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  1. Warfish

    You're running the Jets

    Yes, grudgingly, if no other offers exist. Draft the Best-in-draft O-Lineman at a "more appropriate" #7, and get an additional O-player (RB, WR, Another O-Line) for Darnold in the 2nd. Pass Rush obsessives will have to wait till another draft to pick the next D-Rob or Ghost or Richardson or Meh Williams.
  2. Warfish

    JAMAL Takes him down!

    Jets New Red and Gold Uniform design preview? No? Oh. Ok.
  3. Mangold was better IMO. But both belong in the HOF.
  4. Warfish

    Chiefs Fire DC Bob Sutton

    We have a DC, why do we care?
  5. Warfish

    Jets are winning a Super Bowl

    I don't. The Jets will have to show me. Not tell me. Deeds. > Words.
  6. Warfish

    Rams are winning the Super Bowl

    I prefer the Rams win. But I think the Pats win handily.
  7. This draft class is not consdiered remotely as good as Wentz, Godd, Mahomes, Darnold, etc. That's why I don;t see the trade up being as sure thing as you seem to. As I said, I'd love it. We could draft O-line without the Pass Rush fans whining about reaches, and we could get multipe high-round picks back to replace the treasure trove spent to get Darnold. I just don't see it yet. These QB's would need a hella more hype and combine results to drive that kind of trade up potential.
  8. Is Bell our next ultra-expensive 2-year rental? We seem to like that in NY, paying other teams legends for their declining years before retirement. Is Bell a 1,200 yard rusher? A 12 TD a season guy in NY, behind this neglected O-line? If yes, I could live with it (although I don't like him or his holdout). If not, pass and draft. RB's can be found in the mid-rounds.
  9. Yes. Ok. Jacksonville would only have to trade up to pick #5 to be ahead of all the other teams likely/potentially drafting a QB in round 1 in 2019, barring other trade ups. Those other teams would have to jump to 5 or higher if they wanted the top QB. With that said, none of the QB prospects in this cycle (to-date) are considered top 5 type prospects/picks. The market for QB would have to get hyped materially to foment the type of bidding war that would have someone trade as high as #3 for a QB. I don't see it. At least one team will fill it's gap with Foles. The others may be content to see who will fall to them, because this appears 9at this early date) to be a "QB's available in the middle of round 1" type draft class.
  10. Why would they need to trade up to #3 for a QB? Who is taking a QB ahead of them at #7? The Giants, maybe? Which QB('s) are in such demand this draft that they don't feel comfortable sitting at #7 for their guy? Why are they looking at the draft if they could sign say, Nick Foles (who will be available by all accounts)? I love the idea, don't get me wrong, getting back some or all of the picks we sold off to have a chance to draft Darnold thanks to the Giants, that would be great. I'm just not sure the market will support it given this crop of QB's is not last year's crop, they're generally considered far less quality prospects and are likely to be drafted lower thusly. A better chance (IMO) is to foster a trade down to say the Redskins, who A. are desperate now for a QB and likely won;t sign Foles as a FA, and B. are low enough that they might miss all three of the best prospects in this draft. Jacksonville may just be content to sit at #7 and get the #2 prospect at QB, because other than the Giants who else in the top 6 is going QB?
  11. Why is Jacksonville making the picks trade?
  12. 7 of the top 8 are yet more Dline? Sickening tbqh. Nothing would disappoint me more than chasing the ‘elite pass rush’ dragon yet again. This is an offense-dominated league. We have an unprotected possible franchise QB. But no, more Dtackles....

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