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  1. (Can't believe I'm going to defend Anderson) Anderson and Crowder are most certainly NOT "practice squad guys", and the fact that 15+ people plus repped this rubbish says alot about the insanity of trying to discuss Sam Darnold. Neither may be legit #1's, but both are absolutely legit #2/#3 NFL WR's. And Bell is a hell of a ball catcher as well. Again, hyperbole just makes you look ignorant, no matter how many plus reps you get for it.
  2. If Sam Darnold "annihilates" the record books next year, throwing for 5,100+ yards, 37 TD's (and less than half that in INT's) and completing 68% of his passes, be assured, I will not be critical of HIM. If he throws for 2,900 Yards in 12 starts, missing 4 games, throwing 22 TD's to 17 INT's and a 60% completion ratio.......yeah, wins matter then for ol' Sam. Seems kinda obvious for a QB in year 3.
  3. Doesn't bother me, I just reject it as a reason/excuse for his reduced production. If being 22 is too young to play NFL QB and be judged like a #1 NFL QB, he shouldn't be playing, he should be sitting, learning, growing older, till he is "old enough". Personally, I think that is bollocks myself, he is old enough, hence his age is of no relevance to me, he gets judged for the job he is tasked to do (#1 QB), not by his age. Be assured, when he reaches year four of his contract, and the team is deciding what to do with him, no one in the front office is going to say "well, he's only 24, so we really have to extend him another five years at (massive number) because we just can't judge his first four years here, too young". The clock is ticking on Sam in NYC, 22, 23 or 103. That decision date comes regardless.
  4. First good post, so don't take what I say next as criticism per se, please. But I wanted to touch on the "Darnold is only 22 and only played three days at QB in college" thing. I simply do not see this as a defense or reason or excuse (pick your preferred word). If a GM picked a High School kid to come play Linebacker, and he clearly wasn't ready to play, no one would say 'well, he's only 16 and only started playing Lineback five days ago". They would expect a pro to be ready to be a pro, otherwise they would criticize the kid for coming out too early and the GM for selecting a not-ready prospect and playing them too early. Rightfully so! Every time I hear "Darnold is only...." I cringe. If he wasn't ready to be a Pro, then he should have stayed in college. If the Jets thought he wasn't ready, he shouldn't have been starting from day 1. If his lack of QB experience made him not ready, etc, etc, etc. The #1 QB job is just that, a job. Fans, rightfully, expect players doing that job to be ready to do it. Not to spend two years learning how to do it. His being too young or too inexperienced is not an excuse, it's (frankly) a mistake by management. If he wasn't ready to play, we should have, and be playing, someone else. Now, let me be clear, I think Darnold IS ready to play, has enough experience, and his age is not relevant IMO to his playing now. So I do not fault management for playing him, I supported it. But by that same line of reasoning, I also do not excuse his play because of age. he is the #1 QB of an NFL Football team. He has a job to do. He needs to do it. 22 or 42, he needs to do it. We don't get free points for his age, so his age doesn't matter. And 22 or 26, both ages still have "time to improve", so that's not relevant either. I don;t know, I just tire of this excuse tbqh. No one in any other job would ever get the "well, he's only 22" excuse card.
  5. Frustration in the scene is obvious for all parties, perhaps, but doesn't really look like much to me. Certainly not drama-worthy, at least in appearance. I would hope my team looks a bit pissed off after losing their 9th game in a blowout.
  6. Fair point. Shift #1 then below to an appropriate point where Douglas gets to hire his Coach. If he wants Gase, so be it, althought I would think materially less of him in that case, I maintain it must be the GM's call, not the Owner's call. If Douglas wants to put his own tenure on the line for Gase, it's his call. Presidents of Football Operations do alot more than decide if the GM stays or goes. They run the operations of the team. They are Football Industry CEO's. And he gets "no say" only if you believe your boss gets "no say" in what you do at work. I know things I am responsible for my boss gets his say too, to me, directly. You cannot Org. Chart that out of human hierarchies. End of the day, like Douglas and Gase, if the new PoFOps wants to meddle, he can. If he wants to overrule, he can. He is the boss. Except unlike an Owner, he is a professional football man (or should be). Most good PoFOps don't meddle, they work with their GM's, and GM's can explain their decisions and validate them. as they should. I most certainly didn't intend to make these levels seem as ridgid as you seem to think. Workplaces don't work that way. Gase would still get to voice opinions on players, for example, but the GM would make the final call, knowing his boss (The PoFOps) will judge him for it. Like any workplace. Some call it meddling, some call it collaboration. Guess it depends on the outcome, lol. No, the Ops and GM should never, ever, have "equal say". Equal say is the worst way to run a ship, because then you need 9as you say) tie breakers, and Owners need out of football Ops decisions. And the GM needs a clear cut knowledge of who he reports to. Not the Owner, the PoFOps. And even in this hierarchy,. the Owners still owns the team. That finger is always hovering over the scale, but good owners don't use it except in the most dire or necessary situations. if they have to, it means they have the wrong PoFOps.
  7. You're 100% right, Gase is NOT getting fired, I agree. I would move on, in MY plan, because I simply don't believe in him or his system as an NFL Head Coach. I believe he will ultimately prove me right on him, sadly. But you're right, he is here next year, I think that's set in stone. The Johnson's will not pay three Coaches at once. In the same vein, the broken and dysfunctional Org. Chart of the Jets will also not be fixed next year (or ever). I reallt don't like that Douglas is indebted to Gase tho. I won't lie. I have some optimism re: Douglas, but he (as GM) needs 100% independence from Gase, the Coach. IMO.
  8. I'm definitely a poster-child for cynicism and pessimism and doubt, I accept that. I like to think, tho, that I do it in an objective, fact-based way most of the time. To continue my Star Wars references from above, I strive to bring balance to the Forum.
  9. +1 Bonus if we can turn him into a good depth guy at WR.
  10. Yeah, sorry dude for those return negreps. I took them all back.
  11. Hell, I'll take three 3 #1's if someone wants to give it! Real world I think we can get a #1 and a good-but-not-great mid-rounder, maybe a #4, hopefully a #3. A #1 and #3 could go a looooong way to helping us this offseason, if Douglas is who I hope he is.
  12. You're right, we can't fix everything, just look at my plan in the other thread today (the "What do you do on 12/31/19" thread). With that said, here is the problem about not worrying about wins: 5-11, 5-11, 4-12, 5-11. That's our likely record 2016-2019. If we go 5-11 again in 2020, the Johnson's might just have a conniption fit and start tearing down everything yet again. We have to show improvement to warrant investment. And that includes wins. Darnold winning only 14 games in three years is a bad look. He needs to will this team to 8-8 next year. It's just gotta happen. If we go the route I think we need to, and I think Douglas will, I'm far more confidant we can do an 8-8 or better year. If we do those things, and again, fail to win 6 games......

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