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  1. Seems like there is alot you don't want to hear. Good thing this is a non-audio, text-based medium, eh? Hearing not required.
  2. "Dawg baller" seems like it should mean something bad.
  3. I agree. But I also know how the NFL works generally. I expect the competition in year 2 to be White and some castoff Vet. No one legit. Year three? Hard to say today, but probably more of the same. I don't see "legit competition" being brought in, as I would define "legit", and I don't see an open competition happening thill after year three either. Again, not advocating, just saying how I see it playing out.
  4. 40 would be the end of three seasons (17+17+6 left this year) of his five year rookie contract. Do you believe the Johnsons and JD will replace or cut the #2 pick in the draft before the end of his third season, given the JD/Saleh circumstances? I do not at this time. Not advocating, just opining.
  5. Why do homers see evaluation and analysis as misery? (P.S. Not miserable, but do think Zach played mostly poorly today).
  6. Do you think, through the same period (7 starts or 11 games), that Wilson has shown more or less than Darnold did in his rookie year? If more, what is that more he's shown?
  7. Perine is likely done here after this season. Lets hope Walter builds on his flashes of great burst today.
  8. JD seems to have a real problem picking place kickers.
  9. That is the smart-guy-who-know-stuff kind of analysis only you can bring db, thanks you sir!
  10. Hoping for "good". Would be nice to have someone as speedy and nimble as he (at times) looked in the backfield to pair with Carter.
  11. I don't know, obviously, I'm not as smart as you. Hence why I asked you, the guy who is smart and knows stuff. So what WAS the effect of us not having Davis (and Carter)?
  12. Since you obviously understand it, what was the variance effect on the Texans Passing DVOA for today due to the benching of Justin Reid? Thanks in advance.
  13. I find Guapos hit or miss, honestly. The one in Manassas has always been pretty solid, the one in Fair Lakes, less so. Different menus too. Glad you enjoyed it, I made veggie thanksgiving stuffing and veggie meatballs today. It was a for the wife kinda culinary day.
  14. Hey man, you gotta help the narrative. How else can you make one of the worst defenses in the NFL into a formidable defensive powerhouse Zach was lucky to have overcome?
  15. I enjoyed it. Saw a few things that could be pieces for the future. And a win is always more fun to watch that a 50 point less.
  16. Enjpy some light reading: DVOA: Explained in Depth One running back runs for three yards. Another running back runs for three yards. Which is the better run? This sounds like a stupid question, but it isn’t. In fact, this question is at the heart of nearly all of the analysis on Football Outsiders. Several factors can differentiate one three-yard run from another. What is the down and distance? Is it third-and-2 or second-and-15? Where on the field is the ball? Does the player get only three yards because he hits the goal line and scores? Is the player’s team up by two touchdown
  17. Nope. Ship sailed on the Mike White Experiment when he failed to stay healthy and failed to follow-up his performance against the Bungles. White, after COVID, should be the #2. Nothing more. It's Wilson going forward for the next 40 games or so, minimum, presuming he stays healthy.
  18. This is an excellent summary analysis of Wilson to-date IMO. The deficiencies outnumber the "flashes" so far this year. As noted, he has ~ 40 more games to show who and what he is, and to prove his doubters wrong, before the Jets are likely to move on. The analysis continues. On to the Eagles.
  19. Most enjoyable part of today's win was shutting off my phone and no longer reading JN during the game, tbqh.
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