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  1. Trade to #15, select best Center in this draft class. Get at the least a 2nd, 3rd and 4th this year to add to our existing picks (along with a #1 next year, obviously). Get a WR prospect. Another TE. And another O-Lineman. Use the rest however Macc wants (small school DT's, undersized LB's, three more Safeties, whatever).
  2. Warfish

    OL Tom Compton signs with Jets

    Yeah. It is. But it's still an upgrade, so still a good thing.
  3. Warfish

    Backfield Routes Darnold/Bell

    Lets be real tho, with the weak WR corp. we have (as of today), every defense we play will be playing to shut down Bell in the run and passing game. Anderson and Enunwa simply aren't good enough, nor is Darnold's long passing game good enough (yet) to open up the short passing and running games. The addition of Crowder will help, but if Enunwa has any time injured (a definite possibility given past few years) and the league continues to solve the limited puzzle of a one-skill guy in Anderson, Bell may in fact have more trouble than we'd prefer. Herndon blossoming could help alot here, pulling some short-intermediate pressure off Bell and opening up space in the flats. Crowder too via the short/intermediate crossing route. But really, we need a legit #1 WR to really make this system work. Anderson is fine as a #3 or maybe a #2 stretching the field from time to time. And Enunwa has had flashes of legit #2 type play. But a legit #1 opens up this whole thing, making Darnold, Bell, Crowder and Herndon 10x as good.
  4. He doesn't. Macc and our D-Co try to make lemonade out of this lemon somewhere.
  5. Warfish

    Two Tight Ends

    Best Thread Title of 2019 Nominee.
  6. Can one of you please give yourself an avatar. Those two giant green "J" avatars make it look like someone arguing with themselves.....
  7. Agreed. If the Darnold-led Jets wins 9 or more games, and he throws for say, 3,800 Yards and 20 TD's (or more) etc. then almost assuredly Macc gets an extension, and we can debate him for another five years or more...... Conversely, if the Jets are a losing team (7-9 or worse) in 2019, I think Macc gets fired, regardless of Darnold's play. Another losing year would make Macc a 4 of 5 loser as a GM, and this year he has little excuses, he has HIS (2nd) Chosen-One QB, had a ton of cap money to spend (and has spent), and a new, 2nd, Coach to work with (eliminating the "it was all Bowles!" excuse). But that one move, Darnold, where he lucked into this specific player, will likely make or break Macc's GM career. No pressure Sam.
  8. Warfish

    OL Tom Compton signs with Jets

    Depth JAG. Still, it's something.
  9. JN is such an odd amalgamation of the history of now and rampant hyperbole gone wild some days......
  10. Yup. Which is why you sign this guy. If we win the Draft, GREAT! No rush to bring the rookie on the field. If not.....we still have a Professional Center who can play at at least an average level, better than what we've had since Mangold retired.
  11. We need a Center, badly. This player can adequately fill that role. At least for a wee while. Pair this with a focus in the draft on O-Line prospects (especially at Center), and I'm happy.
  12. Great! We'll see if he maintains that now that he is a NY Jet. I think it's safe to say we ALL hope for that, right? Till then, this is a silly thread full of silly people saying lots of silly silly silly things.
  13. Which itself is a damning observation of the GM in question. But homers gonna homer, so now that he got Bell, Macc is a "genius" (again).

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