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  1. The only solution is winning. It'll change when this team wins. As Fans, all we can (and should) do is to demand better.
  2. No one else was "dunking" on his post. It's telling how much of a dickbag you are that you can't see folks having a little fun with a silly thread. You're literally a cliché.
  3. Well, in any discussion of the 10 greatest Alabama Albums, you just got to start with this one:
  4. Is there ever a moment where "Be a dickbag" ISN'T your first reaction?
  5. We do not have a 1B. Davis is a 2 at best, Moore is best as a slot, where he will excel. We do not have a 1, A, B or D, at this point. I'm not arguing that TE isn't a need. It's not a need over a #1 WR. By all means, if you want to draft a WR at #4 and a TE at #10, sign me up.
  6. Oh. Well, that does make some sense. I've just never heard it stated as "permission" before. Did that High School wherever Gase landed have to ask the Johnson's for permission? *chuckle*
  7. Who? TE does not replace a WR, it supplements WR.
  8. Double Defense? I maintain we need an elite-potential asset on Offense to support Wilson. Preferably a WR.
  9. Wait.......who do the Giants need permission from to interview an unemployed Head Coach?
  10. We need a clear cut identify as a team. It doesn't feel like the newest era of uniform does that. Something new had to be something bold. This wasn't. It was a milktoast re-do of the 80's. If we were going 80's (which I love, but I am biased) we shoulda just re-did the 80's outright. How about we try and make everyone happy? Home we use the 60's/Parcells Era Uniform and Logo. Away we use the 80's Kelly Green Uniforms and Logo. I could like that. Too bad I think the NFL would bar that because you can't change helmet logos I believe.
  11. Fair point, Wilson is (I believe) pretty small (6'0", 192-ish). A Wilson (1), Moore (2), Berrios (Slot) trio of starting WR's would definitely be a "Mighty Mini" group, no question. Hellishly speedy and elusive, but no strong/height guys in that group. Burks is 6'3"/225 and London is 6'5"/210. I just really like the comps I hear about Wilson, which is the WFT #1 Terry McLaurin. " Wilson has continued to show his game-breaking speed and electrifying playmaking ability this season. He runs smooth routes, showing suddenness in-and-out of his breaks to consistently generate separa
  12. I sometimes forget QW is playing because of how rarely he seems to do something noteworthy.
  13. Accuracy, field vision, technique and decision making. Same reason most QB's aren't good. Same reasons Zach Wilson wasn't good in 2021. If a QB cannot improve/fix these issues, they do not last long as starters. It's very rarely a physical issue, almost every QB at the NFL can "make all the throws" a QB needs to be a success. It's all about eyes and brains.
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