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  1. i.e. like every Union? In any event, is what it is, there will likely be no in-person, non-mandatory work this offseason. Mandatory Mincamp, Rookie Camp and Preseason will happen, not much else.
  2. Apparently Lion-O is now a Sumo wrestler as well.
  3. Boaty McBoatface says hi. No way we let Fans decide, how do you think we ended up with the horrible Washington Wizards name.....ugh. See what I mean, when the name ties to the City, it's good and the UNis look good. Capitals, Nationals, both looks and sound good. Wizards, ugh, horror, Redskins, lol, nope. Federals, with a nice Red/White/Blue Eagle Logo would be great, got a nice ring to tit, but USFL screwed the pooch on that one I think. Sadly, Dan Snyder is a derp, and is far more likely to keep the horrid Mustard and Old Blood colors and pick a lame name like WFT than h
  4. He nearly destroyed Tannehill's career single handedly. And Tannehill had more time (4 full seasons) to learn to be an NFL QB before Gase arrived. Sam got one year with Bowles (ugh) then immediately into career-killer Gase's clutches.. We'll see if Sam has a Tannehill like resurgence, or if it really is that bad soon enough. Gase's time as a O-Co with Manning and Culter are easy to discount, both were old Vets who likely told Gase what to do, not the other way around (not matter what nice things Manning says about Gase publicly). I don't think anyone is refuting t
  5. While I don't disagree, I think that's asking alot of a 2nd year "always do and say the right thing" 22-23 year old kid. Like I said, it makes watching both Gase (lol) and Sam going forward at least of interest. I fully expect Sam will improve, but continue to be a generally inaccurate, turnover prone QB. It's who he is. Gase, I hope will never see an NFL sideline in ANY form ever again. That is how bad I think he actually is.
  6. It's a good enough name, and certainly a history worthy of honoring. Just not for DC. If Alabama ever gets an NFL Team, sure, rock on. Just not sure, apart from the desperation to keep the word "red" in the name, that it has any meaningful connotation/connection to D.C. And JMO, but DC Teams should names with connections to DC. It's kinda our thing, being the Capitol City and all. For example: Washington Justice. Logo: Sword and Scales of Justice. Tie In: City of the Supreme Court, Civil Rights Marches, Etc. Logo something like this: Then stu
  7. Nope. Reminder, btw, that I was one of the very few pointing that fact out BEFORE we drafted Sam, lol. I don't need any Jets Homers lecturing me about what I was right about and they were not, lol. Point here is this, there IS some unknown/unknowable for fans in terms of assignment of blame. Sam so far is a bad bust QB. Gase is, however, hands down the worst NFL Head Coach I have ever had the displeasure to having had to watch and root for. Hence why it will be mildly interesting to see if Sam sucks as much in CAR as he did here, under Gase.
  8. Defenders Redwolves Red Hogs These would be ok I guess. I still say Washington Warthogs would be better than all of these (and ditches the forced "Red" silliness). I will be literally speechless if they keep the "Washington Football Team" name, that is such a bland and generic bag of stupidity I will simply have no words. If they REALLY have to go that generic no-name route, Washington DC Football Club (DCFC) might be super Euro-Soccer-like, but it's still miles better than WFT. lol, The Washington "Woofts".
  9. I'll be honest, I think that is far from a safe presumption on your part.
  10. Devil's Advocate: Scenario #1: Gase said "this is the play, you need to go to this guy, run it as I call it", Sam does it, the guy is covered, resulting in an INT. Scenario #2: Sam makes an on the fly decision to throw to a covered guy, resulting in an INT. How do we Fans know which is what actually happened?
  11. Draft Day Cocktail: 1 & 1/2 oz. "Daily Drinker" Bourbon (not the kind you save for sipping neat). I use Four Roses Small Batch usually. 1 & 1/2 oz. of Disaronno Italian Liqueur. 1 & 1/2 oz. of Averna Sicilian Amaro Liqueur. A splash of Marachino Cherry syrup and two of the Cherries themselves. Mix well, serve over a large block of ice. Enjoy.
  12. I like him alot. But he's only saying this because he knows RB is devalued, and he wants to go in the first round.
  13. Cool. Now name all the bad QB's turned Coaches who never amounted to anything. Let me know which list is longer, lol. In a few years are we going to be hearing from Sam "Couldn't Do It, So Talks About It" Darnold about which QB's are the best?
  14. Oh, I've heard of it. I just tend to find the people saying it are always those who couldn't do it, so not exactly unbiased in holding that opinion.
  15. I don't feel confident in any of the 2021 QB's, including Lawrence. Knowing Lawrence is out (as the #1 pick), my preference is: 1. Fields at #2 (or a short trade down at like, #5 or similar, if that were possible). 2. Trask in the 2nd or 3rd Round. Trade down from #2 for max picks. 3. Mac Jones if he fell to #23.. 4. Wilson at #2 (almost assuredly what will actually happen) ONLY if we draft Offense at #23 and in the 2nd to support him. Appreciate I'm in the tiny minority, but I just have a hard time getting behind Wilson at #2. Small school, horrible opponents,
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