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    Nice site Maxman and TS and thanks for the personal invite. Be warned, however, this board is the easy part of the equation: :wink: At the draft site, we worked like freaks to get the free agent preview up (head feels like it's been slammed by a sledge hammer, we typed so much)....Now half the teams in the NFL are switching to the 3-4 and new players are being cut and signed everyday, making half our team needs almost obsolete after a few days... :? Nontheless, I'm sure you'll do a great job with that aspect in the near future. Good luck, and things sure have changed a JI real soon. This is the biggest "shakeup" I've seen, and I've been there for 4 seasons (since the old school board)... I went from the 61st ranked poster (post count) to 58th in the matter of a few minutes

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