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  1. I'll have to take your word on it, I honestly don't scout the draft or FA till after the season ends generally. But there are always players to be found, even in down FA years.
  2. Isn't that in part why Perine was drafted? To be something of a bruising runner? Hard to remember given how little of Perine we've seen or heard since he was picked.
  3. 1. Spend to the Cap, Bring in effective Veterans at key positions of need 2. Draft without a deep focus on either O or D. We'll need both, and the specifics of what positions to draft will depend on how we do in 1. above. But it starts with actually spending our available cap space and filling some holes with proven veteran starters.
  4. Can you imagine if everyone tagged you in every post every time they got into a spat with Nut? "You have 1,498,197 Notifications"
  5. Yes, we disagree. IMO patience is earned by showing something worth investing more time into, it's not automatic just because. Agree, JD and Saleh will almost assuredly get 2022 and 2023 before any moves are made. What I would do, and what the Johnsons do, are often different. And we see the results of what the Johnson's do.
  6. The point is the same as it always is around here: People point to the exceptional exceptions to the norm, then say "see, our guy can do it too!" without any actual, meaningful comparison or analysis as to why, for example in this case, Saleh deserves the same patience as Knoll, Cowher, etc. Nope, we have a crap QB playing crappy, it's literally always "Look, Peyton Manning sucked his rookie year, just have some patience!" Or with Gase coaching horribly, where it was "hey, Bill Bellichek did poorly in his first stint, just have patience hater!". We all saw how that worked
  7. A great point. We should seek out Head Coaches who only win 1-3 games their first year then get fired. Clearly, these are the best Coaches in the NFL!
  8. You know you're wasting your time, right?
  9. What are you basing that on? Moore's stats with White/Johnson/Flacco: 6 targets, 6 catches, 67 Yards vs. CIN (with White) 8 targets, 7 catches, 84 Yards, 2 TD vs. IND (With White/Johnson) 6 targets, 3 catches, 44 Yards, 1 TD vs. BUF (with White/Flacco) I think we need to hope the return of Wilson doesn't impact Moore, as his entire 5 game stretch with Wilson only produced 9 catches for 79 Yards and 0 TD's.
  10. Out top Total Offensive production (Yards) this season: 1. White vs. Bengals - 511 Yards 2. White/Johnson vs. Colts - 486 Yards 3. Flacco vs. Dolphins - 380 Yards 4. White/Flacco vs. Buffalo - 366 Yards The bottom six are all the Zach Wilson starts (355, 336, 299 (with White in relief), 252, 230, 162) Agreed. Better to find out what we have sooner rather than later at this point. Seasons over (from a competing standpoint), we're in trash time once again (just like we were with Darnold), vs. a very weak schedule. We should see a material improvement f
  11. Actually, that would have told us alot, had it gone down that way. Shame we'll never know because we wasted a game on Old Man Flacco. Which only tells us something about Saleh and JD. On the bright side, we're going to find out ALOT about Zacky Wilson vs. the Texans on Sunday. So at least there is that to look forward at.
  12. Trouble with this idea is you have to have the right guy hired to start with, one worthy of giving patience. You could have given Adam Gase 100 years of patience, and we'd still suck. No number of years would have turned him into a Bill Cowher. The question before us now is this: Is Saleh that guy. That Bill Cowher type worth sucking now for a future of consistent competitive post-season and titles? I'll be quite honest, if he is......I've not seen it. I've seen absolutely nothing from this staff that say "patience will be rewarded". They look lost out there so far.
  13. It's interesting to me that the defenders of highly picked QB's (like Zack) never seem to actually have any actual firm expectations or demands for performance of those QB's. It's as if being a high pick comes with both an unlimited three year competition-free try-out and a "no criticism or expectations allowed" rule in the eyes of some fans. The Texans D, today nonwithstanding, is one of the worst in the NFL overall. I expect a supposed Franchise QB prospect to perform against that kind of defense, even in his rookie year. Especially one with quite a bit to prove, given h
  14. Similarly, White could have a single bad game against the leagues #1 Defense, that doesn't mean he is worthless or without a place on this team. Keep in mind the argument here: That White should have started today because he has a possible future here as the #2, Flacco does not. Zach Wilson was the #2 overall pick, and is (so far) the worst starting QB in the NFL this year next to, perhaps, Sam Darnold (whose already been benched). I expect him to start showing improvement. That improvement should start against the poor Defense of the Texans.
  15. If you say so. In the same vein that I don't give QB's 51 starts before I start to evaluate or be critical of them, I also don't give a guy only 2.5 starts and then decide they are utterly worthless and unworthy of any further play or discussion. I'll repeat, as soon as Wilson start producing great franchise QB type production games, his critics and doubters and backup QB dreamers will all be happily silenced. Till then.... Lets all hope Wilson comes back and blows the Texans out of the water on Sunday with a great performance.
  16. I agree. With that said, it takes far more than physical tools to be a successful franchise QB, and we've seen more limited QB's have success in the NFL where physical marvels failed. I agree. That does not mean White has no chance, or that playing Flacco today over White was the right decision. I hope so. And I hope he starts putting up performances that start making Wilson v. White comparisons irrelevant and laughable. Unfortunately, so far, he has not done that yet. He is one of if not the worst starting QB's in the NFL this year. He can start to
  17. Clearly, some portion of the fanbase gives a sh*t. And the 1st stringer wasn't healthy, which is why the question of White vs. Flacco has been asked. Ultimately, while some may not like it, the most likely reason Flacco played today is 1. White is hurt and 2. Saleh was desperate to try and steal a win today and JD was desperate to validate his poor trade for Flacco. A reasonable one I think, and one you clearly either cannot or will not answer it seems. It seems there are two schools of Fans: 1. Those who want to find a successful winning QB 2. Those who wan
  18. Given his performances so far in 2021, do you think Zach Wilson would have produced better than White did vs. the #1 overall Defense? I'm curious, what kind of game do you think Wilson would have had in White's place vs. the Bills that day?
  19. Well, I guess we fans don't have to worry about that, do we. Instead, we'll get to see how well our Franchise QB does against the Texans next week. Presuming he is healthy and ready by then, of course. Now that Zach will be back, we can focus on him and his quality of play again.
  20. Hilarious TV Coverage, Saleh center-screen pouting over his pathetic Defense, bracketed by two Jets Cheerleaders, waist-down-only, with their asses and legs on either side bouncing up and down as they dance.
  21. This is a horrible game between two horrible teams. Borderline unwatchable so far.
  22. Got mine Friday, J&J #2, arm hurt and fatigue for 24 hours. Good luck, hope you don't puke. As I say every week, best of luck to our Jets today. Hope they win, meaningless tho such a win would be under Flacco.
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