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  1. Star Wars Episode VIII has begun filming

    SPOILERS INCLUDED BELOW I could live with the weak stories and truly sorry character use/misuse.....if they at least got ANY of the "Sci-Fi" part right. As with Nu-Trek, Abram's vision of Nu-Wars is either a complete moron when it comes to science fiction writing, or he just doesn't give a sh*t and knows the audience today is too stupid in the majority to be bothered by little things like coherent logic. Last movie was the utterly out loud laughable "we can see a laser beam fired from one solar system fly past our solar system to hit and blow up planets in another third solar system" amongst a litany of other sins. This movie we get bombs dropping strait down in the void of space, lol, and we get an Imperia...."New Order" fleet literally chasing the rebels ships is slow-mode the whole movie, because apparently every Imperial hyperdrive broke suddenly, and no one could lightspeed ahead, then lightspeed back in front of them. Then we have "we're here in the middle of no where, nothing around at all, so we're safe", then later, MACGUFFIN! an old rebel base just happens to be right here where we can fly over to it without even needing hyperdrive. No star nearby the entire time, till they hit the surface, the brightly lit by a sun that wasn't there before. **** sake. The Rebels leave Poe out of the loop despite being one of the major leaders because apparently arrogant men need taken down a peg by strong powerful women (Politics in muh Star Wars!). Utterly and completely illogical, but sure, politics trumps good movie making these days. Leia space superman, lame. Drunk Yoda cameo, lame. Luke's entire story here, lame. Snoke (already lame) dies like a bitch, never was a main character after all, lame. IN fact almost every male character here is lame, weak, pussified and pathetic. Luke, inept, pussy. Kylo, whiner pussy and inept. Poe, inept, uninformed, wrong, does nothing of value. Finn, fails at literally everything, needs saved repeatedly by women or robots. Snoke, pussy. General Hux, comedy relief, literally the Proctor of Star Wars now. The women are the only competent characters in this film, again, the heavy handed politics agenda is obvious. The selfless "lightspeed into the badguys" scene, perfect for say, Admiral Ackbar.....nope, some new purple hair gal, because Ackbar died a bitch by a random Tie Fighter, but the new purple gal grrlpwr saves the Zzzzzzz....... Creepy Kylo Rey semi-romance brewing, ugh. Rey in total, no coherent or consistent personality whatsoever, she just floats through the film acting...badly. But she's still the messiah, the hero, the One, the new Neo. Chewy is a prop, and yes, the Vegetarian/Vegan theme underlying the entire film (where Progs must not be eaten, Space Horses must not be raced and Crystal Foxes must not die) was pretty obvious. I'm married to a Veg head, so I'm ok with it, but it was hamfisted and heavy handed, as is everything Nu-Wars. Speaking of ham fisted politics, could the entire Casino World sub-story have been any more heavy handed? Capitalism bad, rich people bad, poor horse stable kids, good, got it. Even a remotely deft touch could have done this better. The fact that the slow chase just dragged on waiting for this sub-story to play out just makes it lamer, near on meme levels of bad (check, yes, badguys still slow chasing the rebels even now, lol). I enjoyed having some humor back, but it was too much, too often, at too many inappropriate moments. Half the characters are literally walking jokes at this point. It's not high adventure, it's near on sarcastic parody. A conscious disassembly of what Star Wars was for past generations, to force in a few political points, to push a few social agenda, and to utterly kill everything that came before so Disney can keep milking the brand going forward without any need or want of original characters or story. I love Rian Johnson as a director. His films, Brick especially, was utterly brilliant. I am crushed at how badly he did. Crushed. This? This was horrid. While it had some good visual scenes, enear on every other aspect, characters, plot, story, pacing, logic, science, all failed utterly to please. The divide will be clear.....if you LOVE Nu-Trek, thoughtless incoherent flashy "sci-fi" you don't need a brain to watch, and think "old" Star Trek is too brainy, you'll LOVE This new film, it's everything Nu-Trek was for Star Wars. If you're older, like decent characters, expect a minimum of logic and science and plot to your films, well, you're sh*t out of luck. This wasn't Star Wars. This was Mary Sue Social Justice Wars. Millenials will love it.
  2. Bowles has wasted/alienated/disenfranchised/dumped a heck of alot of elite Defensive talent so far. How long till Williams is as well under Bowles?
  3. Shame it was a PR stunt/Hoax. http://ftw.usatoday.com/2017/12/washington-redskins-name-change-hoax-redhawks
  4. Star Wars Episode VIII has begun filming

    Saw it last night. Very conflicted. Leaning towards not liking it tbqh. Too many problems to list. Need a second viewing. Liked almost every Star Wars movie to date, but felt Force Awakens was one of the weakest, and this one, after first viewing, is now the weakest/worst. Yes, worse than the prequels. As bad (If not worse) than NuTrek, another Abrams-led horror show. And I love Rian Johnson, the director, literal love. Very meh.
  5. Washington Redhawks

    You whiteskins really need to shush.
  6. Bowles want Petty to fail?

    On the contrary, Petty comes out and throws for 300+ Yards and 3 TD's all three weeks? Yeah, someone's head rolls. Not likely, of course. Especially with this Head Coach who coaches for the 3-0 win.
  7. Bowles want Petty to fail?

