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  1. JMO, but I don't want the Jets to "take a HR swing" at QB for 2023. I want to see them keep White, sign Minshew, dump Flacco and maybe retain Zach to develop him another year. White and Minshew will cost money, but not close to what a "HR swing" QB would. And I then spend the saved cap space/money of continuing to improve our O-line and Defense. Same in the draft. More O-line. More Defense now. White/Minshew/Zach at QB Hall/Carter/Knight at RB Wilson/Moore/Mims/Berrios/Draft Pick at WR Uzomah/Conklin/Ruckert at TE. And more and better O-line and Defense. That is a possible route to success IMO.
  2. Rushing yards and TD's for QB's are absolutely tracked by every stat site/entity, and official stats and are valid stats, more now than ever with all the run-first/good-running QB's we have in the league. I think this is more a case of fans who leave it out of their analysis, usually when their QB's are not themselves rushing QB's.
  3. Maybe the Jets need to reimagine their QB room next year with nothing but plucky underdogs beloved by their teammates: Mike White/Taylor Heineike/Gardner Minshew 2023!
  4. Zach is our third string. White is our starter. Easy to say, impossible to prove. Is it ok if I just hope that White can smoke the 21st/31st (points/yards) Minny Defense this week? Hopefully we have all of the rest of 2022 to see how true that claim is.
  5. White/Minshew/Zach or Developmental Mid-Round QB 2023 I'd be ok with that.
  6. Saleh should do less of that, it's not his best skill.
  7. We've bandied this about quite a bit this year. Wins/Losses is not an official QB stat, like it is with Pitchers in Baseball. Stat tracking sites/entities track "Wins/Losses in Games Started" as a thing, which is flawed because (for extreme example) the Phins Teddy Bridgewater started vs. us this year, played one play, and for "wins in games started" he was assigned a loss. Not very useful when you think about that. The idea that wins/losses belong just to the QB is also a mistake in a game like NFL Football. Football is truly a team sport. While keeping track of W/L for QB's is something worthy for informational purposes, I would offer it's not the most meaningful stat for a QB. Case in point: Taylor Heinieke is currently 6-1 as a NFL starting QB in 2022. Some here got all worked up over "Zach is 5-2, Zach is 5-2", making that their core defense of the QB, when it was clear Zach wasn't the real driver of those victories, but was in fact a meaningful driver of those defeats with his personal play/production level. The same can be said for Heinieke, he's a very meh QB, supported (similarly to Zach) by a very effective run game and a somewhat dominant Defense. He does enough to not lose, but he's hardly the driver of what the 'Ders are 6-1 since Carson Wentz went down. Point being, citing W/L is fine, absolutely, but any analysis of a QB should be a bit deeper than "he's 6-1". In a game as complex as NFL football, relying on three units to succeed to win, W/L is a team stat more than anything, and good QB's can be assigned "losses" because of those other units, and bad QB's can be assigned "wins" because of those units too. It really comes down to the age old metrics for QB performance. Comp. %. YPA. Yards. Sacks. TD to INT ratio. Etc. JMO.
  8. I truly hope we go 4-2 the rest of the way out. That will mean finally, the postseason, for our Jets.
  9. Lol, "anyone could have done" what White did? Sure, just not you, eh Simms? Enjoy being wrong, ya joke.
  10. +1 JD really does deserve some credit for the way he's managed the depth of this roster, especially given where we started.
  11. No doubt. But fair is fair. Not being hyperbolic about Zach means we shouldn't be hyperbolic about White. White is clearly the better performer right now, the numbers speak for themselves rather loudly. But for White's future here, that is a story as yet to be told. It does take more than one game to tell it.
  12. I have no problem with the idea that the Jets are good. I'm just laughing at your clearly transparent schtick. Which is why you avoided, completely, answering if the Dolphins with Tua are just as easy as the Dolphins with their #3. I look forward to your future "Zach went 5-2, White only went 4-3, Zach should clearly be the Starter in 2023" thread, lol
  13. So no difference in your mind between Miami with Tua (the best QB in the NFL this year) and with Skyler Thompson, their #3? Lol, such schtick.
  14. Jags and Lions are outright "Must Wins". Lose either, we don't make the postseason IMO. Winning at least one more will be required as well, so we have to steal one from Minny, Buffalo, Miami or Seattle. I don't see Miami, they're very good if Tua is playing. Even vs. our Defense. Minny and Seattle should be close games/competitive. Either could be Jets wins. But Minny is at Minny, and Seattle is in Seattle. Tough. So Buffalo. Beat them once in our house, but we're better this year on the road. Presume bad weather/ice cold in Buffalo. They're not as elite as we thought, but they're still very good. Tough. Ultimately, as good as we are, it's a tough rough IMO. Not a lot of room left to drop one. If we beat Minny on Sunday, that will say ALOT IMO.
