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  1. Be careful what you wish for. As profit-focused as the Ownership is, just be careful what you wish for. You might get it, but not the way you think or want.
  2. So what position should we pay when "the whole team sucks", and do you presume when signing FA's that the "whole team will suck" the entire length of that contract? Seems an odd way to run a team to me. Curious, did you say that at the time, that is was an obvious bad signing, and did you say why? Because most folks didn't think that at the time by my memory, and they certainly didn't say "because the whole team sucks" as the reason for it being a bad signing. I don't agree, for the record, I think it was a solid signing given what was known at the time.
  3. In hindsight, sure. In that moment, I don't think so. Mosely was a 4x pro-bowler who had missed all of 3 starts in 5 seasons. No GM could have known he'd get hurt and lose a year in the first game as a Jet. No GM could have predicted COVID, and that Mosely would choose to sit for a year after his lost year. I'm happy to assign blame where appropriate, but this one isn't it. On it's face, signing Mosely looked like a very good move, justified by how well he played that one shining first half as a Jet before it all came crumbling down. Now? He's a guy who basically di
  4. So what you're REALLY saying is..... Which seems demonstrably, objectively true to me. I was against it, but the Board seemed sure I was wrong. Half a season for David to prove the Board right. So far, my doubts have been confirmed.
  5. So it took JD a year and a half (two seasons of games) to get to the starting point of year 1 of his tenure. Interesting take.
  6. You're very patient and understanding. You seem to have a very high tolerance for losing as long as they tell you there is a "plan". Do you think it takes four-five full years years (2023 will be JD's fifth season as GM) to "reload" an NFL roster to just get to being competitive? What would it take, if anything, for you to want to fire JD and/or Saleh at the end of 2022? What is your line in the sand?
  7. I think you don't get to tell us who to root for. That's all. Beyond that, you are more than entitled to your opinion re: the foolishness of specific repetative thread topics or posts.
  8. Yes, at least here in D.C. they certainly do. Hardcores obsess about everything. That is why they are Hardcores. It's just that bad teams fans are always looking for hope somewhere, so we dig a bit deeper than great teams, who generally don't have to care so much about PS players.
  9. I don't know. In terms of "crappy", the NFL is a business. It's not personal. "Crappy" things get done every day to players in this league based on business decisions. It's an entirely moot point, because there is no universe in all the multiverse where JD, who spent a 6th to get Flacco, would turn around and cut Flacco now in order to keep Cap'n Morgan, lol.
  10. I doubt it. With White having COVID, and old man Flacco gone alongside him, Wilson + Johnson is just too risky. Wilson has already been hurt once this year. There is a small, but not zero %, chance that Wilson gets hurt this week, and Flacco/White can't come back the week after. In that scenario, unlikely tho it is, we'd have to have Johnson and Morgan active as the #1/#2. Once the COVID brothers come back, that risk is gone, and likely so is Morgan. Morgan only gets the nod for the PS because he's already familiar with the LaFluer Offense. No other reason really.
  11. Presume Morgan will get cut. I also presume he probably knows that, and this was his only option. Personally, I'd cut Flacco and keep White and Johnson and Morgan, but I appreciate that likely isn't a popular viewpoint.
  12. Presumably he has been practicing, right? If he isn't ready to play, he probably shouldn't play. If he is in fact playing, I can only presume he has practiced, and is ready.
  13. I just don't agree. What I think is there is, as there always is for every team, a contingent of fans who simply cannot brook any criticism, doubt or analysis of a highly picked player without immediately thinking it's "hate" and a "desire to that player fail". In short, these fans think other fans are just trolls. Not real fans. Etc. Not true in my view.
  14. Then I don't think you know what hate actually means then. He will. Remember, fan frustration =/= Organizational decision making. Do you think Wilson has played great so far in 2021? If you say no, do you hate him? Exactly. Again, fan frustration =/= Organizational decision making. Wilson will almost assuredly get three seasons to prove himself here. And the fans will evaluate him at every step along the way. As fans do. Welcome to the internet, where everyone thinks they know things.
  15. I think we all are, honestly. He's our best chance at current to have a legit franchise QB.
  16. When I read this threads title and author, I swear, the first though I had was: Must be time for Lunch.....
  17. Giving up 50, again, would certainly suck. But seeing Zach Wilson throw for 400 yards and have an effective day passing would be very nice.
  18. Hess: Indifferent, I think he really wanted to win Edwards: Loveable Parecells: It's Complicated Bowels: Bad Head Coach (good Coordinator tho). Rex: Positive JD: Still Optimistic.
  19. See. Nicco was right!!!! We fired that loser Frenchy LaFluer mid-season, and his replacement completely changed the Jets Off..... ......wait, what? We didn't fire him? It all changed when Zach went down, LaFluer went up, and the backup QB's played? Really? Oh, ok then.
  20. Chrebet Mangold Only two I need. Lets be honest, neither our old owner nor our new one does a great job of ex-player relationship building, nor have we had many great players that would come right to mind as team ambassadors. But there are, in fact, a few other ex-players out in the media repping us from time to time as well.
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