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  1. Projectionism. I've never heard an NFL Head Coach begrudge an assistant a chance to become a Head Coach. That fact does not equate to "pushing one out a door". Again, if they wanted him gobe, there is no harm caused by firing him today. None. No repurcussions of any kind beyond having a new O-Co next year. Not a single player lost, not a single fan quitting, not a single future coach saying "no thanks" to the Jets. If they wanted him gone, he'd be gone. Today. And they'd be on the phone today to possible replacement O-Co or O-Co agents, to ensure they get whom they wan
  2. Your evidence of that is....what again? The endless support of Rex and Tanny? Or the fact that other teams at least consider him good enough to interview for a HC spot? The only chance he is gone, is if soeone gives him a HC job. And I find that doubtful. There is no circumstance where Rex and Tanny get rid of Shotty. Since I want him replaced, I hope you're right. I don't think you will be, and I think fan talk of hidden conspiracies to get rid of him are laughable tbh.
  3. More fantasy. Coaches don't turn down better jobs/promotions because the team might once have fired a long-underperforming O-Co the day after a 12-4 talent team finished 8-8. Conspiracy theory if it makes you feel better about our downfall in 2011, but thats all it is my friend, ton-foil-hat-stuff. There is nothing to point to that would indicate they didn't mean it when they said they like him, and want to keep him if he isn't a HC elsewhere. we disagree, Shotty has failed with every QB he's had, the only expection being the one who ignored him (Favre). While Mark
  4. And I'm, convinced this is a total fan fantasy. That there is ANY desire by Rex and Tanny to "get rid" of Shotty, one way (firing) or the other (new HC job). Put simply, there is no reason the Jets FO needs to take a "easy way out", in fact it's entirely counterproductive. If they wanted to improve the O-Co spot, the only decision is to fire him immediately, then put the press on all the best possible replacements now, asap, before others (and other new HC's) get a jump on them. Sorry, there is simply no evidence that the team wants rid of Shotty, they've had every opportunity
  5. I hate to say it, but I think those in the "talk up Shotty so they can get rid of him" folks are living in a fantasy land. Rex and Tanny like Shotty, and want to keep Shotty. Nothing has ever indicated they feel Shotty is the problem, or that they want rid of him. I think we have to face it, they think he's awesome, and want him. It's not a sell job, it's how they feel. If they wanted rid of him, they'd fire him, or would have fired him. Firing is common in the NFL. It's no sin, even for a guy you like (Tanny loved Mangini and had history, and still fired him). Face it, Tan
  6. Happy Birthday my friend, my very best wishes to you. I'll owe you a beer, next time I see you.
  7. Like trying to quit smoking, my NY resolution in 2012 is bound to fail, but it's to quit posting on internet forums.
  8. Indeed. Remember this though, no one has ever seen Smizzy and I in the same place at the same time. And I used to really talk up Smizzy. Coincidence? Or Ancient Aliens?
  9. Aye, perhaps. Then again, since there never was a Warfish, and I am Bitonti, that would do me very little harm, wouldn't it? Remember, Obama 2012. Vote early, vote often. Ay, yup, a Bon'edfish.
  10. I'd be really bon'ed if I told the tale.
  11. They are a pain, aren't they?
  12. Cotch is a below-average JAG of a WR. Cotch is the 2nd best WR On the Jets roster. Act accordingly.
  13. I like the idea of a TE-heavy Passing Game. It's good, safe, ball-control and goes well with the ground-n-pound ethic. And it's good for a young, not overly accurate, QB. Still need help at WR (Cotch is not a #2 in this league), but adding Heap and using a PAts-style TE-Strong set here and there would be a solid move. Only concern is his durabillity/health. Word is we just signed Plaxico Buress too. Holes/Burress/Keller/Heap is a decent enough group for Sanchez. Assuming Buress can still play, and Heap stays healthy, and Holmes doesn't smoke up. Wow, alot of if
  14. Warfish


    Trust? I was unaware you (or any of us) had the abillity to change anything in regards to the Jets activities and choices. If you have no power to change anything, what option is there other than trust? Would it be different in any way if you didn't trust, or stopped being a fan? Of course you trust. Or not. Doesn't matter one way or the other, the Jets could care less if you trust, or I don't trust, or vice versa. They will do whatever they want, for whatever reasons they want, and the outcome will be what it will be. Do you think your trust will result in an extra
  15. Show was very very cool. And I am far too poor to collect authentic WWII Pieces.
  16. A Top Ten Poster on Any Forum. Thats 32Green. Nice to see you.
  17. Painful possabillity? Borh Cro and Braylon say "no thanks" to any Jets offers now, ego and all, and take semi-equivalent deals elsewhere. Doubtful, as I'm sure Ryan has kept both in the loop and both are pros who know how the business works, but that would be one sucky outcome in the obsession for the best #2 CB in NFL history.
  18. Per Topic Title, please unlock Stickied thread, so I can continue it's upkeep. If you wish, of course. Thanks!
  19. Yep, take one of the very best in the NFL in pinning the opponent back, and dump him for......a total unknown. I can sense the brilliance. No big deal if the kid (three time camp failure/washout) does ok. So lets hope he does ok.
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