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  1. I'm semi-confident we will select a QB At #3. Beyond that...
  2. Josh Allen pro day...today.

    Cool story.
  3. Josh Allen pro day...today.

    Hmmm. Okay then. Appreciate the forthright and honest answer.
  4. Josh Allen pro day...today.

    Is Allen your #1 preference now Bit?
  5. Josh Allen pro day...today.

    I never saw Macc as taking Mayfield. Darnold? Yes. Allen? Yes. Enthusiastically, he's right up the Macc alley. Rosen.....um, maybe. Not first choice tho. Hence the Trade-Up to #3. One of the above (and liekly Allen Macc thinks) is a lock. Mayfield? Who almost assuredly WOULD have been available at #6 (and maybe beyond)......no. If Macc wanted Mayfield, he doesn't trade up to #3 IMO, maybe #4, but not #3. We'll see.....
  6. Josh Allen pro day...today.

    Yeah, not even close mate. Look, you like Allen? Great! Like the other prospects, he has some great upside, and some material, risky drawbacks, as a prospect. If you're trying to convince people he's worth looking at or being happy about if Macc selects him, you're not going to do it by being a shmuck. Again, trust me, I was a schmuck myself most of the last week here. And if you seriously believe that a Pro Day workout should factor more into a GM's decision than multiple full years of real on-field play.....well, ok. Foolish and ignorant, but ok.
  7. Josh Allen pro day...today.

    Is there a particular reason you're being a complete douchbag? Just curious.
  8. Josh Allen pro day...today.

    1. Two Full Years of Game Tape 2. One Hour of Pro Day Throwing Which do you think is the better evaluation tool? And if you're going to revile fans for being "self made GM's" it's probably not best to do so in a thread dedicated to a college prospects pro day, the only purpose of which is for the prospect to try and impress actual GM's. Just say'in. If we draft Allen, so be it, we'll all hope for the best. No point getting worked up about it (trust me). We'll get who we get, my watching his pro day or not. Anyway, 2 pm not so good for folks at work, guess I'll catch the highlights tonight.
  9. I will believe the Giants will pass on a QB (or a trade down for picks) when it happens, not before. With that said, if they stay at #2 and pick a Non-QB, thats good for us, so lets hope for that. Hell, lets hope Cleveland goes for Barklet at #1, and the Giants go Chubb at #2 while we're at it! Nothing wrong with hoping for the best!
  10. Giants trade JPP

    Running Backs and solid O-Linemen can be found in later rounds too.
  11. Would certainly make the next few seasons interesting, at least.
  12. Report: Jets Attend Manziel Workout

    Valium mate, Valium. Maybe some Pink Floyd. And a comfy seat. Seriously.