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  1. Just not us. Pretty much ever. Or at least not in my lifetime. Again, 4,300 Yards, 30 TD's, 10 INT's and a 70% Completion ratio is good enough for me. We can all only hope Darnold can equally "not impress" you soon. I'm happy with Darnold too. I too hope he can produce Cousins-like numbers soon. If he can, we're going to win alot more games. If he can produce on par with what Cousins did last year, Darnold will be the greatest single-season QB in Jets history. I'm sure we both hope he can.
  2. Happy enough to denounce those who aren't as happy as you, seems like. Ok, great. I too would be pretty happy with 9 wins and a few close loses. As soon as we get there, I promise, I'll be happy.
  3. Sure there is, the incessant need for insecure Jets Fans to try and paint players we failed to sign as "Bad" despite them being better than any QB the Jets have ever had, ever, in terms of actual on-field production. That's SOJ if ever there was SOJ. It's unnecessary to even have this thread. We have Darnold. They have Cousins. Darnold today is a 2,900 Yard 1:1 TD/INT QB. Cousins is a 4,300 Yard 3:1 TD/INT QB. They won 8 games (and were hugely dissapointed). We won 4 and seem to think today we're on the cusp of true Gaseness. We didn't gain anything by not spending our cap. Hell, we could have had both if we wanted, we had the cap space to afford it. But we didn't. Macc wanted Cousins and failed. No worries, he was able to sell off most of a draft worth of high picks for Darnold, and luckily the Giants fubared the pick and let Darnold drop to us, and Darnold looks like he has the potential to be a 4,300 yard 3:1 TD/INT QB some day. We should ALL be happy to have Darnold, he's our future. We should ALL hope he becomes what Cousins is today, production wise. None of that makes Cousins a bad QB, and it's sad so many fans are so insecure about it, they simply can't like Darnold and respect Cousins, they have to hate Cousins simply for our GM failing to sign him and thus saving money we didn't spend anywhere else anyway!
  4. What will the Jets record be in 2019? If you tell me it'll be a solid, competitive, 9-7, 10-6, maybe better, I'll HAPPILY be HAPPY. Anything less, and you'll have to explain what exactly I'm supposed to be happy about. It's supposed to be about winning.....isn't it? So are guaranteeing me that the Gase-led Jets will be a 10 win team in 2019? Or are you not as happy as you claim to be?
  5. Might want to hold up on the TE excitement, Gase isn't particularly known as a "throw it to the TE" kinda O-Co. To put it into perspective, Leggett would have nearly been the #1 TE in Miami last year in terms of targets. In total, Maimi targeted TE's ~60 times last year total, for all TE's. We (who have never been known as TE-heavy) nearly doubled that number last year. Now I can predict the reply "but OUT TE's are the greatest bestest ever!" and sure, I like them too. But I'd wait before expecting 50-60 balls going to Herndon this year. Given Gase, it may not be a thing like we think.
  6. I don't know about all that, but I do get two feelings about Gase: 1. Despite what he might say, he likes power, likes being in change, and likes "shopping for the groceries" as ol' Parcells put it. 2. He strikes me as a person who has difficulty with people in general, and doesn't really like people. i.e. not a social-skilled man. Impossible to know how true this is in private, but in public, his persona reeks of social dysfunction/anxiety or more. Neither issue necessarily makes him a bad Coach.
  7. Insert diversity-based joke here.
  8. I'll disagree with you on your definition of what is required from a fan. Fans must root for their team to win on gameday. Period, the end. That's the only requirement I have for being a fan. Everything else is preference, and no one cares about what your (or my) preference is.
  9. Tell your friend that I'd fire the guy six months before Thanksgiving, and hire a 5-star Michelin chef to replace him early enough that Thanksgiving would be just freekin' sweet. Yup, when I think about the Jets, ahead of schedule and the greatness of the Johnson brothers is definitely what I think too. You really nailed it SAR. I really with you had a newsletter I could subscribe to each week..... Which means absolutely nothing, tbqh. No one cares about you or who/what youw ant to be associated with, anymore than they care about me not wanting to be associated with empty-headed flip-flopping homers who now think Gase and his google eyes are god's gift to QB guru'ing. Guess we all have to just suffer the stupidity of our fellow fans. Or, as you put, non-fans by the SAR Metric of Correct Fanhood.
  10. "Boy, firing Macc now, after FA and the Draft, is pretty odd. We should have fired him sooner, right?" "WHY AREN'T YOU BEING AS OPTIMISTIC AS ME, REEEEEEE NOTEVENAFAN!!!!!!!!!!!!" There is no need to prejudge how things will be. We'll see it for ourselves soon enough. We certainly have reason to believe we will improve. Do we have reason to believe this is now a championship-capable organization.......I'd say the facts to support that are not in evidence, as yet. Why? Does it make any difference what fans say on an internet forum? Will we lose an extra three games in 2019 if not enough fans are "optimistic" in May?
  11. I don't intend to re-litigate this dispute. At that time, I wanted to sign a guy who for the past four years now has been a top 10, 4,000+ Passing Yard, 2/1 TD/INT, 65%+ Completion guy at QB. A guy whose average season the past four years would be the all-time greatest season for a NY Jets QB. Was he expensive, absolutely. Talent usually is. And cost vs. benefit is always a worthy discussion. If the usual contingent need to flog this issue by painting a guy like that as some third tier scrub, best of luck to them. I prefer to hope Sam Darnold continues his development and becomes a guy who can throw for 4,300 Yards, 30 TD's vs. 10 INT's and a 70% completion ratio.....like Cousins did last year. I look forward to seeing Sam put up those numbers, and I believe he has that potential.
  12. Too much feeling, not enough thinking.
  13. To be fair, you also think people who don't go to games aren't fans either. Well, except for when you sell your own tickets, then it's ok, because reasons. What I keep wondering is why some folks seem to need to validate their own "optimism" by mandating that everyone else must be equally optimistic, and feel it's important to attack and demean anyone with any criticism of any kind.

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