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  1. It was not a great day for the Defense, no doubt about it. And yet, when we look at the league, the jets D is still ranked higher in both points allowed and yards allowed than the Jets Offense. So if you want to know why people focus on the O, it's because the O is consistently worse than the D, and a bad O makes a D's job much harder (less time to rest, more time on the field/fatigue, etc.), whereas a bad D generally leads to more offensive yards (pass-happy and trying harder to score) and more time to rest and gameplan between possessions, both of which generally lead to higher offensive rankings.
  2. 1. Because Robby Anderson preferred to move on to Carolina rather than stay here. 2. Because Mims was a 1st round talent and should have been a contributor as a #2 WR, if healthy. He is not. 3. Because he evaluated Perriman to be a potential #1 (like Sam is a potential Franchise QB), if healthy. He is not. 4. Because he expected some of his depth guys to be available, if healthy. At least one (Smyth) is not. 5. Because he took a view of "fill as many talent deficiencies as possible", not a "go hard on WR only" for this year. 6. Because most of the top tier WR prospects were gone by the time he made his 2nd round pick, much less later picks. 7. Because he drafted Perine, who is expected to be a contributor/future #1, if healthy. He is not (yet). 8. Because he wasn't spending big $$$ on short term Free Agents of end-of-career Veterans as previous Front Offices have done. 9. Because he is planning for multiple years, not just for 2020. 10. Who knows what else JD may think that we don't. Maybe he thinks Sam sucks, and he is just biding his time this year to maximize draft capital so he can draft "his" QB next draft. After all, Darnold is Macc's QB, not JD's. No idea if this is true, but we (fans) can't ever really know for sure. Yes, we are a laughingstock right now, no doubt. Our roster is already devastated by injuries (the "Gase Curse" as I call it, given his career as a HC to-date), Sam played horribly in week one (he was a major part of the problem, not a helpless victim of the problems). It is what it is. We'll see where it goes from here, and then we'll see what JD does in year 2 of his tenure here.
  3. I'd like to see him produce. I lack the rage at this point to get demandy.
  4. Lots of famous/well known people have posted (and do post) on Jets Forums, same as they do pretty much everything else the rest of us workaday slubs do. Being "famous as a long-time caller on WFAN" is a bit of a stretch for "fame" in my book, but it's all good. Welcome aboard radio show call-in guy, presuming you're the real one and not one of the billions of fakes online.
  5. Oh derp, it's about when they finish, not when they start (my brain was thinking they were drafted in the same draft, was isn't her on the list, lol).
  6. Faneca is not what I think of as a "Jet" tbqh. Disappointed Mangold wasn't in the list too. I think he was HOF-level good and cannot be convinced otherwise. Brick and Mangold + Revis, only real "Jets" of recent decades worthy of a look at the Hall IMO. Only Revis will get in. Anyone else is the old "Jets sign worn out future HOF'er desperate for one last low-effort cash grab" or "Jets trade away future HOF'er too early and their great era is with someone else" style players, famous for their time with other teams, not us.
  7. It's funny. I wouldn't have picked a single one of those guys. Not one. Not to say every QB I wanted at that drafts has been a rocket success, they haven't by any stretch, but man.....what a trashheap of wasted picks (Darnold and Morgan still TBD, of course).
  8. Dude, you gotta stop changing avatars every day. I keep not knowing it's you replying, lol!
  9. No, in general. My post was not specific to a GM or moment, it was a general observation of the past decade or so. And the rest of the O-line, admittedly through one game only, has played worse. Which means they're not improving our team at current. You base that on.....what, exactly? His hurdle-near-fumble? Yes, we can. If you choose to accept a job here, you also choose to accept the history of here, and (as GM) your job is to overcome that history and make improvements. He did not make those old choices, but it IS his job to move forward after them and to fix them now. It's HIS team now. I was (and am) supporting of JD's moves so far, but the result on the field (on on the IR) has not been good as yet. Early still, we'll see. As noted above, it's his team now, and he is responsible for it. "It was the last guys fault" is not a valid excuse for an NFL GM a year later. And yes, we can (and will) judge every week. There is no "must wait till end of year" requirement on evaluation, on the contrary, evaluation should always be constant and ongoing. That decision certainly had impact on the field and on wins and losses.
  10. You cannot fix everything in one off-season. But you absolutely should make material incremental improvements each off-season. We haven't.
  11. At this point, everything out there on both Darnold and Gase boils down to sound and fury, signifying absolutely f'ing nothing. So much talk, so little performance.
  12. The Gase injury curse continues unabated.
  13. I don't blame Cimini. Darnold is in his third year, and to date is a bust. Homers may not like it, but too bad. If his career ended today, he's a bust based on what he has done so far. We have a ton of picks, and there is a hyped up well-regarded QB that could be the #1/#1 next year. The story literally writes itself, and people will read it and get worked up no matter what side the stand on. If I were Cimini, and had his job, I'd write the same story.

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