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  1. 12 hours ago, Warfish said:

    Keep enjoying our loses because it makes you e-right, despite no evidence the alternative would have been better.

    Glad you got so much joy out of our loss today.

    And yes, Geno is a pathetic little bitch who couldn't beat out Fitz, which is why the team gave Fitz a ton of cash despite having Geno sitting there, because everyone knows Geno is sh*t exact for a few forum fools.

    Fitz is the LOSER BITCH 


    Warfish called Geno a pathetic little bitch 

    I called Fitz a loser bitch 

    I did not call Warfish a bitch 


    1. Warfish


      I don't know why this exchange came up in my feed, but I should state rather clearly that Joe did not call me anything inappropriate or offensive in any form, and I would prefer he NOT be banned or leave.  While he and I may viciously disagree, I welcome all points of view (even when I yell at them how wrong they are) and I'd not want to see him gone.  Please reconsider Max if you're thinking ban.  The mob is rarely right, and Joe helps foster conversation.  He could maybe spam a little less at times, but that's an administrative request, not ban worthy.

      My 0.01$ take it as you like.


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