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  1. Anderlols needs to start holding onto the ball, and maybe something might happen. Is Kearse still hurt, because he has been near invisible so far. Who else do we have at legit pro level besides these two and Enunwa?
  2. I thought the reason we have no WR's or TE's was because out ultra-cheap EVIL REPUBLICAN owner was too busy doing EVIL REPUBLICAN THINGS and profiteering for Macc or Bowles to get any talent? This is the claim you've made many times now, isn't it?
  3. I was just curious, surely he got his fair chance, with weapons, right? And has more TD's that that loser Fitz this year too, right? (P.S. this is a thread on an ex-Jet QB. Discussion of how the OTHER ex-Jet QB is doing, who directly competed with this ex-Jet QB, is pretty much 100% on-topic.)
  4. How did Geno play this week?
  5. Trolling as usual? 1. Not a victim, at all. Just annoyed the behavior is tolerated, tbqh. 2. He told multiple people, including me. 3. What difference does it make to you either way?
  6. 2018 - Chris Herndon - Miami, 4th Round Draft 2017 - Jordan Leggett - Clemson, 5th Round Draft 2017 - Neil Sterling - Jacksonville Jaguars 7th Round Pick, FA Signing 2017 - Will Tye - NY Giants, UDFA, FA Signing 2016 - Eric Tomlinson - Phili. Eagles UDFA, PS Signing 2016 - Austin Seferian-Jenkins - Tampa Bay 2nd Round Pick, FA Signing 2016 - Brandon Bostick - Green Bay UDFA, FA Signing 2015 - Kellen Davis, Chi. Bears 5th Round Pick, FA Signing And I am sure I'm forgetting some too, lol. Sure seems like Macc has been trying (and failing so far) to fill that spot, with typical "Macc thinks he is smarter than everyone else" type picks. Was there some huge $$$ FA TE we like, totally should have signed, that you have direct knowledge of Woody veto'ing Macc? Because if not, this ongoing dog whistle against our owner (for rather blatantly obvious motivations/reasons, tbqh Bit) seems like wild, unsupported, speculation.
  7. I want to focus on this part: I know JN is a low-moderation site, but even a low-moderation site should have some explicit, unbreakable, instant-ban rules. Telling other posters to go kill themselves is absolutely one of those should-be-unbreakable rules. As a victim of suicide, I find it absolutely unacceptable to have other posters tell me, or anyone here at JN, to go kill themselves and I'm frankly a bit disapointed that nothing but a mild warning was issued when a poster here in that thread did it multiple times to multiple posters during the game. My deepest thanks to Max for at least saying something tho, prior to that it was just let go, and the poster in question (clearly drunk and disorderly) was headed in a much worse direction. The game thread was indeed a sh*tshow, frankly, and it needs addressed. People shouldn't have to avoid the site on gameday for fear the more unhinged posters might decide to go full metal psycho on other posters.
  8. I don't understand the desire for this trade idea.
  9. Warfish

    Peyton Manning, Rookie Year

    Only to a certain kind of poster. Really makes you think....
  10. Warfish

    Peyton Manning, Rookie Year

    There is literally no connection there of any kind, other than they are both men, and both play(ed) NFL Football. Not a single other quantifiable variable is the same. What Manning did or did not do has absolutely no impact of any kind on what Darnold will or will not do. Repeat this till you get it. The world is better off without arguments as specious as this old oft' repeated chestnut. Literally the exact same "logic" you're using, except in my case I also included the ODDS. The majority of drafted QB's fail. If you cannot understand why you're argument has absolutely no merit, you're beyond hope. But hey, some other guy who isn't you, isn't anything like you, and who posted about another team of another era once got over bad posting, so CLEARLY you will also get over bad posting too. LOGIC!

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