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  1. I think we're going to win and break the streak. I don't have a reason, just a feeling. It's probably wrong. But I'm going to enjoy thinking it anyway.
  2. This. If JD and Saleh win games, they stay employed. If JD and Saleh continue to lose games, they're going to be fired eventually.
  3. Complains because I post memes. Posts exact same meme I posted earlier in the day. Lol. That's funny stuff.
  4. I think we break the 0-11 streak. Why not. A little optimism for our collective souls (insert band meme here).
  5. This. This is the core flaw I see in Zach that he needs to sort out. I maintain the issue is not his body. He has all the physical tools required except, perhaps, for ideal overall size. It's his brain and his eyes. He does not appear to me to read the field well, does not go through his progressions well, and he does not see open guys pretty regularly (and no, "the play was designed to go to X" is not why). He laser-eyes-screws one receiver and if that guy isn't open, he has a bad tendency to just stand there waiting or scramble. This was the prime thing I saw with Whi
  6. Which also means he has to stay healthy. No more missed time.
  7. I'd like to see more of that kid from the 49'ers before the end of the season (and less of Ty Johnson, if I were being honest).
  8. And the board's solution to that is the ignore feature. Your opinion about weakness does not change that this IS this forum's built-in solution to avoiding "usual suspects" you personally do not enjoy reading or exchanging opinions with. Asking Max to silence them is censorship, pure and simple. If you don't like them, and don't want to "weed through them", which is 100% fine, then just ignore them. I don't think you have to worry about that, mate.
  9. Certainly possible, I have been VERY dismissive of guys like Berrios for a very long time. And I must admit, my view could very much have been wrong in not seeing them as important role-players a bit further down the depth chart. I think this is right, and not far from why I was dismissive actually. I think, perhaps, that my objection to "Berrios" talk was always around him being inflated to be something legit, something like a #2 WR or the like. I do not think he is. But as a valuable piece, for depth, for returns (if we don't have anyone better or those who are better can't b
  10. Exactly. Like Mims, I am eager for Zach to silence his critics via great play.
  11. As opposed to your endless complaining and demands for opinion censorship because others disagree with you on something? And JN's built-in solution when you are incapable of self-control over the threads and posts you choose to read is the ignore feature. Use it, or don't. But calling for posters to be outright silenced, that is detestable. And WE get your thoughts too, endlessly repeated: needs time and weaponz, more time, more time, no expectations, more time, more time, he's actually great, we're bad fans for doubting or analyzing him, etc. And yet....no one
  12. You might want to re-read the post you quoted, at no point did I use any word like "obsessed". I can tell by your ongoing replies. I'm very glad. As much as we bicker, on a personal human level, I want nothing but good health for you (as I've said repeatedly over the years, like when you had COVID). I expect us to be bickering many years from now. We lost Sav already, mate, we don't want to lose you. We both missed Mahomes, to be fair.
  13. Not every week, no. But yes, I do expect ~62% completion, ~4,000 yards passing and ~25+ TD passes, with a >2:1 TD to INT ratio from my #2 pick Franchise QB. And I expect them to stay healthy for 16 games (not miss games). i.e. I expect our QB to be top 10-15 amongst NFL QB's. If he is not that as a rookie, that is understandable. But he's not even close as yet. He's closer to a worse Sam Darnold so far. And of course we're going to give him time, we have no other choice. Demanding "more time" is dumb, his doubters cannot cut him or effect him in any way.
  14. Agreed, TJ doesn't move my needle at all as anything but a depth guy, if even that honestly. He's a semi-? for now, for the same reasons Jets Fans should have considered Mims a ? last year. Admittedly, I was probably wrong on Berrios' value. I've never been a fan of his, to me he falls into the same category as Danny Woodhead did for me, a guy you keep when you just don't have anyone better and you don't want to spend anything on that depth spot.
  15. Ignore feature. Just use it, and your sensitivity problems to alternate opinion is solved completely. It'll be like those "one or two usual suspects" don't exist. Give it a try, for all our sakes.
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