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  1. Meh, I can feel some optimism based only on the moves to-date. Firing Gase, huge good. Hiring Saleh, I see that as a good move (as do most NFL Observers). Changing the reporting structure, something I've long hoped they'd do. Just that is cause for optimism in my book. Future moves will either expand that optimism, or will infringe upon it, depending. But no harm going "ok, so far, so good".
  2. It's not hate if it's factually accurate. Darnold is worse than Haskins by almost every on-field metric. Off field, no competition, Darnold is wonderful, of course.
  3. Warfish

    RIP Hank Aaron

    https://www.cnn.com/2021/01/22/us/hank-aaron-dies-trnd/index.html Baseball, I know, but this man is a true legend of the game and his passing goes beyond just Baseball. The Sports world has lost a true all time great man and trailblazer today. RIP good sir.
  4. Who is playing QB for you in 2021 then? Darnold? And you're ok with a 50/50 (or worse) chance that Fields is a bust like Darnold? So under your plan, you'll be ok if/when we lose 10 games under Darnold, and may be in this same spot again in 3-4 years?
  5. I think a unit of 11x F-16's would be very ineffective on a football field, but sure. On one side, an F-16 IS quite difficult to tackle, but they don't throw or carry the ball very well since they have no arms. I suppose on Defense an F-16 would be a mean tackler, but the constant unnecessary roughness calls for opponents sucked into the engine intake and turned to slush might become problematic after a while. All in all, I'd rather we play like humans than Jets.
  6. You do understand that no Coach in the NFL would say what you want, and every single one would say the fluff crap Saleh said.....right?
  7. So in your view, how do the Jets become a 8-10 win team in 2021? "They can't" isn't an option.
  8. We really need one thread merged for Watson scuttlebutt till something actually happens.
  9. We all want a QB who is: 1. Young 2. Cheap 3. Can put up Top-5 Production We can have two of those things, and the cheap isn't really an issue because we have no high priced talent. Watson is a sure thing, he produces. Drafting a QB is a crapshoot, they could be Darnold. I guess it comes down to your faith in BOTH the available prospects AND JD's ability to draft the right ones. If you believe that 1. Fields/Wilson is as good, immediately, as Watson and 2. JD will Draft Fields/Wilson at #2 and 3. JD will ALSO draft great starters with the other #1's traded away, then ok, I can understand not wanting to make the trade. So is that what anti-Watson folks believe: That Fields (or Wilson) is 100% as good as Watson, will produce in 2021 and beyond equally to Watson, and that JD will also draft great players with the 2022 and 2023 #1's?

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