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  1. 25 minutes ago, Sperm Edwards said:

    Would Q have the same productivity if he had C.Lawson and another serious edge rusher on the same DL and behind the line they routinely buy Q and the rest of the DL an extra 0.5 to 2 seconds in coverage on known passing downs (especially longer yardage to go)? I'm sure his #s will improve, so long as he's healthy.


  2. 12 hours ago, NYJets43 said:

    The Panthers are now looking to bring in Ben McAdoo to see if he can fix Sam Darnold. 

    A lot of people (myself included) really thought Darnold would be good. Why do you think he ultimately hasn’t? What qualities does he lack?

    Accuracy, field vision, technique and decision making.

    Same reason most QB's aren't good.

    Same reasons Zach Wilson wasn't good in 2021.

    If a QB cannot improve/fix these issues, they do not last long as starters.

    It's very rarely a physical issue, almost every QB at the NFL can "make all the throws" a QB needs to be a success.

    It's all about eyes and brains.

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  3. If the draft plays out this way, I would prefer OT Ikem Ekwonu, NC State at #4 and WR Garrett Wilson, Ohio State at #10, as of right now.

    For reasons stated elsewhere (repeatedly) in re: Offense > Defense, building/supporting Zach Wilson, premium positions of maximum impact, etc.

    If we went the way I prefer, I could see Defense with both picks in the 2nd and in the 3rd, as the unit does need alot of help.  That would mean no TE in the draft.

    Caveat:  All depends on who and what we get in FA, of course.  

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  4. 1 hour ago, bgivs21 said:

    Look through this thread and see how many posts mention Jamal Adams as a reason not to take Hamilton.

    Sorry, was speaking for myself only.


     Also positional value doesn't mean anything if Hamilton turns out to be great.

    Sort of a meaningless point, positional value doesn't mean anything if whomever we pick turns out to be great.  Unless it;s a Kicker or Punter or something, lol.


    Assuming Neal, Thibs & Hutch are gone, who are you taking at 4 from the above list?

    Don't know, far too early for me to start setting opinions in stone. That list will change before draft day.

    I'd like alot more Offense (as everyone knows, I think offense, not Defense, is the key to a return to a fun competitive team). 

    And I think that as much as I doubt Wilson's future, we need to do everything possible to support him and enable him to succeed.

    As such, I want elite-talent at WR.  I want more and better O-linemen.  I want a TE that actually serves the role modern high-end TE's serve, lol.  I even want a 2nd RB to pair with Carter.

    So looking at that list, if Edge is gone by pick #4, I would go with Evan Neal OT Alabama (presumes Moses does not resigned, which I don't think he will).  I would consider Garrett Wilson and/or Jameson Williams at #4 as well, and at #10 if they're there.

  5. 15 minutes ago, Copernicus said:

    Hey Warfish, so a lot there:

    Mims at the time was considered a first round value. Sometimes that doesnt work out but at the time it seemed legit. Also giving him another chance to prove himself after what had to be considered a real drastic season with food poisoning and Covid.

    Understand that I am not calling Hamilton generational but others who are professional with research and data to back it are. 

    If you could get the career of Ed Reed at #4 would you do it? I think I might

    I wouldnt take Hamilton if Thibs and Hutch were on the board but if they are not there it would have to be a consideration, no?

    Mims is just a good, recent, example of "1st round talent will be available in the 2nd" rarely actually works out that way.  Especially for us.

    He's highly regarded, but I cannot find any source as yet that says he is projected to be the best ever at the position.  That was the part I was questioning.

    Ed Reed would be great.  Anything less, not so much, especially for this team at this moment in time.  A "just good" safety would be almost worthless to us overall.  He'd have to be Ed Reed to justify the investment, and it's hard seeing that.

    Personally, I would not even consider a Safety at #4 or #10.  I am all in on preferring additional investment in the Offense, with a grudging acceptance that an Edge us likely one of the two picks.  But I prefer we focus on Offense, because that is how teams win in the NFL in 2021.  

  6. 12 minutes ago, UntouchableCrew said:

    I've said in other threads, not striking out with our first four picks is arguably more important than trying to hit homeruns.


    But I also think we'd be fools not to ALSO consider Zach Wilson and his vital importance to our future.

    As bad as our Defense was, improving it will not win a title.  Offense is king is the NFL.

    And Offense is driven by the QB.

    IMO we must continue to build around Zach, and for any future replacement for Zach if he can't cut it.

    Sadly, we have too many priorities of need. Some of which, we can only hope, are successfully answered via Free Agency for once.  JD's track record on FA's is mostly poop so far.


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  7. 7 minutes ago, bgivs21 said:

    You talked about groupthink, well rn the groupthink of Jets fans is under no circumstances can we take a S at 4 because we got burned with Adams. 

    It's not Adams.  It's positional value.  Safety is not worth pick #4.

    Looking at ESPN's 2022 Draft Class ranking, I see plenty of options for us at #4 and #10.

    And I don't think Karlaftis is going #4 either tbf.

    I won't lie, there is a part of me that would be very happy if we drafted Williams and Garrett Wilson at WR, paired those two with Davis and Moore, and actually tried to win games by scoring more points for once. :) If Zach Wilson couldn't succeed with that WR group, he'd never succeed, and we'd know it pretty quickly.