    Gonna say it strait out, I don't think Bowles likes Petty, nor do I think Bowles wan'ts to be "shown up" or made to look foolish if Petty plays really well. Would that rise to Bowles torpedo'ing Petty? Nope. Because Bowles just needs to be Bowles to help Petty fail, i.e. an ultra-conservative, run-first, run-second, short-pass, punt offense. Petty is probably a JAG. He'll probably wind up a #3 someplace else. But he'll never get a truly fair shake to show what he is (or isn't) under a Bowles-led Offense.
  8. Baker Mayfield

    /facepalm Of all the things I never thought Jets Fans would buy into, it was Jeff George'ism. Wow. Some days I think we get exactly the team we deserve.
  9. Washington Redhawks

    Ignorance is bliss NoBowles, enjoy yours.
  10. Washington Redhawks

    And rappers use N*gger. Doesn't mean you can name YOUR team the N*ggers. Is this really that hard to get in 2017? Thank you for proving my point. There is no "use" of Kike that ISN'T offensive or derogatory. Nice that you can see that about a term that inflict harm on yourself, but are so blind and uncaring that a similar term, with a similar history, and a similar trail of historic blood on it, should equally not be used today.
  11. Washington Redhawks

    Waiting for what? You're entitled to your opinion, even if it's based on a partial or inaccurate reading of the history of the term or the reasons why it's universally considered a racial epithet. Your individual choice to be offended or not isn't relevant to the term or similar terms anymore than my opinion on a word changes what Miriam-Webster lists as that words definition. As a similar example, African American rappers can say N*gger all they like. It's still a racial slur and no one would call a Pro Football team the Lynchburg N*ggers today. If you'd like to read further, I would suggest here for a good start, but the topic is broad and the available historical readings many. https://www.theatlantic.com/entertainment/archive/2014/06/a-linguist-on-why-redskin-is-racist-patent-overturned/373198/ With that said, it seems your not the only Iroquois who sides with the 'Skins. http://www.redskins.com/news-and-events/article-1/Washington-Redskins-Response-Statement/96e2765f-3464-48b2-a4c2-c63af09ad310 Given's the Washington Redskins deep and broad racist history as a franchise, and the majority-minority city they represent, and their primary motivation not being "honor" but cost and profit, you can decide for yourself to like it or not, to take the team at it's word or not. But none of that changes that the name, the word, is a racial slur in 2017, and has been for the vast majority of it's history.
  12. Baker Mayfield

    I can't wait to have a Head Coach who actually motivates elite talents like Sheldon Richardson and Mo Wilkerson to actually play.
  13. Baker Mayfield

    From a "ease of rooting" standpoint? Drafted QB >>>>> Hired Veteran QB When you draft he a guy, he's YOUR guy. When you sign a guy, he's a guy someone else didn't want anymore, and has baggage from his pro time with those other guys. The Vet could still be the better choice, obviously, but its far easier IMO to root for "your guy". Example: Cousins may be the better choice for 2018. Probably is. But I'd be WAY more excited to draft Baker Mayfield. Partially because Mayfield would be "our guy", while Cousins is a Skins reject who failed to win there. Partially because Cousins will cost 30 million, Mayfield will be ultra-cheap for 5 years.
  14. Washington Redhawks

    Let me remind you: Calling a team the New York Kikes would not, in fact, be an "honor".
  15. Washington Redhawks

    Has nothing to do with Jews. YOU, you individually, are the problem. Nice try tho to use your religion as a shield for your own tolerance of bigotry and hatred. With every post you expose yourself.
  16. Washington Redhawks

    Then you're far FAR worse than I thought. For someone who claims to have faced such things to be so ignorant when it's done to others is a spectacular level of fail.
  17. Playoff team next year?

    Since we're not signing Kirk Cousins, the premise is a bit silly. But yes, we can be a contender next year.
  18. He's had the worst "luck" when it comes to the Refs this year. Knowing our staff, they could be blaming him, and targeting/playing him less.
  19. Why is it too much? President manages the Business, including hiring the GM. GM ONLY answers to him. GM manages the Player and Coaching Personnel. Head Coach ONLY reports to him, NOT to the President. Head Coach coaches the team, helps pick his staff, makes gameday player decisions, offers opinions on players he wants, etc. He ONLY answers to the GM. This is the way a professional organization would be run.
  20. Having the GM and Coach be equal is the worst system I can think of. Only slightly worse than having the GM and Head Coach be the same guy. Owner hires ----> President of Operations (A Pro), who hires ----> GM, who hires -----> Head Coach, who hires (with GM Approval) -----> Coaching Staff Anything else is just asking for trouble. We are a perfect example of that.
  21. Baker Mayfield

    Psst....almost every "good football player" at the QB position is also a great leader of men who inspire their players with BOTH play and word. QB's who are bad leaders are almost exclusively sh*tty QB's who fail/bust.
  22. Washington Redhawks

    Ignorance of the level is just.....wow. Going to go out on a limb here and guess you're a white, male, Christian of some variety, whose never faced a single day of their lives as anything other then the utterly dominant socio-political majority of their culture and country.
  23. Kerley sounds like a moronic twit here tbqh.