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  1. I wonder how he'd be doing with Josh Malone
  2. Yep. Two of the greatest and longest tenured players in Jets history weren't exactly passionate about playing football (Curtis Martin, D'Brickashaw Ferguson).
  3. Why don't you do something with your ring and help solve the problem @GREENLANTERN. Sheesh.
  4. I need to look at the upcoming WR3's/slot receivers Seattle faces starting in Week 8 so I can pick them up in fantasy.
  5. 1 more week of something resembling competent defense. Enjoy it, Seahawks fans!
  6. For sure. He's a very good bridge QB you can roll with for multiple seasons (if needed) until you're in position to draft a QB you like. I'm not sure who I would compare Bridgewater to. Maybe Alex Smith? I kind of like Bridgewater more than Smith though.
  7. "Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much." You're not wrong, but if he can succeed with Teddy Bridgewater, I'm confident he can succeed with a young franchise QB, too. And to be clear, I'm not down on Bridgewater; I like him more than most.
  8. This had to be a bittersweet night for @T0mShane. Mike McCarthy is very clearly a fraud and absolutely would have been a worse hire than Gase, for the simple fact that we'd have a sh*tty HC AND still have Maccagnan at GM. But meanwhile Kingsbury is running that team very nicely and Kenyan Drake had a big night. Rhule >> Kingsbury >>>>>>>>>>> Gase >>> McCarthy
  9. It's true that great WR's can make sh*tty QB's look a little less sh*tty. But they aren't an absolute necessity if your QB is worth his salt. The Steelers rotate out WR's every single season, it seems, and don't seem to have a problem. You can barely name Tom Brady's top WR's outside of Moss over the last 2 decades. The Ravens rearely invest in WR's and have two rings in the past 2 decades. One of the biggest catches in Super Bowl history was made by a guy named David Tyree. The Packers have notoriously neglected the WR position (and their 2 best in recent years - Davante Adams and Jordy Nelson, were picks 53 and 36 overall, respectively) with Rodgers but keep on chugging. Unless we're talking about Jerry Rice, Randy Moss, Calvin Johnson, and maybe a couple other guys, really good WR's rarely can make a bad QB look competent. Far more often than not its the other way around: QB's make the WR, not the other way around. Don't get me wrong: I am absolutely not against investing in WR's where it is prudent to do so. It is still a premium position. I like the Steelers' approach: Draft a WR in the rd 2/3 area every year and then let them walk at the end of their rookie deals. They're great to have when they're cheap. But it's not always necessary to hand them Amari Cooper money. WR is a volatile position due to the personalities of high-end types, and that has to be taken into account before paying them.
  10. It really doesn’t. Michael Jordan was a horrible GM. Worse than most GM’s. Former players tend to lack objectivity and in many cases are much worse at evaluating talent than the average scout or front office exec.
  11. He was paid to catch a football. Not make front office decisions. Being part of a SB winner doesn’t give him any added expertise in that department.
  12. C'mon dude. Everyone knows that if you root hard for it, the team will win. How you choose to be entertained by a group of large men you don't know getting paid millions to throw an oblate spheroid around is super serious business.
  13. Probably not. He just wants a reason to brag about how he's such an awesome fan with such pride and honor and such, and the rest of us are losers contributing to the Jets' losses. He's said numerous times that the team is absolutely terrible, and probably thinks they're going 0-16 just like we are.
  14. This team has been really good at breaking our hearts, for sure. Fortunately, we have a tough schedule, which helps to mitigate that risk a bit. I'll also be very interested to see how what additional trades Douglas makes and what the team does with Darnold. Do they shut him down?
  15. And if teams love Lawrence that much, it begets the question: Why shouldn't the Jets, who need a QB, just go ahead and take him? I can't imagine a situation where Joe Douglas just doesn't like TL as a prospect.
  16. Sure. But whoever picks # 2 might be just fine with Fields, which would destroy that plan from the jump. Come to think of it....has there ever been a trade in NFL history where the team picking # 1 traded with the team picking 2nd?
  17. I mean, I'd potentially be down with that depending on how Fields plays and how the full evaluation process goes. But if we're moving from 1 to 2 to take Fields, it simply means that Douglas has Fields higher than Lawrence on our board. This thread really isn't about Lawrence vs Fields, however. That take doesn't really do much to answer the question on what it would take to pass on a potential franchise QB and move down, which is really what we've been discussing in this thread to begin with. Fields just hasn't been part of that conversation for the # 1 pick because we haven't seen him play yet this year. Everyone is assuming it will be Lawrence at # 1 (and rightly so, to be quite honest).
  18. Only way we're trading down and still getting Fields is if the team with the # 2 pick moves up. There are too many QB-needy teams and I do think Fields will light it up in his final college season.
  19. That 0-16 Browns team wasn't even one of the 3 worst teams in Browns history. That 0-16 Browns team wasn't in the same universe of suckage as the 2020 Jets. This Jets team is right up there with the '76 Buccaneers for one of the 2 worst NFL teams of all-time. There have been no "balls bouncing differently" because we've only lost blowots, sans the Denver game. That trend should continue every week. If we end up in a close game I'll start to worry. But if we couldn't keep it within 7 against a Denver team with their 3rd string QB under center, chances are good we'll continue to get blown out and we will have little to worry about.
  20. So only two 1sts and a bunch of 2nds for a lock elite QB on a cheap rookie deal? Dang. You're an easy sell.

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