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  1. Sure he should, because the alternative was Geno Smith, and he's horrible and always was. By "moved on" you mean "give up on the season" by throwing Geno back out there to fail horribly? The season was not lost that 2nd year purely because of Fitz. Injuries destroyed that season from the start. As did Mac's failure to close the deal (or move on and sign someone, anyone, other than Geno Smith instead). We took a shot, it failed. Who cares what the owner paid Fitz, wasn't our money, did no damage to our cap position going forward, and nothing was lost, we didn't lose out on some great player or other QB to take that shot. I'll never understand all the hand-wringing to this day over that season. Yeah, it was disappointing, but there was no "do this and we're great" solution, and certainly not at the QB position that year. A "shoulda cut Fitz after the best production of all time for a Jets QB" is really a "shoulda started Geno Smith again" argument, and that argument never wins. 🤣
  2. The same Marshall who, after leaving the Jets, hasn't caught for more than 200 yards in a season again? The same Decker who is now out of the NFL and after that season never came close to that level again? Both Decker and Marshall had close to their best overall career seasons in 2015 with Fitz. Now, their talent and effort most certainly was a huge part of that productive passing year, but to pretend that Fitz wasn't also a part of it is just silly. Typical for the all-or-nothing ways of JN these days, but silly none the less. That year's team was a team effort. No one carried anyone.
  3. TD to INT would be a metric as well, yes. It too has flaws (an INT off a WR's chest is the same as an INT thrown directly to the CB). Tell me how/why you think Yards Per Attempt is a measure of accuracy? Is a QB who goes 1 for 5 for 90 yards (18 YPA) more accurate than a QB who goes 4 for 5 for 85 Yards (17 YPA)?
  4. This. Again, let the courts do their job. Then the NFL can do theirs. Trying to do that backwards is bad on multiple levels. Unless the courts drop the ball completely, this guys time will come.
  5. Well, this isn't starting well........🤣 All valid concerns long-term. O-Line, CB and #1 WR are all either questionable long-term, or simply are not currently filled by legit players. Sounds fine enough. I would just posit that it's too early to start planning for Offseason 2020 since we have no idea how Season 2019 will actually play out yet. Things can and do change, and players on the roster could prove themselves capable (or not) before then. WR may not be a need. RB may not be an immediate need (I'm not on the "Bell is gone after year 2" theorycrafting group). O-line could be materially better with our draft picks and FA pickup already. Trumaine may even redeem his sorry 2018 season by actually trying. Doubtful, but still. I have no qualms with your list of needs as we stand today, but at this point we're past offseason mode and into season mode, where it's about evaluating what we have, no planning for next cycle and what we don't. Lets give our new guys and a few old guys a chance to show us first.....then we can replace them.
  6. That sounds great. I guess what I keep wondering is how much actual "coaching" DID Payton Manning require in his 16th and 17th years as a starting NFL QB, one well known for calling his own plays and doing his own thing. If Peyton says alot, and he DOES admittedly give alot of happy talk when it comes to Gase, ok, that says something. Gase's career to-date is almost entirely working with long-established-as-starters, veteran QB's. Manning (in his 16th and 17th year) in 2013 and 2014. He was a HOF'er when Gase got him, but did have his best production year with him. Cutler (in his 10th year)) in 2015. He had a long resume of similar-level success before Gase got him. And Tannehill (in his 5th, 6th and 7th years) in 2016-2018. His best years were all before Gase arrived, production wise at least. He did win more with Gase than before, to be noted. So the real question is how will Gase do with a non-veteran, extremely young QB with no real success yet in the league. A QB to mold for himself? It will be exciting to see, no matter how much you do or don't "have faith" in Gase himself. Sam as a materially better potential talent than Tannehill or Cutler, although comparing his potential to manning is (IMO) a step too far, certainly at this point. Interesting times ahead!
  7. So you're saying he was 18-24 vs. guys who didn't suc like Bowles sucked?
  8. The Classic Universally Loved Rock Album Era has changed, ended, I agree. But spectacular amazing life changing music IS still being created. Of that I am sure. You just have to look ALOT harder than you did in the past to find it IMO. The one aspect of my life where I refuse to go the "old man" route is music. I will never, ever, be that guys who says "music in my day..." or "today's music sucks because...". Of my best recent find, from a genre I don't even like really, but I looooooove these guys, and they're amazing live:
  9. Music is one of those things, where love is so individual, that I never feel it's right to judge what others love. Can't say I'm a huge fan of Sleater-Kinney, but I can absolutely feel your pain when it comes to having people leave bands or bands break up that you love. Sadly, as much as we all want these artists to love each other as much as we love them, the artistic and personal tensions in a band are often way, WAY more than we fans ever see. If she walked away, it's probably either that, or just one of those "I can;t live this life anymore" things, completely understanding as a life on the road is hell, regardless of how rewarding it can be. Sorry to hear your band lost their drummer Lonely.
  10. I can't agree with that based on 2018, to my eye. But agree to disagree. That would be stellar, and I hope thats the case.
  11. Jets Fan till I shuffle off this mortal coil. 40 years in. I couldn't root for another team now even if I wanted to do so. And I don't (well, maybe a Richmond Generals expansion team in the NFC maybe....., lol).
  12. +1, you and me both. I posted yesterday that 2019 will be the most exciting and anticipated camp, pre-season and season in a VERY long time. And I absolutely meant it. Jets Fans as a whole should be filled with optimism and hope and excitement, we have a solid roster, a new Head coach (like him or not, he cannot be worse than Bowles, especially on offense, right?), the best RB possible in Bell, the best slot WR available in Crowder, the best MLB available in Mosely, improvements on the O-Line (not enough, but some at least!). It's a great time to be a Jets Fan. And as I've said elsewhere (repeatedly now), my opinion on accuracy is that Darnold was not elite in 2018. But he has every potential and all the talent needed to be elite in his future. If he's below 60% this year, that would surprise me tbqh.

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