pelissero clarified. July 15 stands as the deadline for franchise-tagged players to sign long-term extensions. Prescott signed his tender on June 22 so no training camp holdout is on the horizon. The two-time Pro Bowler is coming off a huge season statistically in which his career-high 4,902 yards passing were second in the NFL and second all-time in franchise chronicle. His 30 touchdowns were also a career-best in his four-season tenure. Turning 27 before the month is done, Prescott is due to make $31.4 million this season on the tag. Of the eight quarterbacks who have been franchise tagged in NFL history, only two have played the ensuing season on the tag -- Drew Brees and Kirk Cousins -- and each of them eventually signed with a new team, per NFL Research. For now, though, there's still a week for Prescott and the Cowboys to work out a long-term stay and as Pelissero said, this "always seemed destined to go down to wire."
  16. https://www.nfl.com/news/raheem-mostert-requests-trade-from-san-francisco-49ers RB Raheem Mostert requests trade from 49ers Michael Baca NFL.COM DIGITAL CONTENT PRODUCER Raheem Mostert played a pivotal role in the San Francisco 49ers' run to the Super Bowl last season, but the running back is now open to playing elsewhere. After months of unfruitful negotiations in regards to a new deal, Mostert has requested a trade from the 49ers, NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported Wednesday afternoon. Brett Tessler, Mostert's agent, disclosed his client's request in a tweet, stating, "After months of unproductive talks with the 49ers about fairly adjusting Mostert's contract (which paid him for special teams) we have requested a trade. Disappointing that it would come to this for a guy for a guy who led all NFL RBs in YAC and helped lead them to a Super Bowl." According to Rapoport, Tessler said Mostert's request is to simply be in line with the highest-paid running back on the team, which is Tevin Coleman, who is set to make $4.55 million in 2020. Mostert has two years left on his current deal and is due $2.57 million in base salary this season and $2.87 million in 2021, per OverTheCap. The 49ers have already traded away a running back this offseason, sending Matt Breida to the Miami Dolphins for a fifth-round draft pick. Along with Mostert and Coleman, the Niners' current RB depth chart rounds out with Jerick McKinnon, Jeff Wilson and undrafted rookie JaMycal Hasty. Mostert, 28, has been one of the best success stories in the NFL, going from an undrafted free agent to special teams nomad, to secret weapon in one of the NFL's best offenses last season. Mostert's breakout moment came in last year's NFC Championship Game against the Green Bay Packers, when the hard-nosed rusher tallied 220 yards on 29 attempts and scored four touchdowns, setting multiple playoff rushing records. Mostert also managed to score a touchdown in the team's loss to the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LIV. After proving his value on the field last season, Mostert will now venture into the trade market while also looking for a new contract that reflects his worth. Time will tell if another team will look to attain Mostert's services and fulfill his needs, but recent history has shown that it's been easier said than done when it comes to the execution of a running back's demands.
  17. I see what you're doing. Trying to mod a game to keep your streak intact. I see you.
  18. Living in a Cam down by the Rivers
  19. Never said GW had an impressive HC career. But as a DC and culture creator, he's one of the best. Until he leaves 2-3 seasons after his arrival, of course.
  20. This is one that came up when I typed that in:
  21. Expensive can like J-Lo's? Jennifer Lopez has a $27 million insurance policy on her butt.

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