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  1. AC/DC Malcolm Young dies at 64

    It says something, IMO, and not something good, than CNN currently has a piece on "Rapper Lil'Peep Dead at 21" and no piece on the death of Malcom ******* Young of AC/DC. Who the **** is Lil'Peep and why does this drug OD little nobody get in the news and Malcom doesn't? /endoldmanshakingcaneatclouds
  2. Bye Week Blues

    Freeze. (My oil furnace just died, total replacement required. Meh).
  3. I don’t agree that it’s oneofthe least talented teams in football. We’re missing a QB. And need help on the Oline and CB. That’s it.
  4. He's Ambassador to the United Kingdom dude. He IS a political guy.
  5. I would not predict Macc trading up for a QB in 2018. Just don't see it. One spot, say pick #8 to pick #7? Sure, that could happen. Pick #8 to pick #1 or #2? Hard to see that happening IMO. I wouldn't do it. I would stay where I am and pick one of the lower prospects, the BAP QB at my spot. I believe Baker Mayfield would be available, and I would likely select him. Then I spend the rest of the draft building offense around him, especially the O-line.
  6. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    I'm willing to bet you said the exact same thing about Watson last cycle. And probably still think the fluke injury means you weren't wrong.
  7. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    There are alot of these of the forums of late: There is just no point, nothing to gain, getting all emo over who will be available months from now, with all that can (and usually does) happen between now and then. Nor does it serve any point to cry over where you pick. It is what it is, get the best QB at that pick, or pick one later, or get a FA, or play our own kids, whatever. As long as we're making an effort to improve (and that's the question at QB these days IMO).
  8. Mike Westhoff back in the NFL

    Westhoff would have been a materially better head coach than Bowles has been. I truly believe that. Westhoff believes in accountability.
  9. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    How many times has Tyrod beaten the Pats?
  10. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    I don't think the Bills have any chance, personally. They're not nearly as good as their 5-4 record (sound familiar?, lol). Their remaining schedule is quite weak, Phins x2, Pats x2, Chargers, Chiefs, Colts. There is 5 winnable games there, which would make them 10-6. But I don't buy it. I think they at best split the Phins, I think they drop both to the Pats, and 2 of 3 against the Colts/Chargers/Chiefs. They finish 7-9 at best, 6-10 at worst, out either way. And to reference a previous post, they may in fact think Peterman is the better QB. For their sake, thats a best-case, as they get to see the kid AND try and make a playoff run. It's not beyond possabillity the staff likes Peterman, I liked him coming out myself, kinda wanted us to snag him if we could if I recall.
  11. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    Not good looking to who exactly? Fans? They'll get over it. Again, this Bills team was not making the playoffs. They know it, and most sane folks know it. Tyrod wasn't playing well. They have a young player they see alot of upside in, and as a franchise are clearly not going to invest in Tyrod long-term. As such, they need to find their QB. This move helps them do that, so they can know what they have (or not) heading into next offseason and the QB heavy draft. It's exactly the way a team should be managed. This administration isn't responsible for the last 20 years, and they shouldn't manage like they are. The Jets playing McCown at this point is a literal tragic comedy. It either means Bowles/Macc have no idea what they're doing, or that Petty and Hack are so pathetic and horrible and irredeemable they would simply be a joke to play them, and neither option reflects well on Bowles or Macc.
  12. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    In before the inevitable Jets Fan "Sign Tyrod Taylor for 2018" threads. Smart move by Buffalo. They've never been sold on Tyrod Taylor. He's just good enough to tempt you, just bad enough to want to replace him every year. Now they get to see their youngster play, likely improve their draft stock as well, for little to no cost. They were not making the playoffs anyway. Smart franchise management.
  13. Interesting Francessa points

    Well, clearly we need to draft two more safeties int he 1st and 2nd next year, and reup Bowles and Macc for 10 years because they are all clearly so vital. Francessa is a dipsh*t and a Giants guy, always has been, he's not suddenly right because he says something vaguely nice about the Jets.