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  1. Ok. Had a bit of a scare over the weekend, went in a got a chest X-Ray (which looked good). Some lingering symptoms that seems to want to hang on for a while, and I'm still testing positive so a wrench in work stuff, but alive so far happily. Today is day 6, so hopefully I'm on the downside now with sunny skies ahead. I very much appreciate everyones kind thoughts and comments in the other thread before it went south. I know I am a huge pain in everyones ass, and a pompous, blowhard, opinionated bell-end on alot of days, but I'm still very much glad to be a part of this community. Thanks to you all.
  2. Thanks to all for the well wishes. Very much appreciated.
  3. Aye, thats done, just waiting to hear back.
  4. All of them so far, except the loss of taste one. Still have my taste.
  5. With at least three "co-morbidities", so wish me luck!
  6. That's great news! I hope every team in the NFL marks us down as a "easy win" and overlooks us completely. Best thing that could happen for us. Also, it's a power ranking. In May. It means nothing.
  7. Well aware. Alot of things go back a lot of time, that doesn't mean we need to rename the NY Jets to the Gotham Jets, just typing that out makes me laugh at how stupid that looks/sounds. The only Gotham anyone under the age of 130 will think of is Batman-related. Also, Gotham is just another word for NY City. It doesn't change that inherent issue that the team plays in New Jersey. Metropolis is another name for NYC too, so maybe we can use the Metropolis Gotham Jets. We can have all the super heroes from the lame DC universe then! Offense can wear Batman suits, Defense can wear Superman suits.
  8. 7-9 (his first, partial, year that no one seems to hold him accountable for, so he also gets no credit for it either). 2-14 4-13 I think his offseason was pretty good. But as a GM, it ultimately comes down to wins and losses. Not hot air. He needs to produce alot more wins in 2022 IMO, to keep getting more cool-seat leeway for his lengthy, languid rebuild.
  9. Only if you're Batman. I mean seriously. A silly solution to a sillier "problem". We'll change our names to The Gotham Dark Knights of Emo, lol. Would definitely work with the Black uniforms.
  10. Jets Fans at JN: Well, it's a tough year, in a tough conference, we'll be lucky to win 5 games, maybe 6, and that'll be great and show Zach is the man. Small steps, can't judge Zach and JD and Saleh till 2023 really. No need to rush anyone, in 2023 we're gonna be great, thank you Joe Douglas! Quinn: I predict 5 wins for the Jets Jets Fans at JN: WHAT!!! WHAT ARE YOU SH*TTING ON US BRO. YOU'RE A LOSER BRO. 5 WINS??? 5 F'ING WINS!!!! F YOU BRADY QUINN!!!!!
  11. Some of us are whiney little snowflakes who seem to need a safe space from any opinion, from literally anyone, that they don't like or find even remotely negative. On noes, some nobody bust QB said a sorta bad thing about us, boo hooo hooo, cry cry cry, whine whine whine. Maybe folks should start to realize that media just likes to rile you all up....because you all are the easiest to trigger fanbase in all of sports. Don't give them the pleasure.
  12. Hard to disagree with that, touché. All I'll say is this, I can "like" Chad as a fan, and think he was the best of a bad bunch, and still know he wasn't a Franchise QB, wasn't great, and certainly wasn't good enough given the injuries especially. These are not mutually exclusive feelings/opinions. Same goes for my view on Cousins. He's clearly not a Super Bowl guy on his own, the same way Matt Stafford wasn't a Super Bowl QB till this year. Put Cousins in the same spot as Stafford, I think Cousins could just as easily win a title. On his own? Nope. But 4,200 passing yards and a 3:1 TD:INT ratio is a hell of alot better than anything we've ever had, and yes, I'd be happy with it. Especially today, on a team now looking much more talented on offense. Is it enough to win a title? No idea, but it's a heck of alot better than 3,200 yards and a 1:2 or 1:1 TD:INT ratio, which is usually what we get as Jets Fans. If Zach Wilson puts up 4,200 yards a a 30:10 TD:INT season I'll be mind boggled with happiness. I'm unmoved by the "immediate all or nothing" approach. Matt Stafford is a great example. The Lions didn't lose because of Matt Stafford, but the Rams could win it all in part because of Matt Stafford on a great roster. You can win with a 1B-type QB in the NFL. The Top 10-but-not-Elite type QB's. Chasing only 1A is a nice idea, but you still have to play games till you find one, and I'm not a fan of going 2-13 every year in some effort to find one. I like winning games and making the playoffs more than endless recycling and draft planning. I'd prefer to run the 1B type guy and build the roster around him.
