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  1. Last time Jets won one I hadn't been born yet. And you know I'm not young.
  2. Relax yall, we'll find out at 12:15. It'll be here soon enough.
  3. Respectfully, I think we know more about Sam than you think. Not the whole story, not yet, but we've seen three full years of him. We're not sitting in the dark on who and what he is.
  4. We're old mates Sav, but you're just wrong. I'll give you an example, the Nats (my Nats) won the Series in 2019. I've yet to complain to anyone about it. I do love the analysis, the numbers, the debates, that's the kinda guy I am (you can probably guess within a degree or two what I do for a living). But no man, no way. We win a title, I'm not complaining about it, but I likely will post about what they should do to win a second one! The problem is, we're not close, and mostly haven't been in over a decade. Lets get close first, then see how it goes, lol!
  5. I'm discussing facts and making educated analysis of possible franchise decisions, and weighting which are more likely to lead to our success for a Super Bowl title. Sam has so far been the worst QB in the NFL for the three years he's been in the NFL (combined). Yes, he's had horrible coaches (I hate Gase like no other) and weak supporting talent. Like most top draft picks get early on, to be fair. He has completely failed to distinguish himself, to rise above his coaches or support players on his own talent or decision making, or to excel at pretty much anything. And he's m
  6. Nope, nope nope nope all the nopes. So, back to football?
  7. We could give Sam 180 seasons with 180 different coaches and systems, and you could still ask this question. So it's not really a meaningful or answerable question. If at the end of a player's third season as the #1 QB, the only defense is "well maybe the next system will be the right one", you don't really have anything factual to base it on. It's just hope, not a logical argument. How many players like Sam that became a Rich Gannon have their been? How many players like Sam who never become Rich Gannon. That is your answer, the ODDS strongly disfavor Sam being a Rich Gannon and
  8. P.S. I hate these kind of implied arguments. They basically boil down to "Have faith in Darnold, because a different QB, 30 years ago, on a different team, in a different era, with different coaches, and different players got past his early troubles to win. So Darnold could too?"
  9. How about this 3rd year 1st round pick QB? Comp%: 59.9 TD: 17 INT: 21 Yards: 3,040 QB Rating: 73.1 This 3rd year QB pretty much put up the same in his 4th year (a little better in some spots), played only 8 games through his 5th season, and that was it. Out of the NFL for good. Not sure why Phil Simms is relevant to Sam Darnold, or why my 3rd Year QB would be any less relevant to Darnold than Simms, but there you go. Everyone knows it's POSSIBLE Darnold could rebound. The question isn't possibility, it's likelihood. Is it more likely Sam Darnold is Phil S
  10. Not touching that post with a 10 foot pole.
  11. You know what might be fun (presuming you're not sold on Fields/Wilson/Lance/Mac at #2 or even at trade-down #6-8): Trade down just a few, gather an extra #1 pick, pick Pitts at like, 6 or so maybe, then trade the Seattle #1 and the #1 you got this year for trading down to get back up to the Top 10, and draft one of the three WR's. Of course it means you're stuck with Darnold another year (uck) or signing a castoff FA like Mariota (uck) or drafting a later guy (maybe Mac at the top of the 2nd or Trask if he gets past WFT in the 2nd (meh), but you get two instant playmakers that shoul
  12. Scarcity of IQ, except for you of course. Even people who don't like Wilson, they don't dislike him as much as you, so clearly are influenced by the Wilson Camp. Yada yada yada, bad post, yada, stupid, yada, not gonna comment on-topic, yada yada, ok. Got it. Cool story bro.
  13. Yup. Certainly is hard for me, without any evidence in-hand. Just becoming less enamored with J.D as a decision maker, but not selling him yet. I hope to see his picks and his pending picks have a BIG season in 2021.
  14. Not everyone's. Just mine. And what you're guilty of is making a presumption. Yes, you should know where someone has repeatedly, consistently publicly stood on an issue, especially someone who posts here every day as much as I do ffs, before you start making wild assumptions of my membership in the Cult of the One Year Wonder Magic Underpants Passer, thanks. Your jimmies really seem quite rustled today Paradis. Also, no idea what the "assume gender" comment refers to. You might want to relax tho, this isn't life or death here, ffs. To summarize: 1. Not a W
  15. If only, if only....someone needs to implement this on Sports Forum software, so everyone can look up all the predictions/projections a poster made and judge their accuracy. Some of us would love it, others, not so much, and some (like one certain poster I used to know) would just continue to never ever post any predictions beforehand then tell everyone how right he was after the events happened, lol! I agree with a point here, we fans do in fact lack some of the really in depth stuff that would help form opinions. With that said, we're also alot smarter and more knowledgeable t
  16. We'll keep that kind of thinking in mind if you ever post any of your own armchair fan opinions, lol.
  17. I can say that about most of the guys J.D. has signed or drafted tbqh. The fact that Gase and his cronies were, IMO, one of the worst coaching staffs ever to shame an NFL sideline is the ONLY reason that I have any faith in Douglas or his FA's and draft picking at this point. Because beyond the 1st round O-lineman, they just haven't done much or anything. It's the same logic I see some have with Sam Darnold. The kid has played in two bad offensive systems, with two bad Head Coaches, and two bad rosters of supporting offensive talent, at both Oline and Skill positions. There is a
  18. You can tell that from all the awesome picks and signings he's made so far, eh? You're a better man than I then, because so far, Douglas looks quite like a mixed bag, with most of his picks (so far) being disappointing or underperforming. The wildcard is Saleh and his coaches. If THEY get a hardon for Wilson, Wilson will be the pick, be assured.
  19. Of course he's going to be the pick, he's by far the most Jetsy Pick possible. I fully expect to hear his name at pick #2. Same Old Jets.
  20. I can tell by this that you don't read most of the forum or topics, lol.
  21. Indeed. Not me. But I could be wrong about Darnold....just haven't been yet.
  22. I 100% agree with this concern. Wilson to me looks like the poster-child for one-year-wonder overdrafting. Much talent, such skills, no.......real.....resume. San Diego Barber College wins don;t impress me. But I've always been a guy who wants guys with resume, not the "no production/big potential" hype lords.
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