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  1. I think all of the NFL is trying to decide this question as we speak, under the new 3-game meta. I would presume something like this: PS Game #1 - 1 Quarter PS Game #2 - 1 Half PS Game #3 - 1 Half to 3 Quarters Week 1 - Whole Game I've heard from some folks that they think Week 3 in PS is the new Week 4, and everyone will sit. I'm not buying it. They need this time to get players ready just as much as they need it to sort out who the #8 WR and #6 LB are. The "everyone sits, play the deepest depth players" game is gone, I truly hope the teams (us included) u
  2. JMO, but some of you really need to think before you post. Best wishes to him for a speedy recovery and that the injury isn't as bad as it may appear.
  3. You know Politics are banned here.
  4. From ESPN's "How Training Camp Will Work in 2021" Will players jump right into full pads? No. The current collective bargaining agreement -- signed last year -- limits the first week of camp. The first day is deemed a conditioning day. Days 2-3 are no-contact, with players wearing helmets. Players can add shells on Days 4-5, still without contact, and are off on Day 6. Full-pad practices with contact can begin on Day 7. Source: https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/31884363/how-nfl-training-camps-work-2021-answering-big-questions-new-covid-19-protocols-rules-unvaccinated-players
  5. There are league limits on how many days in a row (and days overall I believe) they can be in pads. I trust Saleh to make these decisions within NFL rules. If we end up a soft team, we can be critical then. Not now.
  6. You seem near-obsessed with the Owner and their financial interests in their operations of their business. I honestly don't care slats. The Jets are in line with the vast majority of teams in terms of contracts, and Wilson is safely in camp with nothing of importance lost. If you have a point here beyond "I hate rich people", I must be missing it.
  7. "Well, that's like, your opinion man." (tm). Copyright 2021, Warfish Publishing
  8. JD is a cog in a business. And the business cares about cash outlay and cash flow. So by extension, JD cares about cash outlay and cash flow. I believe you're seeing a distinction that does not exist, that the GM is separate from the business in some way that would shelter him from business concerns. I would offer that that theory is not accurate.
  9. I enjoy hearing good things about Morgan. I'm really excited to see him play in Pre-Season (Wilson too, obviously).
  10. Is he that little blob in red, or is he that other little blob of red?
  11. Hard not to like seeing that. P.S. Maybe let Coach Saleh decide when we need to be in pads vs. when we don't? Seems to be an odd obsession this camp over pads. If the results come the regular season are poo, then we can be critical of Coach Saleh for running a soft camp. Till then, Coach seems clear about his desire to not burn his guys down in camp with a lot of hitting (I'm pretty sure he said that, near verbatim, actually).
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