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  1. I hear there is this killer O-Co in high school who is coaching to where football is going....
  2. I do? But ultimately, I think Woody will. As a man of numbers, you know as well as I do it's not "three years". The criticism is legit, so don't hyperbolize it for effect. JD had very little to do with the team we fielded in 2019. 2020 and 2021 is on him. Lol. I was......when I was 11. When I came back to Baseball in my 40's, dragged by my wife, she got to make the call who we rooted for, happily, the soon-to-be-World Series winning home team! LOL! Good timing that one. Maybe. I'd say our overall roster talent is meaningfully higher than it was under
  3. Oh, I thought you meant our OWN players. Yes, you have mentioned Trubisky on a number of occasions. Not sure the point really, given Wilson was always going to play day 1 and play the whole season barring injury, and Trubisky is no mentor, but maybe you see it differently, some alternate world where JD and Saleh play Trubs ahead of Wilson. At least Trubs is young with some potential upside, most folks here when they want a backup QB prefer the McClown route, which I will never understand, admittedly.
  4. Yup. It's just funnier reading it in the era of "People Afraid to Be Wrong on the Internet". Personally, I wanted Fields (early) or Jones (late), and not Wilson. We drafted Wilson anyway. So now I root for Wilson because he's a Jet. Fields looks just as poop if not more poop then Wilson so far. JMO.
  5. You mean.....exactly like I'm saying what I want here and now?
  6. If we're talking about "3 YEARS" you already got two pounds of flesh. The 2019 Jets were built near-exclusively by Macc and Gase, and both were fired for it. The 2020 and 2021 Jets were built by JD, and so far, have been pretty horrible through a full season + 5 games. But I'll repeat myself: JD will not be fired because you think he should. So do you plan to just scream at the trees every week for the next 12 weeks, making post after post about how JD should be fired? And then, when he isn't fired (and he won't be), do you hope to post week after week next year ab
  7. No more so than you. Yes*. (*2nd year) Yes. However, as noted, no one is going to be fired any time soon, and certainly not this year or this coming offseason. So what is the point of all the negativity? I'd offer up an alternate idea: Maybe fans should be patient for a while, and see where the team actually goes this year, given the circumstances. They'll be more than enough time in the offseason for the usual chorus of demands for immediate firings and instant change or else.... Sorry mate, they come as a pair now. When JD goes, his hand-pi
  8. I'm quite sure we're all measuring results. But JD's future isn't up to us. I appreciate it's a Fan's lot to sturm un drang about demanding firings, but it might be helpful for the overall discourse if folks accepted/realized that their preferred firings simply aren't going to happen in the timeline they prefer. Since we are assuredly "stuck" with Saleh/JD for, at minimum, the rest of this year and most likely at least this year and next (2022), is there much of a point to all this? We all know we suck. We were 32nd/32nd in offense last year, we're 32nd/31st now this year.
  9. Davis started as the #2 WR for the 11-5 playoff Titans last year.
  10. The very earliest I could envision our ownership firing JD would be after the completion of the 2022 season. His future will be based on how much improvement, if any, this franchise shows by that date IMO.
  11. 6th and 10th? I do think I might just get the best Center and best available non-Center O-lineman, to pair with Becton and AVT (and Moses perhaps). Sure, more weapons would be nice, admittedly. A legit #1 WR. An actual weapon at TE. But if Wilson is to succeed, he needs two things more than any other: 1. To be protected and have time to throw. 2. A running game that can actually produce. However we get there, if we cannot provide 1 and 2, Wilson (and anyone after him at QB) may never amount to anything.
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