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  1. Warfish

    Admit You Were Dead Wrong

    I love the presumption that you were the only one, and most prominent one, against the McCown signing. It may be news to you, but a number of us were against it and said so.
  2. I agree. Hiring of a new GM MUST come before hiring a Coach. The power structure must be set up correctly from the start. Owner -> GM -> Coaches -> Players Given where we are now, firing of Macc might make more sense, as we are not limited in finding his replacement just because the season is ongoing. And unlike Bowles, whose staff is deeply weak, Macc has other staff that could step-in and be acting GM for a few weeks as needed. But unquestionably, the GM and Coach must both be fired, and the GM replaced first, with that GM key in hiring his guy as the next Head Coach. And by god it better be an Offensive-minded Head Coach. I am so deeply tired of this 1950's ineffective Jets Offense of the past what, decade+?
  3. Woody isn't selling the Jets. Chris almost certainly doesn't have authority to fire the GM/Coach himself, even if he wanted to do it. There is no one on the staff to reasonably be Acting Head Coach for as long as we have left. Bowles was never getting fired mid-stream. And frankly, as deeply as I dislike Bowles as Head Coach, and Macc as GM, the damage is done, firing him now is a "fan feel good" decision, it serves no actual purpose to have Bates or some other Bowles assistant coach out the year instead of Bowles. Bowles and Macc needed to be fired at the end of last season. Many of us said it then, and were shouted down, but we were 100% right. Bowles and Macc are not good at their jobs, period. Bowles is a poor coach, Macc has delivered us a near-talentless roster. They both must (and I pray will) go at year's end. But it's not going to happen now. So get used to it and deal. But come seasons end, anyone who defends EITHER of these two underperformers, Macc OR Bowles, gets (rhetorically) what they deserve. This is NOT one or the other, this is BOTH. And BOTH must go.
  4. Anyone who expected otherwise is a fool.
  5. I'm feeling my paradigm being shifted as we speak watching that clip.
  6. On the flip side, at least an Arena League Uniform would properly put the Jets Franchise in it's proper frame of reference, quality-wise.
  7. TJ's been a huge disappointment for his cost. Do we care that much if he comes back now?
  8. There is a very small part of my soul that secretly hopes the Jets pull out an all-time bad (to my tastes) new Uniform/Logo, and thus frees me from this lifelong curse for good. I root for the laundry. When I was a wee lad, I liked the Jets because they were green (my favorite color), not blue (which was meh to my 5-6 year old mind). If the Jets do some garash modern urban style black uniform a la the Darnold jersey above, given my current mental state re: the Jets it might just be the final straw for me. I would no longer desire to root for that laundry. A small part of me hopes for that. Which says a damn lot, tbqh. ☹️
  9. So did I (i.e. almost spent a ton to go to this game). So very glad sanity took hold.
  10. Warfish


    If only the Coaches had some role, some way to help guide, the offensive game plan! If only! Oh well.

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