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  1. I doubt it. With White having COVID, and old man Flacco gone alongside him, Wilson + Johnson is just too risky. Wilson has already been hurt once this year. There is a small, but not zero %, chance that Wilson gets hurt this week, and Flacco/White can't come back the week after. In that scenario, unlikely tho it is, we'd have to have Johnson and Morgan active as the #1/#2. Once the COVID brothers come back, that risk is gone, and likely so is Morgan. Morgan only gets the nod for the PS because he's already familiar with the LaFluer Offense. No other reason really.
  2. Presume Morgan will get cut. I also presume he probably knows that, and this was his only option. Personally, I'd cut Flacco and keep White and Johnson and Morgan, but I appreciate that likely isn't a popular viewpoint.
  3. Presumably he has been practicing, right? If he isn't ready to play, he probably shouldn't play. If he is in fact playing, I can only presume he has practiced, and is ready.
  4. I just don't agree. What I think is there is, as there always is for every team, a contingent of fans who simply cannot brook any criticism, doubt or analysis of a highly picked player without immediately thinking it's "hate" and a "desire to that player fail". In short, these fans think other fans are just trolls. Not real fans. Etc. Not true in my view.
  5. Then I don't think you know what hate actually means then. He will. Remember, fan frustration =/= Organizational decision making. Do you think Wilson has played great so far in 2021? If you say no, do you hate him? Exactly. Again, fan frustration =/= Organizational decision making. Wilson will almost assuredly get three seasons to prove himself here. And the fans will evaluate him at every step along the way. As fans do. Welcome to the internet, where everyone thinks they know things.
  6. I think we all are, honestly. He's our best chance at current to have a legit franchise QB.
  7. When I read this threads title and author, I swear, the first though I had was: Must be time for Lunch.....
  8. Giving up 50, again, would certainly suck. But seeing Zach Wilson throw for 400 yards and have an effective day passing would be very nice.
  9. Hess: Indifferent, I think he really wanted to win Edwards: Loveable Parecells: It's Complicated Bowels: Bad Head Coach (good Coordinator tho). Rex: Positive JD: Still Optimistic.
  10. See. Nicco was right!!!! We fired that loser Frenchy LaFluer mid-season, and his replacement completely changed the Jets Off..... ......wait, what? We didn't fire him? It all changed when Zach went down, LaFluer went up, and the backup QB's played? Really? Oh, ok then.
  11. Chrebet Mangold Only two I need. Lets be honest, neither our old owner nor our new one does a great job of ex-player relationship building, nor have we had many great players that would come right to mind as team ambassadors. But there are, in fact, a few other ex-players out in the media repping us from time to time as well.
  12. Really? Here is a hint: You don't have to read them, don't have to respond to them, and after their first obvious troll post you can put them on ignore and never see them again.
  13. In fairness, it's sorta on-topic in a thread specifically about two Jets Players being set aside because one has COVID and one was licking him repeatedly.
  14. Which doesn't change that they are one of the worst Defenses in the NFL. And the week after that too. And the week after that. And after that. And so on, barring additional injury of course. There is no 'ultimatum' here, only ongoing analysis and evaluation. Nor is having an expectation of him showing some improvement 'arbitrary'.
  15. Great. Then we should see Zach have a pretty great game vs. the 29th/30th ranked Texans Defense, given all those other improvements. As I've said, the best way for Zach to silence his doubters would be to keep the improvements we've seen in offensive production since he got hurt going. I'd comfortably wager that the number of people who "hate Zach" and "would not even give him another chance" is closer to actual zero than to anything one might consider a "significant amount".
  16. The Jets did both. We added a WR our GM believed would fill the #1 role (Davis) and an edge that our GM believed would fill the #1 passrusher role (Lawson). But clearly the roster management this year was primarily about a youth-movement. Yes, it seems never ending. But again, what expectation or demand are you expressing based on that point? JD doesn't own 4 years ago. Saleh doesn't own last year or 2019. They do not have a DeLorean and they cannot go back in time to save those previous seasons. JD owns 2.5 seasons of offseason, two of which were under a Coach
  17. You're correct, it's not happening. I'm not sure I would agree.
  18. When Zach Wilson got hurt, the Jets were ranked 32/32 in the NFL in Offense (Scoring/Points) in 2021. This mirrored the Gase Era, where the Jets were ranked 32/32 in 2020 and 31/32 in Offense 2019. Today, the Jets are ranked 27th (in Scoring) and 21st (in Yards). That's actually a more notable jump than I expected, and I think it warrants more notice than it's received. 27th in Scoring is clearly still poop, but if it were to stand, it'd be our best showing since 2018 (23rd) under Bowles. 21st in Yards is a huge jump from 32nd, almost....dare I say it....closer to bein
  19. Yes, to come degree. Yes. ------- I'm curious, what actual difference does this odd definitional issue "tear down year vs. non-tear down year" actually make? We're 2-8 and going nowhere in 2021, clearly. We're playing the youngest team with the most playing rookies in the NFL. Clearly, the Jets Organization sees 2021 as a some form of restructure/rebuilding year, with a new Coaching staff, a new QB and no real spending spree in FA. They've said as much, that this year is disappointing, but part of a plan for future something (TBD if that plan will actually work, o
  20. Oh no, totally triggered, like grrr, so mad. And stuff. Or something. You seem to be in the business of farming neg-reps, so here, let me give you what you so clearly seem to be seeking. Have a great day!
  21. I expect Wilson to play. I think, if he is what his fans say he is, he should excel vs. the Texans lowly bottom-part-of-the-NFL Defense. Apart from that, there are no "musts" when you are at 2-8 in a year the Organization is clearly seeing as a tear-down mulligan for both GM, Head Coach and #2 Draft Pick QB.
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