    Ranked Player
    Aidan Hutchinson news_icon.gif DE   0 Michigan 94     1
    Kayvon Thibodeauxnews_icon.gif DE   0 Oregon 94     2
    Evan Nealnews_icon.gif OT   0 Alabama 94     3
    Derek Stingley Jr.news_icon.gif CB 6'1" 195 LSU 94     4
    Kyle Hamiltonnews_icon.gif S   0 Notre Dame 94     5
    Jameson Williamsnews_icon.gif WR   0 Alabama 94     6
    DeMarvin Lealnews_icon.gif DE   0 Texas A&M 93     7
    Nakobe Deannews_icon.gif ILB   0 Georgia 93     8
    Garrett Wilsonnews_icon.gif WR   0 Ohio State 92     9
    Charles Crossnews_icon.gif OT 6'5" 310 Mississippi State 92     10
    David Ojabonews_icon.gif OLB 6'5" 250 Michigan 92     11
    Drake Londonnews_icon.gif WR   0 USC 92     12
    Tyler Linderbaumnews_icon.gif C 6'3" 290 Iowa 91     13
    Travon Walkernews_icon.gif DE   0 Georgia 91     14
    Ahmad Gardnernews_icon.gif CB 6'2" 188 Cincinnati 91     15
    Kenny Pickett news_icon.gif QB   0 Pittsburgh 90     16
    Matt Corralnews_icon.gif QB   0 Ole Miss 90     17
    Devin Lloydnews_icon.gif ILB   0 Utah 90     18
    George Karlaftisnews_icon.gif DE   0 Purdue 90     19
    Roger McCreary news_icon.gif CB   0 Auburn 90     20
    Ikem Ekwonunews_icon.gif OG 6'4" 320 NC State 90     21
    Chris Olave news_icon.gif WR   0 Ohio State 90     22
    Andrew Booth Jr.news_icon.gif CB   0 Clemson 90     23
    Jahan Dotson news_icon.gif WR   0 Penn State 90     24
    Kaiir Elamnews_icon.gif CB   0 Florida 90     25
    Jordan Davis news_icon.gif DT   0 Georgia 90     26
    Malik Willisnews_icon.gif QB   0 Liberty 89     27
    Trevor Penningnews_icon.gif OT   0 Northern Iowa 89     28
    Treylon Burksnews_icon.gif WR 6'3" 225 Arkansas 89     29
    Trey McBride news_icon.gif TE   0 Colorado State 89     30
    Cameron Thomasnews_icon.gif DE   0 San Diego State 88     31
    Nicholas Petit-Frerenews_icon.gif OT   0 Ohio State 88     32


  8. 3 hours ago, Copernicus said:

    Looking at multiple mock drafts there seems to be a real good chance that worthy edge rushers will be there at the top of the second round.

    This reminds me of 2020 and "there will be #1 WR prospects available for us in the 2nd".

    We got Mims.

    3 hours ago, Copernicus said:

    Kyle Hamilton is considered the best safety to come out in 20 years. I read one article that believes he is the top prospect ever at the position.

    Oh, he's generational, eh?

    3 hours ago, Copernicus said:

    It is an interesting argument at least

    It's hard to see taking a chance on a Safety being worthy of pick #4.  

    Going Safety, again, in the top 10, while top-tier edge prospects are on the Board would feel very Jetsy to me.

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  9. Best Case:

    Jets draft starter-quality Edge and WR in the first, Center and TE or Safety in the second, LB, TE and RB later.  With these added to substantial spending in FA, the Jets are finally competitive again in 2022.

    Worst Case:

    Jets overthink it, don't go edge early, get obsessed with "chat value", trade down like we did for Mims, don't get a top edge, don't get a top WR weapon for Wilson, skip on Center/O-line, ignore RB, draft a bunch more late-round guys thinking they'll be fine, etc.

    This should be an easy draft for JD.  He just has to not screw it up.

  10. 5 hours ago, slimjasi said:

    I haven't really been paying attention but I thought the "commanders" logo leak was pretty damning evidence?

    Certainly could be, the Snyder Regime IS That inept, that they could leak it.

    Could also be marketing rope a dope.  Wouldn't be crazy.

    We'll see, Commander is maybe probable, but it's a bit lame,

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  11. 15 minutes ago, Hex said:

    You responded to somebody saying that Omicron was a mild cold with that stat. It's really unclear what everybody is trying to say though.

    I responded to someone saying "Maybe they realize it's just a mild cold." in response to the theory that no COVID testing was done by the NFL for the playoffs.

    The only reference to Omicron in his post was that he thinks that's the variant he might have got.  


  12. 1 hour ago, Joe Willie White Shoes said:

    What was Jordan's impact off the court?  Selling sneakers?  Whoop de doo.  He was as big an A$$hole as Brady.  Watch his HOF acceptance speech. The ultimate narcissist.  

    Has nothing to do with him being an ass or not.  

    And anyone who says "whoop de doo" to Jordan's cultural and off-court impact for the NBA simply doesn't understand the concept.

  13. 4 minutes ago, slimjasi said:

    Jordan was a better version of Kobe - so I don't quite see that one. The others I could potentially agree with you on - although Wilt had too many poor postseason performances for my taste. 

    I think Russell, Kareem, and Lebron are all definitely in the discussion. 

    Don't get me wrong, the NBA isn't my sport (Baseball and Football are me), so I'll defer to true hoop-heads as the experts.

    But I think sometimes Fans ignore the "why" behind some players perceived greatness.  Jordan was utterly amazing on the court, no doubt, no question, one of the best to ever step on a court, but his effect OFF the court was more massive than any player in NBA history by a massive margin.  No one else comes close. 

    That effect is a big part of why he gets the GOAT nod vs. players that really were his equal or better on the court. 

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