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  1. I don't see this offense led by White changing the trend this season. We lose, likely by a substantial amount. 31-16 or 17 or somewhere thereabouts.
  2. Was it meant to be funny? If so, I think you may have missed the mark again. It's ok, we're not all stand up comedians.
  3. I have to say, I do not understand where "cowardice" enters this discussion, or how being factually accurate makes one a "coward". Joe Douglas did not build the 2019 team. He was brought in by the Head Coach/Acting GM long after the draft and after free agency, with only training camp left to "manage the roster" under the aforementioned Head Coach/Former Acting GM still in house. Perhaps you might have expected JD to come in at that late stage and in defiance of the man who helped hire him (Gase) to tear down the whole roster and make massive changes.....during training camp.....but
  4. It's dependent on the outcome of the pending Watson trade. Could be a four team deal, Aaron to Jets, Watson to Redskins, Tua to Texans, Flacco to Packers. Any day now I hear.
  5. We say, before the inevitable work stoppage prior to the 2022 season, lol.
  6. I expected this team to simply improve itself from the Gase Era. Not win titles, not lead the league in offense. Just improve. They haven't. They're actually worse. Being frustrated with that as a fan is not unreasonable. That's just my $0.02. P.S. Zack has not shown anything special as yet. The "throws I've only seen from Namath" stuff is pure distilled fantasy. He has flashed good plays, yes, he has not done anything that plenty of other guys, our own past and others in the league now, couldn't and didn't also do. Hyperbole does not sell right now.
  7. This is the one (in re: backup QB) that gets under my skin. You draft a guy who seems well suited to a backup role, then you toss him aside pretty quick. Does he suck? Maybe, but if so, ffs why'd you pick him and at such a priority? If not, why you'd retain two nobodies like White and Johnson? And now we spent a draft pick (albeit a late one) for an old worn out Vet we already had last year? And as @jgb said, why no decent younger backup behind Wilson to start the season? There were a few available. The QB position management on this team is just mind bogglingly
  8. I'm just curious, in this dream of yours, are you also wealthy beyond measure, hung like an oxen, and dating six super models?
  9. Psst, it's not 1954. Just FYI.
  10. So to be clear, you think someone out there is doing this, for every play, for every player, in every game in 2021, and that is how this list was created and the Jets found to be dead last? If so, that's impressive, even with today's massive computing processing power.
  11. How does one measure the "fastest" team? What is the actual measurement being used, their 40 times when they did their combines? I guess I'm sorta confused how one measures and compares "fastest" teams for the on-field speeds mid-season.
  12. Clearly he didn't see this possible future, when he should have. As you know I was wrong on that "no vet backup" too, but I expected two backups on the roster (White and Morgan), and would have wanted to see Morgan play now (dumb, I am aware). And I didn't want to see a Brian Hoyer-type playing (still don't). If we going to suck, I wanted it to be with the "kids with upside". My concern all along was signing a Trubisky or Minshew would be too much temptation for a rookie head coach, a la running back last year under Gase, and Wilson would be stuck sitting. In hindsight, clearly,
  13. You don't "have to". If you have no answer for, as you say, how to "un**** JD", i.e. what to do now, that's certainly fine too. Firing JD is, of course, a plan for now as well.
  14. Understood. Except the ship has sailed on all of those options. I acknowledge that if you were GM we'd have signed (or tried to) Trubisky or Minshew before the season, and that that player likely would have started the season as the #1 QB. But that didn't happen, and here we are, today. So what do you do?
  15. I'll repeat, if you have a reputable source that can demonstrate that the Jets did something other than what the other NFL teams did under the CBA rules governing training camp, please provide it and I will stand corrected. Until then, I'm aware you think camp was "soft", which seems more an issue with the CBA than with the Jets unless otherwise shown.
  16. Knowing that that ship has sailed......what was the right move now, this week, as you see it? I saw you mention Minshew, is that the only move then or were there others you could see as superior to Flacco?
  17. Except Flacco starting remains, at least for now, a fact not in evidence. Mike White may remain as starter, in which case your theory no longer applies.
  18. There are a number of legitimate complaints to be made about the Saleh regime to-date. Following the training camp CBA rules about allowable number of days with pads/hitting is not one of them. It is my understanding that the Jets did what the entire league did, followed the CBA for allowable practices with pads/hitting. If you have a reputable source that says otherwise, please provide it and I will stand corrected.
  19. I'm upset (or chose your term) because of what I believe is a blatant double standard for QB protection in the NFL. Our guys have been called for truly ridiculous things, textbooks tackles, but it's roughing because we "fell on the QB"? On time hits called for being late hits. And yet, our QB's literally never get the same protections. It was this way with Darnold too, he took some hits I was literally mouth agape that they weren't called. And yet in that same time frame, again, our guys seemingly got called for breathing too close to the QB. All I want is parity in the offic
  20. There is something not quite right with you, I think.
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