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  1. Cotch is a below-average JAG of a WR. Cotch is the 2nd best WR On the Jets roster. Act accordingly.
  2. I like the idea of a TE-heavy Passing Game. It's good, safe, ball-control and goes well with the ground-n-pound ethic. And it's good for a young, not overly accurate, QB. Still need help at WR (Cotch is not a #2 in this league), but adding Heap and using a PAts-style TE-Strong set here and there would be a solid move. Only concern is his durabillity/health. Word is we just signed Plaxico Buress too. Holes/Burress/Keller/Heap is a decent enough group for Sanchez. Assuming Buress can still play, and Heap stays healthy, and Holmes doesn't smoke up. Wow, alot of if
  3. Warfish


    Trust? I was unaware you (or any of us) had the abillity to change anything in regards to the Jets activities and choices. If you have no power to change anything, what option is there other than trust? Would it be different in any way if you didn't trust, or stopped being a fan? Of course you trust. Or not. Doesn't matter one way or the other, the Jets could care less if you trust, or I don't trust, or vice versa. They will do whatever they want, for whatever reasons they want, and the outcome will be what it will be. Do you think your trust will result in an extra
  4. Show was very very cool. And I am far too poor to collect authentic WWII Pieces.
  5. A Top Ten Poster on Any Forum. Thats 32Green. Nice to see you.
  6. Painful possabillity? Borh Cro and Braylon say "no thanks" to any Jets offers now, ego and all, and take semi-equivalent deals elsewhere. Doubtful, as I'm sure Ryan has kept both in the loop and both are pros who know how the business works, but that would be one sucky outcome in the obsession for the best #2 CB in NFL history.
  7. Per Topic Title, please unlock Stickied thread, so I can continue it's upkeep. If you wish, of course. Thanks!
  8. Yep, take one of the very best in the NFL in pinning the opponent back, and dump him for......a total unknown. I can sense the brilliance. No big deal if the kid (three time camp failure/washout) does ok. So lets hope he does ok.
  9. I know many are excited at the potential "No Fly Zone" of Revis/Aso/Kyle Wilson as our three DB's (well, maybe not Wilson so much, lol). And with the return of Leonhard and assuming the signing of a safety, the D-backfield should be quality (We hope). The question is who do we think will be manning the D-Line, and (specificly) who will be generating our pass rush in 2011, one of our biggest weaknesses in the Ryan Era. Ellis remains a free agent, and is past his prime. Jenkins, after two years of hurt, is retired. So what do you project as our starting 2011 Jets D-Line, and
  10. Brunell is not worth 1.5 million for 2011, and both he and the Jets know it. He was cut to fix that problem, and to clear cap space for other moves. Doubtless he will be back with the Jets for a low minimum-type deal, assuming there is no interest in him elsewhere in the league (and really, there probably shouldn't be).
  11. Thread updated with all confirmed info as of now, 7/29/11.
  12. No idea if they're on Hululululol or not, but here's some killer winners: Odyssey 5 (an older Cable Sci-Fi Show, died a sadly too-early death, but was perhaps the best Sci-Fi I've ever watched).' Firefly, obviously (also died far too early). Anything historic and Cable: Rome (HBO), The Tudors (Showtime), Boardwalk Empires (HBO), The Borgias (Showtime). The Walking Dead and The Killing (AMC) If you liked Dead Like Me, try out the shortlived "Wonderfalls". And if you're gay for Nathan Fillion like I am, Castle is awesome, as is hottie Stana Katic who co-stars.
  13. I do not even deserve a Q. Much less a C.
  14. If he's what he was in Washington, this is great news for the Jets. If he is what he has been in his pre-Redskins, contract-year......this could be very bad for the Jets. Wilfork - Haynesworth has the potential to be brutal. All depends on which Haynesworth the Pats got. This is a low-risk (meaningless lolpick), high-reward move on their part. Meaningless if it fails, brilliant if it works out. Good move by the Pats.
  15. He was #1 in the NFL in pinning teams back behind the 20. He was average in the NFL (15th if I recall) in Net Punting. His gross average was low, admitted, he isn't a boomer per se, but his average also suffered because the Jets O once again was one that could gain a bunch of yeards, but not enough to score as much as perchance they should. When your punter is kicking from midfield or less often, his average will suffer as that field position does not call for booming, but for punt placement, and Weatherford is as good as any in the league at punt location and corner kicking. I
  16. Thanks PR. Generally speaking, I'll be looking for British (Scottish) or Polish millitaria, helmets and knives being preferable, and it seems most gun shows have at least one or two vendors that carry decent selections of such stuff. The one I'm going to seems to be a big one, and one with a wide variety, so chances are good. Should be fun, I'm usually a big fan of shows, I go to a number of guitar shows and reptile shows over the years, and all were enjoyable.
  17. Anyone heard of this band, "Middle Class Rut"? Heard the song below on the radio this morning at 4'ish am, was pissed the station didnt say who it was. Eventually found out when I got home this afternoon via the wonderful internet.
  18. So Kellen Clemens will be throwing to Santana Moss, Donte Stallworht, Jaber Gaffney, Anthony Armstrong and Chris Colley? Thats actually a pretty solid corp. of ball-catchers.
  19. Thats because you're thinking "2nd Generation Aero-pop-smith", and not "1st Gen Aero-RAWK!-smith". Two VERY different bands. 70's Aerosmith, solid. 90's Aerosmith, hot girls doing hot thinks, music, what music?
  20. I thought he was quite good last year, in the majority. I know punters (kickers of all kind) are universally hated, and always (by fans) ready to be replaced, but I think resigning Weatherford would be good for us.
  21. Seriously? Braylon Edwards? I have to admit, the manlovelament for Edwards is a little...suprising. Would have been nice to have him back, but he's just a #2 WR, and those aren't hard to find. And he was a very hot/cold #2 at that (his drops are as infamous as his big catches). No point worrying till we see who the Jets line up at #2 WR next year. If it's Cotchery, then I might lament with you. If it's some as-yet-unknown, perhaps not. Aso does more for us (if we get him) than either Cro or Edwards, on paper at least.
  22. Not my money. As long as we retain future cap flexabillity and competativeness, vs. planning for "win now", I could care less how much these guys make. The Jets with Aso are better than the Jets without Aso or with Cro. Being better increases our chance at a title. Hence, as long as it doesn;t cap-kill us, I am for it if it can be made to happen/work.
  23. Yes. It is bad. Or, not bad per se. Just classless.
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