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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bwpzuiOPp8Y
  2. You're welcome Max. My respect for you mandated I give you my honest reply. But frankly, I cannot promise the fiery passionate anger today will burn as bring down the road. I love the Jets man, like a kid or a brother. The team has probably been the biggest passion in my life for the longest amount of time. I had the Jets before I had my wife, and she's stuck around for most of two decades thus far. When some time has passed, will I rationalize? Will I make excuses? I very well might. I've already heard some solid logic-based arguments that are compelling in that dir
  3. I don't think it can ever be so clear-cut as "these crimes, no, these crimes, yes". Domestic Violence is a perfect example. This can range from "was totally innocent and his crazy ass wife was just more convincing" to "all but beat his wife to death on a regular basis for 10 years". You simply cannot judge that only on a top-level yes/no paradigm. If I had to give you a list of unforgiveables? 1. Murder (which won't matter, cause he'd be in prison for life). 2. Serious Business Rape or Child Sexual Abuse 3. Serious Business Domestic Abuse or Child Abuse 4. Serious Business
  4. Since Max asked so nicely, and has always been a good friend to me, I'll put myself up for the collective ridicule of JN. After all, I've already had dozens of posters on JI express their utter disdain for me, claim my 30 years of loyalty was all "an act", and declare me a "non fan". they're glad to be rid of, so what's a few more, right? So.... It means I will not root for or support the team while Vick is on it. I won't root against them either, nor will I root for injuries to Vick (that classless IMO), nor will I do any other "disloyal" thing. I will simply shelve my fando
  5. It's been very interesting reading and thinking about this issue. The hatred and loathing being levied (especially at JI) against those who have an ethical objection to Vick has been...illuminating. There appears to be a deeply held belief out there amongst the majority that our NFL Fandom must be absolute, unquestioning, and utterly untestable, or else you are not a "real fan". The idea that your team, or a player, may impose upon you, the fan/consumer, an ethical issue that might come before/above your fandom seems to be a foreign, and itself objectionable, concept to many fans,
  6. I thought we were committed to Smith.
  7. Rolling Stones, Live in Glasonbury, 2013. http://bigozine2.com/roio/?p=1504
  8. The only interesting aspect of the 2013 Jets is who will play QB. And thats only interesting if it isn't Mark Sanchez.
  9. 1. The market for Revis, despite his injury, is clearly high. Multiple picks, including at least one first rounder, is actually a realistic option. 2. Revis is the best CB in the NFL IMO. With that said, he is still JUST a CB. He is a differencemaker, yes. He is not good enough, or vital enough a position, to win Championships. 3. The difference in quality between Revis & Sombody vs. Cromartie & Somebody is not a big enough dropoff to say no to a package of picks including first roudners and multiple-middle-round selections. 4. The Jets Need Talent more than they nee
  10. I posted this over there, but it makes me lol to think of it, so I'll post it here too.... Sign that you take the Internet too seriously #458,132: When your boss walks up behind you surfing the web, and asks what you're doing, and you reply (with full :straitface:) that you're "quite busy with a vital negotiation to broker a Peace Accord between two rival Jets Fans Forums....and I'm almost there!"
  11. It's only my opinion (for what little thats worth), and I am absolutely NOT in the know anymore, but.... .....I think this thread "Nostalgia JI" is genuine for alot of guys. I think (like me) there are alot of folks who truly want a more peaceful, less bitter, less angry coexistence between the two communities, who (really) share far more than what seperates them. I assure you, I'm not here to drive up Sean's site visits. I've never worked that way, and I never will. I'm a JN regular visitor, in more ways than one, if not poster, and my e-love and admiration for Max, my brofist Cr
  12. Yes, despite years of working to thaw and friendly the relations between JI and JN, I've chosen to ruin all of that....by secretly leading a Dark and Devious JI Cabal dedicated to banning JiF from all internet forums on the Web. You might want to go check your account of "RealDollLovers.com",for it too has now been banned unjustly. Mwwwwaaaa Haaaaa haaaa haaa haaaa! MWAAAA HAAA HAAAA HAAAA HAAAAAA!!!!!!
  13. OK, I admit, I just lol'd a little too loudly over this one.
  14. For the record cr, I played no role of any kind in your banning. We have our differences, but not to that degree. By the way, hope you got to see Vedder sing Comfortably Numb with Waters for the 12.12.12 show. It was quite good.
  15. The opportunity for a thaw exists. Rather than troll it, I hope (as fellow Fans of teh same beleagured and demoralizing franchise) that maybe we can make the most of this moment. I wouldn't say we'll be having a JI/JN Picnic complete with Straberry Shortcake this weekend, but at the least we could have Diplomatic Relations, right? Max, love you brofist, good to see you.
  16. Bob the Jets Fan. In the JI Nostalgia Thread, you were one of the first mentioned from the oldest of old days my friend.
  17. I just realized that replying here does not allow me to "paste" from Word. Oh well. Hess, thank you, that was exceedingly kind, if undeserved. I'm a loud, obnoxious, arrogant, blovaiting schmuck far too often tbh. It's the nature of the e-medium, it's just far too easy to go over the top, be more aggressive that needed, and generally make an arse of yourself. I am sure there is no shortage of people I owe an apology to for being rude, or dismissive or just generally schmucky to, both as a poster and a Mod, over my time. And Dominator, I've heard great things about teh Italian Sto
  18. You'd be suprised Bill, not nearly as much as it used to. I'm a kinder, gentler Fish these days.....as long as we're not talking Politics. Speaking of, that forum (Politics) is the devil, worst thing that ever was created. I rue the day I first posted in it, and rue every day (including today) that I still post in it. That was one decision Max got unquestionably right IMO with JN. No Politics. -Fish, Former Politics Forum Mod (lolfail).
  19. It's hilarious the things we remember, isn't it? I much rather talk about the epic QB who clearly has more upside than anyone on the 2013 Jets plans.....Mr. Patrick Ramsey.
  20. Ok. Brofist bump to everyone else, glad to see JN thriving. Nothing but love, as has been the case from day 1, even if I'm not here regularly.
  21. +1. Plus alot more than 1 tbqh. I've always felt that way, as Max will attest. Probably best this way though, the two sites are two VERY different communities, two different experiences. Nothign wrong with having options as a fan.
  22. I post on his forum. He's not my owner, mate, nor has he ever controlled me. And no, I'm not a Mod, havn't been in agaes, and Sooth won;t take me back as one even if I wanted to (and I did, tbqh). /shrug, seemed like that was what you wanted tbqh, your troll was kinda obvious. I wouldn;t have banned you (I want a general banned Amnesty), but such is life. In any event, you got JN, which you love. So nothing of value was lost, amirite?
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