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  1. Warfish

    Forums upgraded to 4.3.4

    Blogs brought to you by: and
  2. Warfish

    Forums upgraded to 4.3.4

    4.3.6 is really the basic level of expectations.
  3. Warfish

    Case for Teddy?

    Apparently what you forgot was that we were talking about McCown.
  4. Warfish

    Case for Teddy?

    He's certainly good enough to win oh, about 33% of the games he starts.
  5. There was nothing off. Our WR is indeed that big a sh*theel. This is just how it works.
  6. Warfish

    Case for Teddy?

    I find people views on the quality my posting is generally in line with their agreement with my opinions of the day. I also find that people who disagree with me often prefer to talk about me and how I post as they see it, rather than the topic. How about, and I know this may sound crazy, we just agree to disagree once in a while? We (in general) don't have to fight over every opinion just to express our own. Because you're quite right, we want the same thing: A Jets Super Bowl win in our lifetimes.
  7. Negotiated plea bargains and reduced charges are a wonderful thing for some folks.
  8. Warfish

    Case for Teddy?

    It's my reading of things. Nothing more. Don't get so butthurt over it. I should have added how intolerant Camp 1 is of any opinion not in 100% agreement with Camp 1.
  9. Warfish

    Case for Teddy?

    Feels like we've had this exact thread three+ times already. It boils down to two camps: Camp 1: Darnold or nothing. Play him or nothing. Sell everything else to support Darnold. Wins do not matter till whatever future year Darnold is ready to win a Super Bowl. Only Darnold's development matters. This camp would trade Bridgewater for a bag of footballs if it increased thec hance of Darnold starting. And this camp has no backup plan if Darnold plays poorly (irrelevant, he's developing!) or is a bust (impossible, best prospect since Jesus!). This camp things the job should be handed to Darnold a la Sanchez, not earned. Interestingly, most in this camp LOVE Josh McCown. Camp 2: Wants to win and compete now with whomever the best player playing the best now is (be in Bridge or Darnold), and develop the players who are not the best now till they are ready in the future. This camp does not inherently trust that Darnold is the next Luck at QB, or that the team should be all-in to such an extent on Darnold until he earns such all-in investment. This camp would play Bridge is Bridge was playing better than Darnold, and only make a switch when Darnold shows he's worthy of it. They think a team with a histroy at QB as bad as ours needs to invest at QB in depth, with a plan A (Darnold) and plan B (Bridge maybe, maybe not) and stop spending 10 million a year on glorified .333 winning percentage Coach-players like McCown when we could have a young prospect there instead. This camp thinks the job should be earned, not handed. Best as I can tell, the vast majority of fans are firmly in camp #1. They have faith in Darnold being great. The entire debate, of course, is moot if Darnold outplays everyone. Then both sides agree (from their own perspective) that Darnold should play.
  10. Poor Kelly, one of our least appreciated posters.
  11. Warfish

    My prediction..your guess.

    Something something pig something something slaughter?
  12. There is nothing like the desperate rush to judgement of a long abused fanbase. Maybe instead of all this hot air, we could, you know, just wait till he plays. In a game. That counts. And then make some evaluations on that, of something real.
  13. Warfish

    Hackenberg visiting the Pats

    The worst NFL Bust has it materially better than the very very best of us normal workaday sclubs.