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  1. I can actually speak on that. The Hampur was my idea, when I was still Moderator. And the idea was loathed at first, frankly, a lot of folks were mad at it. But they came round. I can say with surety the idea did not come from JN, and was not generated by Sean. That one was mine. Insert "even a blind squirrel find a nut" line here.
  2. The Lounge is no Hampur tho. Perhaps we can change that.
  3. Do the new JI Refugees get like, an Ambassador, or somesuch? And can it not be SAR?
  4. I have a bottle of that myself, it's an excellent subtle lowland malt, makes for a great daily dram during the week. It's one of the distilleries I'd like to try some of the more interesting expressions from.
  5. Basicly, I'll be deciding my future forum home based on what kind of feedback this thread gets on each potential new home. So, I hope we here at JN have some dedicated Whisk(e)y drinkers, advocates, fans and the like. My most recent additition: As brilliant as I'd heard, a strongly sherried Scotch, full of sweet flavors and deep dark depth.
  6. Warfish

    Michael Sam

    Nice to see you Drunk Kid Tyler. And you're probably right, but my overarching point stands. Sams isn't good enough (yet), flexable enough (at all) or with enough potential to warrant nearly this much attention.
  7. Then you're not ready to have a serious discussion of the issue. Not even close to GOAT at CB. Hate to break it to you, that was the plan. Conservative mult-year rebuild without spendng the bank (or future) on a CB. If something good AND affordable appeared, he'd take it, otherwise he'd wait, build through the draft, and spot-fill with Vets, assuredly Vets Ryan signed off on and desired and felt he could "make good enough". The determination of this being right or wrong won't be decided by 2014, a year in which the Jets have and had no shot to compete for a World Title anyway.
  8. Warfish

    Michael Sam

    Yes, it must suck to be drafted, then given a second chance. Not right now he isn't. He's a college-level talent tweener who offers no flexabillity as a third stringer on the D-line as he only plays rush DE, can't play NFL LB, and doesn't play Specials. His stats were almost all against the Future Meat Cutters Union of the NFL (i.e. 3rd and 4th string guys also now cut). That fame is the only reason he was drafted. The same NFL that gave Tebow, Vick, Ray Lewis, a drunk driving hit-and-running WR and a wife beating Raven second (or more) chances? Please. NFL teams will deal
  9. 1. Indeed, but I'm confident in my opinion, given the facts we do know. 2. He was never, ever, worth 16 million/year. No CB is or ever has been. IMO, of course. 3. Agree on the "position of weakness", it clearly is. Agree to disagree on the effort to reload there. The players Idzik Aquired this offseason at CB: Johnny Patrick, CB, Waved (San Diego), Signed by NY Jets. Dimitri Patterson, CB, URFA (Miami), Signed by NY Jets. Darrin Walls, CB, RFA, Resigned by NY Jets. Ellis Lankster, CB, URFA, Resigned by NY Jets. Jeremy Reeves, CB, UDFA, Iowa State (DNP 2013). 3rd Round (
  10. 1. I don't believe Revis ever wanted to come back, and I don't believe he would have for anything less than an over-market-value deal (14-16 mil/year, one year). 2. I don't believe Revis was ever as good as claimed, like many CB's, the mythmaking is half the reason they don't get tested (not because their guy isn't open). Low hanging fruit like Wilson will always appeal to a QB more. 3. I don't believe Idzik made mistakes at CB, he did what he could, signed guys to fill in short-term, and drafted guys to develop long term. That's what any good early-in-office GM does. It isn't his f
  11. Not far from my own predictions for 2014: Oakland - Win (1-0) at Green Bay - Loss (1-1) Chicago - Loss (1-2) Detroit - Win (2-2) at San Diego - Win (3-2) Denver - Loss (3-3) at New England - Loss (3-4) Buffalo - Win (4-4) at Kansas City - Loss (4-5) Pittsburgh - Loss (4-6) Bye at Buffalo - Win (5-6) Miami - Win (6-6) at Minnesota - Win (7-6) at Tennessee - Win (8-6) New England - Loss (8-7) at Miami - Win (9-7) Playoffs Wild Card Round vs. Pittsburgh - Loss FINAL RECORD: 9-7, Loss in Wildcard Round
  12. 5 Worst? Not sure how they can logically come to that conclusion. He's not been perfect, no, but apart from the D-backfield (a lingering weakness), IMO we're much better almost all down the line than before he was GM. /shrug I'm ok with Idzik at this point.
  13. Warfish


    If only I could get the Sunday Ticket WITHOUT Direct TV, since I can't get Direct TV anymore All I want is a legal way to pay someone lots of my money so I can stream Jets games.
  14. We start 0-1, and the season gets drastically harder going forward having lost a "winnable game" against a bad team. It could mean a lot, it could mean nothing. But IMO it would be a bad sign of whats to come.
  15. See, thats the thing. I'm a gamer, and my rig (and my local area internet) is, how should I say it.....epic whikahd pissah powerful. Seems the problem with uber-slow site-loading here is mine tho, if no one else has it. Meh. I'll figure it out.
  16. Drinking and collecting fine Single Malt Scotch, hoping Mike Vick never sees the field, coming to terms with a new House that is a fixer-upper and having no skill at such things, family drama, hoing for a good season, angry I can't get Direct TV anymore, and pondering my message board future given the whole yada yada yada. If only JN wasn't the single slowest loading forum I've ever been on, might make the decision easier. Seriously is that just me? How about you, whats up these days?
  17. Does JN have an interest in discussing the finer points of Single Malt Scotch whisky? Just curious.
  18. Why have a #3 active, honestly. Geno or Vick, thats the story in 2014. If one gets hurt, we can sign a Boyd again, he's likely not going anywhere, nor is Simms. Save the roster spot I suppose.
  19. I'd have liked to see a fair, even, legitimate competition this year between Geno and Vick. Early word from camp seems to show thats not going to happen. So we simply have to trust the staff and front office is making the right decision.
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