  13. This is such a silly lawsuit and discussion. Teams rarely play in the City/Market they represent. A Stadium in the Meadowlands is still representing the New York City market as the NFL franchise with the rights to that market. If the team decided to play at some extreme distance from their market (say, the Washington 'Ders playing in Richmond VA) that might be something, but this? Patently ridiculous.
  14. I'll start thinking about what QB's are available in the 2023 Draft after the season. If needed. For now, months before the 2022 season starts, I'd prefer to think about how Zach might do with this now-quite-talented Jets Offensive roster.
  15. Most people, when they agree, just type a +1. At no point did I call Chad great or anything close. Nor did I call Cousins great. They're just worlds better than every other QB we've drafted in 30+ years. But sure, noting this fact makes me in a "cult", got it.
  16. Chad was the best home-grown QB we've had since Kenny O. One could argue that Jeff Blake was better (drafted 1992), but he had all his play/success elsewhere. Every other home-grown QB between Kenny O and Chad and then between Chad and today is worse. Most were much, much worse (excluding Wilson, who is TBD). Bill Ransdall, Troy Taylor, Browning Nagle, Glenn Foley, Chuck Clements, Brooks Bollinger, Kellen Clemens, Brad Smith, Eric Ainge, Mark Sanchez, Greg McElroy, Geno Smith, Tahj Boyd, Bryce Petty, Christin Hackenberg, Sam Darnold? None of them can carry Chads jock as a Jets QB, not even Sanchez, the "best" of a horrible bunch and the only one whose teams had any real success (despite Sanchez, mostly). So maybe liking (not worshiping) Chad, the best QB we've had in the last oh, 30 odd years, isn't so odd when you think about it. But with that said, Chad isn't in the same ballpark as Kirk Cousins. Cousins is materially better as a QB than Chad in almost every way. Chad never sniffed 4,000 yards, or 30 TD's, and Cousins can produce that, on meh teams, in his sleep, and Cousins has been far more durable, and consistent in his production, than Chad in Chad's wildest dreams.
  17. They're not "Fans". They're NY Sports players showing support for other NY teams. Players can (and often do) support any other team from that City in other sports. I doubt we'd see an Islander rooting at a Rangers game, or a Jet rooting at a Giant game, or a Met at a Yankee game, for obvious same-sport reasons, but when it comes to other sports, it's generally a free pass to just "root the City". In point of fact, it's in Zach's interest to be seen rooting at both Islanders and Rangers games, Zach isn't in the business of alienating either fanbase. I'll be honest, I'm glad DC has only one of each Pro team, the whole divided-City thing doesn't seem to add much. Plenty of other rival Cities teams to hate, no need to hate your own. JMO, TETO.
  18. To Zach's credit, he really seems to have made an effort to "buy in" to NY Sports, and support the other local teams. I always think thats cool to see. So a solid +1 to him for it from me.
  19. Was no option for Parking (I went through Ticketmaster) when I bought the tickets, maybe because it was "Presale"? Regardless, I'll get it sorted. Seats look great, I'm very excited to finally get a chance to see and be at a home game, and hope that I get a chance to meet Max face to face after all these years. Shame the "Forum Get-together" game is looking to be another weekend, but this was the right weekend for me. Wife and I are Hyped!
  20. So all of you who likely have wanted to punch me over the years, you might get your chance. (Seriously, please don't punch me, I'm old and soft now). Nov. 6 vs. Buffalo. Hope we're still in it by then Now I just gotta figure our parking and hotels.
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