  15. I'm interested in seeing if White can be a good NFL starter, and want him to start the rest of this year. I don't think we'll have to pay him 28-35 million a year this offseason to keep him. Not mutually exclusive thoughts.
  16. If White wants to covert the less-convinced, he'll need to stack quality play wins, not get hurt, and play consistently well. While I think anyone who thinks Zach can still be elite but doubts White completely (and I know we have a few of those here) are quite silly, White still has alot to prove. Hopefully he gets every start the rest of this year to prove it.
  17. Two things can be true at once: 1. DWC is mentally ill. 2. Hughes is thin-skinned and tabloid-lame for making any response, much less that one. 3. Hughes was wrong, and has no answer for having been wrong.
  18. The data set will be better at the end of the season, once all is said and done. I would offer that the quality of opposing defenses is not a major factor in the stark differences.
  19. Ok. All ranking as of today, source Pro Football Reference: https://www.pro-football-reference.com/years/2022/opp.htm Rankings are Passing Yards/Passing TD's Allowed Flacco: Baltimore - Pass D ranked 27th/Tie-16th Flacco: Cleveland - Pass D ranked Tie-11th/Tie-16th Flacco: Cincinnati - Pass D ranked Tie-11th/4th Wilson: Pittsburgh - Pass D ranked 24th/30th Wilson: Miami - Pass D ranked 22nd/Tie-19th Wilson: Green Bay - Pass D ranked 9th/Tie-22nd Wilson: Denver - Pass D ranked 3rd/Tie-1st Wilson: New England - Pass D ranked 7th/Tie-12th Wilson: Buffalo - Pass D ranked 17th/10th Wilson: New England - Pass D ranked 7th/Tie-12th White: Chicago - Pass D ranked 18th/Tier-15th
  20. With Zach Wilson: 7 games -- 105 for 189 (55.6%), 1,279 yards (182.7 YPG), 4 TD, 5 INT, 16 Sacks (2.3/game) Without Flacco/White: 4 games -- 113 for 183 (61.7%), 1,216 yards (304.0 YPG), 8 TD, 3 INT, 10 Sacks (2.5/game) Almost twice the games played, same offense, same coaches, same players. I think this speaks for itself, really.
  21. A tie would be fine. Screw um' both.
  22. You remember those RAS Scores all the draftniks get obsessed over? This was Mike White's: Many fans (and coaches, and GM's) nowadays get completely obsessed with these measurables, and refuse to believe anyone with less than "elite" measurables can ever succeed in the NFL.
  23. Have you considered that you may over-rate the importance of "physical measurables" in your evaluation of what makes a good/great QB? Honest question, it's easy for folks to think success can only be had if you have elite physical measurables. You seem very concerned about his "physical limitations", i.e. his arm strength. White has as strong or stronger an arm than pre-injury Pennington, or Joe Montana. I don't think his arm strength is going to limit him IF we excels in other vital areas. He will need to be great on those other areas, and so far has mostly been. Like Chad, his durability has been (so far) a concern. And unlike Chad, his INT's (bloated by the one game vs. Buffalo, law of small sample sizes) have been an issue. All depends on how the rest of this year plays out. Scenario 1: Mike White plays mostly along the lines of his Bengals/Colts/Bears games. Yes, they'll pay him (he'll cost but not back-breakingly) and sign him to a long term deal I think, and may or may not retain Zach as a backup or developmental guy for the short term. No draft pick QB/maybe a mid-round guy. Scenario 2: Mike White plays up and down, some games like the Bears, some games like Buffalo last year. In that case, I think JD would let him walk. Zach would get a shot to compete for the #1 spot in 2023 vs. (likely) a signed Veteran like Jimmy G/G. Minshew/etc. No draft pick QB/maybe a mid-round guy. Scenario 3: Mike White poops up the joint and gets benched and Zach returns and plays great. White walks, Zach goes into 2023 the #1 again. Maybe Flacco is back, maybe another Veteran. Hard to say. Scenario 4: Mike White poops up the joint and gets benched and Zach returns and plays like poop too. Jets miss playoffs. White is let to walk. Zach goes into 2023 as a likely backup, and JD looks to acquire a #1 QB for 2023, again, likely a Veteran. Could also go draft, hard to say (draft for a #1, where we will pick, seems unlikely).
  24. You went to/follow Bears Reddit just to find reasons not to be happy about yesterday? That seems odd.
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