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  1. Funny, haven't seen you in any of your recent films, I must have missed them.
  2. All In on the Rodgers Idea Draft: O-Line, O-Line, O-Line, and a FB. Get one LB. Need another (to two) from FA. Got a WR (doesn't matter who, others might be better) for behind Wilson/Moore/Mims. And feat not, some of those T's are really G's. Could also give flex to move Becton to G if needed.
  3. The primary role of a good backup QB is: 1. Reliability and durability. 2. Ability to win ~ 50% of starts. Better is better. 3. Limit turnovers and manage games. Mike White fails at all three criteria. We can do better.
  4. No. I don't think there is any chance of this.
  5. P.S. I'm still on the fence about this "Great Rodgers Rental" idea, but it's fun to have fun sometimes.
  6. Zach Wilson should be traded at the first opportunity, for whatever compensation can be had for him. The team needs to make a clear, clear break, and move on from him. If someone else thinks he is salvageable, let them spend the time and cap to invest in that pipe dream. Same as Darnold, moving on is the right choice. Cleans out the locker room and any remaining stink for whomever is our new QB, with no risk nor temptation to try and "see what we got in Zach" in 2023. Same goes for "Like an Egg Back There" Mike White. He goes too (as a FA). No need to resign him, he's far too fragile to rely on in any way, and the cult of personality about him in the locker room needs to die a quick death. His guy MLF is gone, as is his advantage knowing MLF's system. We should, if we were smart, have three new QB's in our QB room next year. But we're not smart. So I expect at least Zach here, and maybe White too. Along with a weak swing Veteran like Trubisky or the like. Same old Jets.
  7. So someone cheap now. Then a FA star who will make us more competitive than Rodgers and Carr, and will also come cheap. In 2025 Got it.
  8. Mute button exists for a reason. Turn off TV heads, turn on local radio heads. Synch as need to align.
  9. Which FA QB is that, that is so good we should get in 2025? Also what stops us from getting better while enjoying a Rodgers? We’re not giving up all our picks and cap, we’re still gonna draft a lot of guys. Taking a step back, remind me, who is your opening day #1 QB for 2023?
  10. I'm stockpiling da poo now. If even a single word, even an IF or THE turns out wrong, it's a poop show for you kid. ALL THE POOP!!!!! (lols)
  11. A very "doesn't matter anyway" kinda attitude, Eeyore. So....if we're post-season uncompetitive as is (which we are), uncompetitive with Rodgers (debatable), and uncompetitive with any other QB (also debatable), we may as well at least be entertaining, right? After all, we're gonna spend to the cap, so why not do it in an entertaining way?
  12. If it's a one year rental, I don't think you make the deal. Minimum of commitment to two full seasons, better yet three, or screw it, it just isn't worth it for one shot at maybe the playoffs.
  13. How many will your own preferred QB option bringing to the Jets?
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