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  1. Jets O won the first half. Jets D won this game. Huge win!
  2. Rewatch the replay, there was no way to catch it, it hit the defender first. HUGE SACK!!!
  3. Playing no. 1 offense in NFL. Jets O has done almost nothing in 2nd half. We MUST get a drive here! Franchise QBs win this game right here.
  4. Darnold MUST lead a long drive here. The game is is in his and Gases Hands now.
  5. The opposite. Darnold needs to be the franchise QB and put this game on his shoulders.
  6. Impressed with the D. And very much with Darnold. Not the O playcalling so much.
  7. Meh. Needed a drive there badly ☹️ Gotta question no Bell there.
  8. They’re really beat up tbqh. Should folks only mention it when it’s us?

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